By ferry from Minamiko to Shimoji Port - Panamera is 45,850 yen for one way.

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
Touring notes

To Kyushu touring with family

From yesterday, we went to Kyushu by ferry. Of course, with Panamera turbo.

19:50 Osaka Minamiko departs from 8:30 am Shimogi port, headed for a prestigious ocean ferry.Since Panamera has a car body exceeding 5 meters,Passenger cars are classified into less than 6 meters.Deluxe (Western-style room) 2 people (with 2 children, but free for 3 year olds or less), Internet discount of 45,850 yen for one way.

Normally, Panamera is about the price of one adult ....

The ferry arrived at the Osaka Minamiko Ferry Terminal around 18 o'clock, although it departed from 19:50, but I put it in from pretty early. Then there were already dozens of cars in line.

Everyone has come quickly ~. Then park the car in the guided place.

I still could not enter the ferry, so when I went to the waiting room, quite a few people were waiting, and there were two school trip excursions in particular.

At about 18:30, we finally got on board. The person in charge guided me and I went inside the ship along.

Because the slope is steep, cars with a low car height seem to be a little hard. The inside of the ship is like this.

The heavy truck was already parked. Road width? It is quite narrow, but convenient if there is a 360 degree monitor.

When I stop at the place I was told, "Is it alright or not? Is it released?" Asked,

"It's okay!"I answered, but after all, "alarm due to leaning" beeped and the husband came to stop.

From the inside of the ship to the arrival

The room on the ship was large and beautiful. Because it was deluxe, it is wider than the single room of the business hotel.

We eat dinner inside the ship and turned off at 22:15. I thought that it should not be a little shaking in the middle of the night, but I could sleep without problems.(I mean, with 10 months old babies and late sleeping at the age of 3,That way was the problem)

The next day, I arrived at Shimoji Port on time.

People who are already waiting in line before arrival.

I arrived at 8:30, but it took about 15 minutes to get to the car from there.

Well, today I run the car to Amakusa, where I plan to stay overnight, but for touring etc. I would like to write it in another article. I will go to bed slowly today ~.

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  1. panamera-life

    Mr. Soba Robo
    The ship's journey was comfortable ^ ^ Everyone was feeling familiar with the trip!
    If you go with a car, the ferry is very useful!
    Miyazaki seems to have many good roads too!

  2. J11050

    Mr. Mina Good morning. I was in the middle of the GW, but while I was returning from Nagoya to Tokyo by Shinkansen, I was delusional about the next trip. Next, I think it will be after Panamera has been delivered, so while I thought I would like to go out by car somewhere, there was a ferry! If you think "Panamera" and "Ferry", this site is the first shot again! The Mina family has already practiced what they all want to do, and because they blog, they are really helpful! !

    However, you usually get on the ferry at the Panamera. I was worried that I was a little narrow. It seems like you can go to Tokushima or Moji from Tokyo, so Kyushu is good! I especially want to go to Yufuin. Amakusa is good too! It looks like a good ship in the sky! I am going to use it as an example.

    I will disturb you again!

    • MinaMina


      > Next time, I think it will be after the delivery of the Panamera, so I think I want to go somewhere by car,
      I'm looking forward to it! ! ! When is it delivered?

      > There was a ferry! If you think "Panamera" and "Ferry", this site is the first shot again!

      Huh! That's right (laughs) If you're writing something like that, it seems that you'll be getting higher up in various keywords recently with maniac keywords,
      It's funny ... lol

      Even in Panamera, I took the ferry normally, and when my house traveled, there was another one.
      It is told from the person in charge to turn off the function (what's the name, ...) that becomes squeezing by vibration, but it is about that ~

      Kyushu is good, I would like you to get on the road from Aso to Yufuin by all means at Panamera ^ ^
      Amakusa was also nice with many pleasant roads.

      Continue to thank you!