How can I buy a Porsche saying "Life was right for him?"

Porsche New Panamera Turbo Wheel
Living with Porsche

The life that fits the height

The other day a senior employee was posted that the president of the workplace got such a message on his / her birthday."Humans are" suitable for age "" suitable for positions "We have to grow. "When. Surely it is. Also,

"I absolutely disagree if my daughter wants to be an idol, say more reality and look forward to a life that is consistent with the situation"

He said.

Even the world"Living life that fits perfectly""Make it correspond to each other"I often hear the word. Certainly, if there are people who buy luxury brand bags that cost hundreds of thousands of yen even though their salary is 200,000 yen, and if someone lives in a tower apartment until they have debt, "You should live a life better than yourself" Everyone thinks.

But I personally can not hear saying "living a life that is reasonable for life" or "living in proportion to each other"It sounds just like an excuse not to challenge.

I know for the first time

Because it is necessary to have many failure experiences in order to know their own length in a true sense.(If those experiences live later, I think it is not a failure)Try doing things that sometimes do not fit in length, doing reckless things, so,Bump into it, get hurt, bleed, know the pain, shame, then finally know about your height and abilitybe able to.

"I thought I could do more, but I have not passed it yet", "The world is wide" or "What is important in my life" .... ... I think it was the case in my case.

On the other hand,After making various challenges, I made a choice to live a life that fits the heightIt is totally different in weight and I think that it is wonderful. The behavior of those who returned there after a lap, such as monks who repeatedly practiced and those who overcame the trials, are deep and amazing.

Buy a Porsche yourself

I am now able to ride a Panamera turbo thanks to my husband. Also, from parents about what he said "Purchase Porsche with my own money!"

Just say such a thing. The life that fits the height is also important. When I am 35 years old in my opinion, my mother is not usually like that.

There is something to be said.

It may be true. ButMy length is not decided by the world, but what I decideIt is. So I want to challenge from the experience of buying Porsche by myself, other achievements of my own thinking, and various experiences.

A word I like.

Life, I do not know until I try. Only what I did is left.

That's why I will do my best at work!

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