A tale that praised Panamera in elegant madam at supermarket.

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Living with Porsche
I do not know from unknown madam ...

I recently went shopping for COOP with my daughter and when I came back, Volvo was stopped next to me, from which Madam seemed to have money to come out. And when you see Panamera,"A nice car! Is it the car you saw for the first time?"When. While saying somewhat upset, when saying "Oh, it is a car called Porsche Panamera""Well wonderful! Because it's so big, it's more than five meters away, is not it? Wow nice ~"And it went away at the entrance of COOP.

Immediately after the daughter"Who are you?"I was impatient because I said it in a loud voice (explosion)

The car of Madame, Volvo who said that it was a nice car - it was really wonderful. And it was interesting that a phrase "over 5 m" appeared normally from an elegant madam.

To be able to write about Panamera.

By the way yesterday, I wrote a blog saying "I'm going to various dealers and write a trial review blog" ... While talking to a kettle or a husband, I was watching from before,Blog of Intensive911I tried thinking variously while watching.

For Panamera, I thought that I can not write blogs because there is not much way to run, but there are many things I can write without having to run. The car not only drives, but also loads luggage, puts gasoline and sits on the back seat.I wonder how much luggage actually enters the trunk,How far back seat is relaxing,How much will the car height drop when operated with the touch panel,Actually I still can not peruse the Panamera manual ...

There are still many things that I can write variously, rather I am deeply sorry that I do not understand Panamera.(Who am I?)

So, from now on I will write real articles about Panamera. And I also want to write about the important goal, the way to buying Panamera with my own money.(Recently my job seems to be nice like never before)All right! Let's peruse the Panamera manual first.

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