Drive Ashi with Porsche Boxter GTS from New Year's Day!

Living with Porsche
Hello! 2018.

It came in 2018. As soon as I ate osechi and mizu noodles from the morning, my husband and daughter went out to run Ashi Driveway. Usually when two people go to Ashi Yes, I will ride the Boxster GTS, but again today I opened the roof with Boxter.

A friendly parent and child, it is pleasant. My husband seems to be unable to take an AT limited license on his daughter, but, lol I guess the license has changed.

By the end of the year Panamera, went to buy oysters until Murozu.

It was nice weather and beautiful.

By the way, I got to a convenience store on Panamaera on the way back, but it looks something like this.

Hilarious laugh.

Anyway, I hope your family will be healthy and have a good year this year.

This year as well, with my wife's eyesAn article to consider Porsche,I want to write firmly. Everyone, thank you again this year!

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