A remedy when car fathers like to give out the name of a car as a child put out.

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband
What is the name of the child, "Carrera"?

My husband recently got to see a car sensor more frequently than before. I wonder if I will purchase even a new car ....

Now,Father of car lovers,I want to give the child a name for the carIt is a story that I listen to occasionally, but my family can not miss it. This is a story when I was pregnant with my second daughter.

A couple,"The child born next,I'd like a name that can also be applied to the world.It's nice to have a name that makes it easy for overseas people to remember it. "Although I was talking frequently, I always decided to name itself.

One day the husband"What is the name of the child born, Carrera?"He said with a serious face.(Of course, I take it from 911 Carrera)


Carrera ...

... Carrera (゚ ∀ ゚) · ∵! !

When asking "What do you do with kanji (-_-) /!?", I applied that three-character kanji,I looked nervous, it was in a state of "runaway death" of a reckless family completely.

Well, if you say that you are not a runaway truck, "Is he going to katakana separately?" Husband.

I wish I could have a face like Masao Kusakari or Mr. Masao Horiyoshi like Horie, but my name is Katakana for a child born of a Japanese face full parents .... In addition, probably from a boys when going to elementary school,

"Carrera alone with one person!"And"They came!"I guess they are being made fun of.

I swept the delusion up to the appearance of the elementary school of the second daughter who was not born like that like this, stopped "naming carrera" with full power, and managed to convince her husband somehow.

(I'm sorry about Mr. Carrera nationwide)

What is the name of the second daughter who landed?

Husband: "Well then what do you do, Serena? Nissan Serena."

Me: "I do not have Serena at my home" Serena?

Husband: "Mercedes?"

Me: "No, thank you."

While spreading like a conversation, the name of the second daughter was not decided after all, my stomach only grew bigger.

Suddenly, Ayrton Senna's documentary movie was on TV. Then my husband commented as follows:

"Senna? Child's name."

Senna. ... Senna. Yeah, I feel something sounds good.

"Good, Senna."

My husband said,"But Sena is burning buddy w.It is strange that you can set Ayrton.And returned.

Sora seems so (- _ -) /

Unfortunately, Senna died in a race accident, but Senna around the world does not. So, the name of our second daughter,"Senna"It was decided.

As the landing point of both the father who wants to name the car and the mother who wants to stop it,"Racer's name"I think there is something like that.

So, since my husband was joking,"Senna is going to race in the future,The future of Ayrton Senna! And,Sound speed Princess! I was told I was amazing (゚ ∀ ゚ w)Although he was saying, he was laughing at the beginning and hearing it ....

The second daughter who is 1 year old recently proved to be super car lovers. I am playing with a car toy all the time and I am glad to point at the pictures of the car that is decorating at home many times and when my car gets on the TV, I point and pointed to and laugh.

Which mother? Which is your father? Is it Porsche to ignore it even if you ask? When asked, I pointed to the picture of the Porsche properly (bombing) Maybe it was supposed to be said that he really wanted to race ....

No, he said that the name represents body.

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