The whole picture of Mercedes-Benz SL 500 (R 129) bought by my husband.

Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129)
Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129)
My brother-in-law bought Panamera ...

The other day, I wrote a blog saying "My brother-in-law may buy Panamera Turismo one day", but after all the brother-in-law brother seems not to buy Panamera Turismo. Sorry ... (-_-)

By the way, the other day my husband went to Porsche dealer for car insurance, I saw Panamera Turismo, but it seems that I have to sit across the rear seat console,"That is not a 5-seater rider but a 4.5-seater ride."He said.

Certainly, if you want five people to ride comfortably in Porsche, cayenne and macan would be better, and Panamera would be better off sitting comfortably with a four-seat ride.

Finally the Mercedes-Benz SL 500 (R 129) goes home.

Well, the other day my husband bought the Mercedes Benz SL 500, but I made it in 1997 and it feels like a classic car.(I have not ridden yet)At that time, the displacement of 5000 cc at that time seems to be terrible in various meanings. Below, I will show my husband's opinion.("If you try e-mail during the day about how SL this time,Even though I'm at work, I received a reply in detail. W)

1) ride comfort

You can ride without going into battle mode like Porsche. Always relax. It feels comfortable to run slowly, on endless roads. Porsche feels good, but more fun than that but win.

2) Handling

There is much play around the neutral position of the steering wheel, but it turns well from a certain angle of cut. It is comfortable because it turns on the on-the-rail without increasing the turn on ordinary curves and the like.

3) Engine

Engine is a practical engine with sufficient power to make it necessary in any speed range. There is no fun to rotate compared to Porsche. Also, if you have a 5L V8 at the front, I do not feel it has a bad turning point.

4) High speed stability

High speed stability is high.

5) Brake

The brake is sweet. Scared compared to Porsche.

6) Riding taste

Riding taste of Porsche is so-called Katadeno of Kazuto. SL is a delicious Sanuki Udon with Koshi.

7) AT

AUTOMA is smooth. Smooth town ride with many stops and go. It might be easier to ride than PDK. Well, even now, I restore gradually from now and bring it closer to the new car, so the impression may change again at that time. And that. By the way, fuel economy seems to be 5 or 6.(Bad w)

SL is a two-seater so if I do not leave children to the nursery school, I can not ride, so I'm likely to be driving ahead yet, but if I get warm it would like to open the roof and want to ride.(By the way, it takes two people to open the roof manually w)

That is all the picture of Mercedes Benz SL 500 bought by my husband.

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