I made an original stamp of Panamera Turbo with Automo Camera!

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
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Automo Camera

I often use this blog"Automo Camera"An application called. It is an extremely useful application that detects license plates from car images and automatically erases them.

The other day my husband,"It seems that you can create an original stamp with additional functions"So, I started making it. The original stamp can be created for free, and limited delivery can be done only to those who taught the code. It is said that anyone can create mails by registering new mails and following the steps.

Because I am not like this, my husband made a stamp of Panamera Turbo.

Use the Panamera Turbo stamp immediately!

And I just finished it up"Panamera Turbo Stamp"I tried using. By the way, if you erase the license plate in the usual way, it will look something like this.

To use the original stamp, it does not end here,Select "Stamps" from "FX" in the lower bar.

Then, only the person who knows the code can use the original stamp, when selected, the stamp is displayed like this in the image ...

I slide it to the license plate and take it, it gets cramped like this.

Oh ... it feels nice. I immediately tried using it for various pictures.

That too is Panamera Turbo!

This is not a Panamera but a Boxster (-_-) Let's try Panamera Turbo anything.

This is a golf course ...

This is SL 500 (R 129) ... Well, although it was somewhat uncomfortable, I was able to apply a stamp to all car photos w.

This is useful!

When I erased the license plate and uploaded it to my blog, the pure white license plate was somewhat insufficient and I felt lonely. However, using your original stamp this time,I got pleasant feeling that the soul stayed in the photo at once.

Why not try people who use Automo Camera or those who have not yet used it, make your own original stamps.

■ A camera application that automatically detects a license plate and fills it with easy handling.
"Automo Camera"

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