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Is it a good thing to be busy?

Adults living the world are mostly busy. Who are the leisure persons, are they a good successor or a person who does not really do anything ... Anyway, a few people, many people have various roles in living, and it is said that they are living in parallel multiple things at the same time think.

"Thank you for busy"In other words, busy things seem to be better than free time, but in reality it is also a little dangerous thing. that is,

Because I am desperate to deal with what I am in front of me, I will lose sight of what is really important to me.

And not even the situation is noticed, on the contrary getting a sense of accomplishment somewhat with busy things, the days pass by.

But, as I continued my day to do things before my eyes, my life in a month, a half year, a year can not change.

So I think it is important to consciously turn the gears in reverse when you are busy. In other words, instead of just finishing the day just by "doing what you need to do now""Important things for achieving future goals" "What you want to do now"I think that it is important to force it to the top of the priority order.


Even now, it is this famous sentence that I read back at the moment of moment, which was shared all over the world several years ago. In Holstee Manifesto"THIS IS YOUR LIFE."It is said.

"This is your life.

Do whatever you like. And do more and more. Change something if you do not like it.
If you do not like the current job, do not do it. If you do not have enough time, stop watching TV.

If you are looking for a person to love and to love, stop it. That person will appear when you start doing something you like.
Stop thinking too much, life is simple.

All emotions are beautiful. Taste meals a mouthful of mouth. Open your heart, your arms, and the heart to meet new things and people. We are bound by each other's differences.

Listen to the people around you who you are passionate about, and tell them about your own dreams as well.
Make lots of trips. By losing your way you will discover your new self.

Sometimes the opportunity comes only once. Take it firmly. Life is the people you meet and what you and the people make. So do not wait and start making.

Life is short.
Let yourself live your dream, wearing passion. "

Quotation · Source:halsinan

Life is "your own" life

I can not say greatly, and I often get chased by what I should do as I do household chores, parenting, and work. But,People around the Porsche owner and those who continue to achieve the goals of life are doing temporary and financial investment properly on "what I want to do" and "what is important for the future".

So I also want to consciously connect with those people and want to enrich my life and I want to be yourself that you need it and are worthy of concern from those people. For that reason, I'd like to start a certain section with this blog for a while.(I will tell you again when I decide details)

Then, there will be friendships that become estranged with nature, but that can not be helped. Always, change, aim for the top, I want to be a person living my life.

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    This story resonated with my heart. This is exactly what I feel now. Thank you very much.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      LIFE IS SHORT is a good poem.
      Such a way of life can not be done easily, but I would like to aim here.