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To be told by the person who saw the blog.

Recently, when I met a friend or a car lover, I began to introduce this blog. There are many things you can see on the spot immediately(Although it comes out to the top if you look it up in "Panamera" "Blog", it's a mini keyword or bastard just like a dodd ...)At that time most of the time it is said like this.

"Do you write blog every day? There are good stories that you write so much!"

When I showed my parents this blog for the first time in this GW, I was told the same way.

"You do not have anything about your car, what do you write that ??" (-_-) "

... Yeah, it is, it is true.

Let's write for the first time for 3 months.

As soon as I started this blog, the number of accesses every day was only "3 to 5", but even so"I write it every day for the first time for three months"I was deciding. Naturally, it was quite troublesome to write. I have not thought about Porsche all the time like that (Baku)
On the days without writing I wrote about "work troubles of the present work" and "conversation with children", so it was a long time that there was no car blog at all. I also consulted my husband "I do not write it ..."

"Why do you write them so much! How about Panamera's seat ventilation, when you go to oil change, you talk to dealer's engineer and come up with stuff, as much as you want (゜ o °) ! "

It is said."... No, I am a car otaku like ◯ ◯ and I can not do it! ヽ (` Д ') ノ 」As I say back, nobody can think of it.

Thanks to this, thankfully the access began to increase gradually, but when that became it so, another problem emerged. I can not write the appropriate things,"What does the reader want to know are reading this blog?" "What would you want to know?"I twisted my head and kneaded and kneaded the articles I wrote in a bad day, the sky has gone too badly ....

Six months later I finally got to write.

And last December six months after I started blogging. I thought too much, stopped thinking, finally I could not write a blog."I do not want to quit here even though access has gained more and more ... what is it ..."I thought that bloggers who are writing about Porsche and Supercar(I think that the number of accesses is a dirty person if it is a blog in this neighborhood)I ventured to send a message.

"I started writing a blog, but I am suffering because I do not know what to write, so could you give me some good advice?"


People are seeking "opinions" rather than "information"

In addition to e-mail for the first time, suddenly"Please tell us your experiences and know-how accumulated free of charge"There is so much to say how bold it is(Actually I'm not saying such a thing, but if I think about it well, that's it.I was thinking that there would be no reply, no one day passed, and very much attentive reply was returned!

No, the successful people of the world are still large in equipment, always being sincere to their opponents. From that attitude I learned a lot. As for the contents sent at that time, I did not get permission to post it on blog, so I will excerpt a part and think about introducing it.

I saw your blog soon, I studied that it was written with a thought thoughtfully.
Although I have looked at several books and sites related to blog management so far, there is nothing that fits me well, so it is the present situation that trial and error are repeated through my blog for that. Among them, I noticed that,People are seeking "opinions" rather than "information"By saying that,
Perhaps you want to get the sympathy of "I thought so," and you may feel somewhat close to someone who speaks for your feelings. And another,People also have some sense of belonging to those who teach things they did not know aboutSeem toA blogger who makes me think "I see," is still popularIt seems.
"Women's perspective" is a considerable strength(I think that female car journalists are also popular among men who do not have men 's own perspective as well), I think that they can see something invisible to male bloggers.

What are the three strengths of this blog?

I see…! You are right as you said! How many times have you read back this sentence?

And quickly, watch Google Analytics and Search Console(At first I did not understand at all, but I finally understood)On the other hand, readers will analyze what they are looking for on this blog. I found that there are three strengths of my blog in it.

1) Articles of Porsche's everyday use

Despite saying that it can be written, now only Panamera and Boxter"You can write about real everyday use that you do not know on test drive review of car media"I wonder if it is a strength. I realized that it is advantageous to write real parts, such as how to improve fuel economy, whether it is not necessary to ride for a certain period but this is not necessary, but only by a test drive for a few hours.

2) Female perspective

This secretly popular article in this blog is this."The five things my husband tried to capture a wife who was indifferent to his car and to purchase a Porsche.""I want a Porsche, but my wife will not do it pleasantly." "I bought a Porsche, I go for a ride alone on weekends, so my wife does not make a good face."Sometimes I sometimes hear such voices. For such husband, my article in a woman's point of view, "My true wife of wife" and "How my husband actually captured me" actually seems to help a little.

3) Opinions and ideas of car husband

Even though it can be written from a woman's point of view, a woman who does not know anything about a car wrote it, no persuasive power against the reader is born.Even though I thought "It looks like hey", I think that I can not get a sense of satisfaction that "I see!In that sense, my husband is a car otaku car owner, definitely more detailed dealer sales than that, real experience(Driving experience of various cars)Also, we are grasping new arrival news somehow quickly. I think that it is an advantage to put this blog on the base of such husband's thoughts and views.

... I wrote so badly, but I wonder what is wrong, (- _ -).

The things I want to write come up and I can not catch up with it.

After having organized this blog like this,It turned out that the story of writing blogs steadily grew steadily.If the axis is decided, the antenna will be set up according to it even in everyday situations, "I want to write that!" "There is too much to write this!" ... I am memorizing what I thought, but increasingly more And now there are more than 20 stocks. It feels like a writer whose deadline is for some reason(I never tasted like that because it is not my main business writer.)

I think that I want to write especially now,

① Trial system: I would like to write the impression of going to test ride with my husband and the new Cayenne(It seems that the test ride began around July)
② Porsche owner's file: Go to the interview with the Porsche owner, its charm, Porsche for you? I want to write articles with pictures of cars I took with a single lens reflex camera
③ Touring note: I want to run various roads with Porsche, I want to be able to drive Boxter manually

I feel like that. No, good luck!

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    Well, it is tough.
    I do not want to comment so much and it will be a problem even if you think that it is again again
    I thought about refraining from it, but please respectfully showed today's article.

    Muhufu, I will soon return home.
    As soon as I return to Japan (about a week is Medo),
    I will go to the dealer and panic order.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!
      > I commented too much and thought "I will not do it again" so I'm thinking I should refrain from it,
      Do not eat it (laugh)! It is pleasing to receive comments, so I'm happy if comments can be gotten within the range that does not have to be troublesome ^ ^

      > As soon as I go back to Japan I am going to California (about a week is Medo), I will go to a dealer and panic order.
      Oh! ! ! ! ! ! finally! ! ! I'm being twisted! I certainly want to see photos etc!
      Continue to thank you!