Yesterday, Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo came to our house!

Porsche New Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo behind
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Finally delivered!

Friday the day before yesterday, from my brother-in-law to her husband"Since Saturday is the delivery date of Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo, I will take it to a dealer, so can I stop by on that way?"There was a message saying.

Oh ... finally delivered ...!It was better than I thought.

So, yesterday, a bit frustrating from the morning ... my husband"Because it is sunny a lot, if you have a younger brother, why do not you go out together with Ashi and take a picture?"I was preparing.

About the specification of Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo.

By the way, my brother 's Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo' s specification (option) is like this.

Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo (RHD)
■ Exterior color: Jet black metallic
■ Interior color: black
■ Exterior
· LED matrix headlight
· Tinted LED tail light
· Park assist with surround view
· Panoramic roof system
· Privacy glass
· Soft Closed Door
■ Transmission / Chassis
· Sports Chrono Package
■ Wheel: 21 inch 911 turbo design wheel
■ Interior
· Ambient light
· Seat ventilation (front seat)
· Adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist
· Cup holder cover (front seat)
· Seat belt (Bordeaux Red)
■ Leather interior
· Model logo embossed armrest (center console)
■ Carbon interior
· Carbon interior package
Option total: 2,717,000 yen

No, huh ~ Porsche's options are really expensive.

Just to watch it yesterday.

Even in the evening my brother did not feel coming and I thought what would happen ... I heard that an error message something seemed to appear early as soon as I got it delivered and that I was asked by a dealer to do that ... (爆) ... It was already 18 o'clock before we arrived home.

Since it is dark even if I go to Ashi from now"Right photos and test drive are on occasions"It ended yesterday just because I showed that figure. By the way this is the picture at that time.

It may be natural, but I do not know at all whether Panamera or Sports Turismo when I see it from the front. Interior is like this.

It looks really sporty when it is a red seat belt.

Finally I can recognize that it is a sports tourismo from the back.

That's why my husband started yesterday."Piled up everything in the near future and interviewed my younger brother Panamera Sports Turismo and go to write a test drive comparison with Panamera!"He was enthusiastic (laugh) ...

I think that I would like to go on a sunny weekend.(But I am a storm woman, so I'm quite uneasy from heavy rain every time I go (* _ *))

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