Porsche 911 GT3 (late 991) club sports package (MT) test drive

Porsche 911 GT 3

Test drive Porsche 911 GT3 991 late model

The other day, with the kindness of blog readers, I took a test drive of the MT of the Porsche 911 GT3 (991 late model) club sports package. Until the other day for the 991 type GT3Late 991 GT3 Touring (MT)It ’s in my house,991 Early model (PDK),Late 991 type (PDK)I have tried the test drive, but every time I realize that the same model is so different depending on the options, specifications, mileage, etc.

Porsche 911 GT 3

Meanwhile, the MT of the 911 GT3 club sports package that I drove the other day has a normal brake and a roll cage, so the transmission is different from the 911 late model (PDK) that I drove before that. However, I would like to write the impressions of the couple.

Impressions of test drive of 911 GT3

GT3 ride quality

The GT3 I tested this time was milder than my GT3 touring at low speeds. At first I was allowed to sit in the passenger seat, but as soon as I started running, "It's mild!I even talked with my husband and wife.

Porsche 911 GT 3

My GT3 picks up the unevenness of the road surface and conveys a more rugged feeling, but it is mild and I felt that there was something a little closer to the original ride quality of 992. In this regard, my husband

After allBecause there is no PCCBI wonder. However, I think that the PCCB feels more like sticking to the road surface when the speed increases. So I wonder if the ride quality in the high speed range is PCCB.
Recently, I have compared PCCB and ordinary brakes (cast iron brakes) in various ways, and I have been able to sort out the differences more than before. In a word, the differencePCCB feels like a tire with high air pressureSo, a normal brake feels like wearing a tire with low air pressure. I think this is the most suitable expression.
PCCB is light, but there is a rugged feeling at extremely low speeds, and when speeding up, it is super stable and has a wonderful ride. Ordinary brakes are slow and moist, and it feels like a mellow ride.

He said.

Porsche 911 GT3 wheels

How comfortable is the GT3 sports bucket seat?

When I sat on the sports bucket seat this time,There was a feeling of hold and the sitting comfort was very good.The sports bucket seat uses glass fiber reinforced plastic and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP / CFRP) for the seat shell, and it seems that it also realizes excellent lateral support, but it is true. Felt.

Porsche full bucket seat

Before,Ride quality changes depending on the seatI wrote an article saying, but I wonder if the comfort of low-speed riding is also influenced by the seat.

Although it is a sports bucket seat that is comfortable to sit on and has a cool design,Unfortunately, it was not suitable for me as a woman.I sat in the driver's seat and tried to adjust the seat, but I couldn't adjust it up and down, and even with the seat in front, I couldn't step on the clutch all the way.

Maybe it's just that my legs are short ... (height is a little less than 160 cm), so I couldn't drive like driving my GT3.

Porsche 911 GT 3

My husband,

For sports bucket seatsIt may be better for women to have cushions to driveNa. In the case of PDK, it may not be that much, but if you need to step on the clutch with MT, it is absolutely necessary.
By the way, it has a similar name and shape.Height adjustment is also possible for "Full bucket seats" (commonly known as 918 seats)I think the full bucket seat is better for those who are short.

He said.

Also, since this seat is deeply sunk, for example, when a woman wearing a skirt is put on it, getting on and off is quite difficult, so I think that it is not suitable for dates (laugh)

Porsche 911 GT3 full bucket seat

A feeling of rigidity of the car

This GT3 had a roll cage, but my husband said, "After all there is a solid feeling!I was saying. Certainly, when I turned a curve, I felt that it would turn more stably.

Porsche 911 GT 3

Engine, engine sound

yetThe muffler is not burnt because the mileage is 2000kmPerhaps because of that, I felt that the engine sound of my GT3 was more powerful. Also, normally, the GT3 in the latter half of 991 only opens the valve after exceeding 4000 rpm, but this vehicle was made to be able to open the valve from the beginning with a single remote control switch.

So, it was really nice to hear that GT3 racing engine sound from the low speed and low rev stage.

By the way, my husband got on this GT3,

Compared to GT3 Touring, this may be individual difference,This car is quieter overall, including mechanical noiseI felt it. Besides, the exhaust sound of the muffler, especially the sound after exceeding 4000 rpm, felt a little modest. This is a touring package and a club sports package, and the way the sound enters the room may be different depending on the presence or absence of the roll cage. After all, the engine of GT3 is amazing. It's a way of turning around that I fall in love with again.
Even so, I wonder if there are few people in the world who have compared such different specifications with GT3 alone (laugh)
If you try this much and buy GT3 again, for now,I buy a combination of PCCB and PDK in a club sports packageWonder. Well, it depends on what you use it for.

He said.

Difference between PDK and MT of GT3

This time I got on the MT GT3 and said, "MT cars that you can control yourself are fun after all"I thought.

Porsche 911 GT 3

If you get on the PDK, "PDK is good for high-performance GT3!If you get on the MT, "After all MT is fun!Every time I say something, it changes 180 degrees ...

However, I realized once again that both have different charms, and both are wonderful and fun.

The owner seems to be farewell to this GT3 soon, and I'm glad that he was able to put it here at the last timing. Thank you very much for riding your precious car!

I would be happy if I could drive the car that will be delivered next time (laughs).


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. Bio

    I am always looking forward to it.

    The full bucket seat came out in the story of the seat, but it does move up and down, but it does not recline.
    That's the problem, and the impression is that the seat stands upright.

    Therefore, when I run on a circuit, I feel like I'm bowing when I wear a helmet, so I almost vomit.

    To solve this problem, we imported parts for reclining from the United States.
    It's a part that seems easy to make, but no one is making it in Japan!

    Therefore, the owner of the article may have chosen that seat for reclining the seat.

    • MinaMina

      Is that so?

      > Therefore, when I run on a circuit, I feel like I'm bowing when I wear a helmet, so I almost vomit.
      I think I'm completely vomiting ... ^^;

      Certainly, there is no reclining seat
      It's a little tough for everyday use, so sports bucket seats seem to be practical and good in that respect as well!