My husband says "air-cooled Porsche is good!" So I asked what was good

Air-cooled Porsche

911 (964) to repair

The other day, my husband said,The air-cooled accelerator pedal is strange. It's hard to come back and the engine rotation is badBeforthHad a 964C2.

As for 964,Tiptronic ATF ExchangeAnd so on,Preventive maintenance last fallHowever, when it comes to cars 30 years ago, there is a lot of backlash. Well, I think that is natural.

However, the husband who had 964 repaired at the shop this time and returned home in 964 again,

Everything is different! The engine was so smooth! ! Dangerous. It turns around so comfortably that tears come out!

I was very impressed. Thank you, Befors.

Air cooling tooling

After that, my husband went touring to Naruto in 964 after a long absence, but after returning home,

No, 964 is amazing.I don't think it was a car made almost 30 years ago.Last time, I just ran on the same road with Note e-POWER NISMO S, but it is completely different. Although the notes are good for the fun of running,Stability, grounding, and the feel of maneuvering have not caught up with Porsche's performance at all even after 30 yearsI felt it.
Well, it's a different price, comparing cars with different concepts, but I was a little shocked that there was still such a difference. . .

"I was sighing, passing through my excitement.

I"What is so good about air cooling?And my husband said,

Well, if it can be explained, it will not be difficult. . . Maybe an eternal challenge.
First, before air coolingPorsche is one of the major features of carsYana. The legs are completely different from other manufacturers' cars. In fact, when I hear the story of a mechanic, it seems that the time and effort required for the material, thickness and installation of the parts are different. I think the feeling of tire rigidity of the suspension, or the feeling of grounding of the tire, is overwhelming.
Whatever Porsche stops, you can see that the tires are firmly groundedYeah? That and that.
Even with an old Porsche like an air-cooled Porsche, that ground feeling is amazing. Because the rigidity of the body is firm, the suspension moves without waste. It doesn't feel like it's buffered by the looseness of the body. So, even if you fly over the highway, the front is light and frustrating, but you feel a sense of stability or a sense of security.
I'm not scared at all, but rather the feeling of manipulating myself is really fun. Especially when I say 964, I feel more agile to change lanes than a modern Porsche. Quotation of the late Tokudaiji Arimitsu"Let's say you want to interrupt there. Porsche is in the car, at that moment. When you notice, you are already there. It's such a car. 』Is exactly that! And I want to say. I have such underbody.
Also,After all it is an engine.Porsche's horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine feels good after all. It turns really smoothly and the response is really good. I thought my car wouldn't taste as good as Tiptronic, but that's not the case.If you shift manually, you can enjoy it at all.Rather than having only four speeds, long breathing acceleration in wide gears feels good.
The engine sound you hear from behind is a mechanical sound and the explosion sound of the engine is pleasant, like a motorcycle engine. Especially for air-cooled Porsche, the feeling that gasoline is burning in the cylinder is amazing. Say by yourselfFeeling that gasoline is burningWhat is it? I guess, but you know if you get on. I can feel the power that drives the car forward from the sound and the beat.
The balance of the sound and rotation feeling of this engine and that underbody is exquisite,Even if you run slowly and fly at low speed, it feels really good.Depending on your mood, you can ride racy, sporty, and nostalgic. Really, it's not stopped.

That is. Even so, I'm really vocal ... ( ̄ ー  ̄)

I have seen a video of a factory at the time when the 964 was made before, but in a place like a dirty factory of a town factory, employees are just manually inserting parts and making one by one. The state was down.

Since it was completely different from the current factory of Porsche, which is a beautiful factory utilizing the power of robots,Well, I was making it like this! ?"I was honestly surprised.

Even though repairs are necessary, even after 30 years, if a car made like that is repaired, it will run like a new car, entertaining the owner, and enriching the lives of many people, I think it's really amazing.

Ah ~ I want to go to the Porsche Museum in Germany again and experience the history of Porsche.

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  1. Wooper

    It will come out when it gets old ...
    In our summer 993, the shift rod bushing deteriorated over time last summer
    Shattered, the shift does not enter anywhere and it is wobbly!
    I was unable to move at SA on Chuo Expressway and took care of the truck.
    I was fortunate not on the highway but (^。 ^;)

    Oh yeah, I think 993 is like a motorcycle engine
    I was
    I haven't got on the 964 properly, but it feels the same
    That's right.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Wooper
      That's right ...! Really, I'm glad I wasn't on the highway ...! ! !
      My husband has done a lot of preliminary maintenance for 964, but does 993 need quite some maintenance?

      I have never been on the 993, so I would definitely like to ride it.

  2. taramangts

    Good morning, Mina-san ☆
    Yesterday, I met my husband! Thank you very much.
    Go to the toll booth in Ashi, and later GT3 of crayon! Side decals! no doubt! I was convinced. When I came out of the toll booth, I was meeting with a friend (Cayman GT4), so once I entered the parking lot my husband could come by and chat for a while ^ _ ^ I was impressed! I was happy! GT3 was really cool ^ ^ The master was really friendly and there was no time at all (* ≧ ∀ ≦ *) Also, thank you if you have the opportunity! Please tell me.
    The excitement hasn't stopped yet (laughs)
    Oh, and the company also said that the parking lot stopped very close was the same (laughs).

    By the way, I remember that car critic Mr. Koji Okazaki was riding a Diptro and was highly acclaimed! In particular, I liked that feeling of size, and it was written many times as "Porsche 911 on Japanese roads". At that time, the 911 had a great mechanical sound, and the muffler sound was not as important as it was today, and it wasn't as light as a deceptive mood!
    Really enviable!
    Also, thank you in the future.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you yesterday!
      My husband came home and said, "I could meet you."

      Even though we didn't even meet up, there is such a good coincidence (laughs)! !
      My husband said, "I'm sorry to talk slowly! I want to talk to you again when you come to Ashi!"

      And the workplace and the nearby parking lot are the same ... amazing!
      (I sometimes park at the parking lot)

      Maybe we may meet each other again in Osaka, but thank you for your support!

  3. Wooper

    A classic oil leak ...
    Because it is a car 25 years ago.
    But if it ’s properly cared for, it ’s a strong, good car
    Recently, the volume of the car stereo (genuine) is left or right
    The strange thing that the sound becomes big even if you turn it
    It's happening (∀)

    If you have a chance someday, test drive is welcome (^ ^) /

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Wooper
      That's right, I think that it is really amazing that a car made before that would behave like a new car, otherwise.

      > Recently, the volume of the car stereo (genuine) is left or right
      > The strange thing that the sound becomes big even if you turn it
      > It's happening (∀)

      It's a phenomenon with some taste (laugh)
      I would be glad if you could take a test ride someday if you have a chance ~ ^^