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The other day, if you want to verify "Porsche's option XX", I wrote that you should comment,Airsus wants to write about whether it is necessaryI want to write about this today.

Thank you very much for your various comments. I think that you will have a little time, but I hope that you can write verification articles in order.

Air suspension is short for "air suspension." When you check on the net,

It refers to a vehicle-specific mounting component that adjusts the height of the vehicle body with an air spring (suspension) to mitigate shocks during travel (such as bumps and dips on the road). It is possible to control the vehicle height according to the situation such as maximizing the height when climbing over a step and lowering as much as possible while driving.
In addition, by attaching the air suspension, comfort and impact to luggage in a car can be reduced, so that the air suspension is often mounted on a long-distance truck (bus) or a luxury car.
(Reference article:What is "air suspension"? What are the benefits? Differences from structure, price, ride comfort and vehicle height)

It was explained.

On the other hand, there is a "spring suspension" of a suspension that utilizes the repulsive force of a spring.

Long ago, before saying, "What's the difference between air suspension and spring suspension?"When I asked my husband, I didn't understand it at all, and my husband had disassembled the radio control and explained it ...

By the way, if you say in Porsche, there are no air suspension settings in 2-door sports cars such as 911, Cayenne, Boxster, etc., there are in Macan, Cayenne, Panamera. For example, the current Cayenne can optionally select a three-chamber air suspension(Standard equipment depending on grade).

With one switchFrom sporty running to comfortable running, you can enjoy freely,The roll has been reduced, and handling that is unlikely to be an SUV has been realized.

958 Cayenne air suspension settings

958 Cayenne air suspension setting switch

As for Panamera, Japanese models are now equipped with air suspension as standard equipment. Only in the first period when the 971 Panamera came out, the base grade Panamera was standard for Vanessas, but soon the Japanese specification was changed to Airsus for standard.

And about Tikan, it was stated that the air suspension was standard equipment.

Difference between air suspension and spring suspension

If it is air suspension and spring suspension, there is an image that the air suspension is softer,The preference seems to be completely different as to which ride is better.By the way, when I asked my husband about the difference between Porsche's air suspension and Vanessa's ride comfort,

As a general car equipment,I would rather prefer Vanessas.However, unlike other manufacturers, Porsche's air suspension has no fluffy feeling, it is well damped and I like it.
What I like most about the air suspension I've rode so far is the Macan Turbo air suspension in the previous term.This was exquisitely moist and sporty. Even though it is a smooth ride, it has a solid memory even when it flies. On the other hand, the air suspension of the late 958 Cayenne GTS has a strong SUV feeling, and at low speed, it has a strong feeling of swinging with Yusa Yusa. But is it good in the sense of SUV feeling?
Basically, air suspension is generally easier to ride, but it was impressive with Vanessa,The current Cayenne elementary model Vanessa was incredibly good. The individual might have had PDCC, but personally my favorite suspension I've ever been on. It was super smooth and solid.
Mr. Matsutoya also said at the time of the new Cayenne of car graphic TV at the timeThought it was an air suspensionAfter seeing the acclaim, I remember that my feeling was not wrong.

I was saying. So that's it…"So what is good with an air suspension?"When asked,

personally,The advantage is that there are more options for ride comfort and running tasteDon't think For example, with the 971 Panamera, you can choose from three levels of vehicle height: low, medium, and high.
However, "high" can only be used at extremely low speeds, so it is actually only used when riding over a slight step. "Medium" is a normal vehicle height, in which case you can select the PASM setting from normal and sports.
On the other hand, "low" is automatically selected when PASM is added to Sports Plus. By the way, PASM normal and "low" can not be combined, and if you set "low", PASM will always be a sport. Well, the combination is quite complicated,You can find the best combination for yourself from various patterns.
Also, Cayenne can be done in the same way, but in the case of Cayenne, "Low" can only be used when it is extremely slow or stopped. So I don't know what it is for, but I always use it to look cool when taking photos (laughs)
And for resale,As far as looking at the used car market, I don't think it will change with or without air suspension.

971 Panamera air suspension setting screen

971 Panamera air suspension setting screen

When. Then I said,When you look at the net, it's easy to see that the air suspension is brokenBut what actually breaks? But even Panamera in my house burns 30,000 km soon, but there is no problem once? "

Soyana. Don't ask me a little. But my Panamera doesn't matter at all. If the air suspension is broken, it is expensive, so if you buy a used one, it is better to buy a used car with a guaranteed warranty if it is not used, or buy it at the expense if it is not.

It was that.

Once, I would like to try a car with air suspension and a car with spring suspension in order and experience the difference.

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  1. To be sunny

    My Macan wanted to aim for a sports taste, so I did not choose Air suspension,
    Looking back now, Air suspension is an essential option for Macan. Everyday riding is overwhelmingly supple.
    Macan without air suspension was honest, and when I played at least, it was unexpectedly unpleasant.

    I think it's more about a conclusion damper than a spring.
    I personally think that air suspension should be added to SUV and Panamera GT models.
    Regarding the breakdown, do you sell without riding 50,000km anyway? That's it If you buy a used car, it is a matter to be concerned about, but I think that there is no problem in the case of a new car.

    • MinaMina

      By car

      > In retrospect, air suspension is an essential option for Macan. Everyday riding is overwhelmingly supple.
      Makan, right. It is better to have an air suspension if you use a lot of towns and highways.

      > Regarding the breakdown, do you sell it without riding 50,000km anyway? That's it
      Certainly, if used, I'm worried about the breakdown of the air suspension.
      I have not heard that the air suspension has been broken around me yet, so it seems that you do not have to worry about it for a new car!

  2. taramangts

    Hello ^ _ ^
    I am riding the 958 Cayenne GTS in addition to the 981 Boxster GTS. Although it is a Banassas, when you enter the cruising state on the highway, you will feel a sense of stability as if it was integrated with the ground, and when you deliver the car, I am impressed by the memory. It is hard at low speed even if it is comfort.
    What about Airsus? I'm curious (; _;)
    The next time you buy a new car, you'll probably choose an air suspension. .

    I will go to Ashi after a long time on the morning of 23rd tomorrow! If you come and have a white Boxster GTS, please call me ^ _ ^ In the case of the opposite pattern, call me ^ ^

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!

      > When you enter the cruising state on the highway, you will feel a sense of stability as if you were integrated with the ground, and when you deliver the car, I have an inspirational memory.
      Apparently, the Panamera in my house before was also Vanessa, but I never felt that the ride was particularly bad.
      However, when I got on a Cayenne of Airsus on a test ride, it was surprisingly comfortable, so once I know it, I will want to choose it.

      > I will go to Ashi after a long time on the morning of 23rd tomorrow! If you come and have a white Boxster GTS, please call me ^ _ ^ In the case of the opposite pattern, call me ^ ^
      Is that so! My husband may go, maybe go with GT3!
      I will tell my husband ^^ thank you!