Next to Panamera is Taikan? Or Cayenne? No, it's 911? !

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Next car of Panamera

At my home since last autumn,There is a story about changing PanameraI wrote that in an earlier article. Panamera is undergoing scrutineering in October this year, and is thinking about switching to another car by then.

However, it is difficult to say that it is easy to change, it is not easy, it has been about six months since last autumn,It has not yet been decided what the next candidate car will be.

For half a year, I did not consider anything, I did not talk with my husband and wife, it was not time for me to go to a test drive with a dealer,Ah, not this"I have been discussing the situation, but the situation has changed and it has changed over and over, so it seems like I am undecided.

Candidate, Porsche Taikan

The first thing I considered as a transfer candidate for Panamera wasIt was Porsche's first EV, Taikan.I went to a preview and listened to the story about Taikan in detail.I'm very interested in what an EV made by a sports car maker is.So my husband once made a reservation.

But I felt the back seat was narrower than I thought(Not narrow, but narrower than Panamera)I heard that delivery is likely to be much ahead of 2021.I'll wait a long time ... I'll put another car between them ...It was decided.

From that time on, my husband

I don't think that a plain 911 is a substitute for Panamera. I want to ride a plain 911 and I think it's really fun.

I said,

No ... no, in 964, in GT3, why buy 911 again, it's crazy.

The story disappeared because he was dismissed.

Bentley Continental GT

Then, the next candidate car to emerge was Bentley's Continental GT. My husband has always liked the luxury coupe and has been concerned about the Continental GT, and I said,If you change Panamera, ah… Panamera was better. How about a luxury car that can not be compared with Panamera?"Was the trigger.

So, at the end of last year, I went for a test drive of the Continental GT with my couple, but with a sporty ride more than I imagined(Of course it was more luxurious and very nice car than Panamera),

Well, I was expecting a more luxurious car, but this wouldn't compare to Panamera ... But the flying spar is so expensive ...

The Continental GT disappeared from the list.

Porsche Cayenne

After that, Porsche Cayenne emerged as a candidate. Earlier, my husband was impressed when I tried the current Cayenne,I think Cayenne is yeahI said "No, it's big ..."I was reluctant.

... I'm sorry that I always deny my husband's opinion ...

However, Cayenne has a wide back seat,Even in the case of long-distance travel, it was decided to consider that children are pleased to ride comfortablyHowever, while my husband is looking at a used car site,

Cayenne's price drop is more amazing than I thought ... Considering resale, buying a Cayenne with a new car will be reluctant. I wish I had a used one. I just want to have the PDCC, but there isn't a real Cayenne with a PDCC ...

I started to grumble. Such a thing,If you notice, as a husband's commuter car, Nissan Note e-POWER NISMO S is delivered,My husband who takes notes every day,

It ’s a car! The acceleration of electric cars is amazing!It's such a great note, so I think Taikan is incredible.After all, you ca n’t remove Taikan!

After that, I was able to go to the Porsche Center and found that there was an exhibition car for the Cayenne Coupe, so I decided to go to the store and talk to Mr. H in charge.

The cayenne coupe I saw there was very cool, and my husband said,I really want this specification!After that, while going home and talking with the couple,

After all, I can't afford to buy a Tican ... Considering the time of delivery of the Cayenne Coupe, I'm going to switch to a Tican after a while after buying it? That's a waste, too ... Extreme story, you can always buy a cayenne, but you have to make a reservation and buy it now(Reservation period until 2/28), I might not be able to buy it for a while ...

While talking, etc., the candidate car story got completely on the reef.

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  1. ds124

    Mr. Mima, Hello

    It is a lineup as long as all the options are enviable (TT)

    Cayenne said before that the person in charge of the PC was unable to open the door when trying to get out of the parking lot (laughs)
    According to the selection criteria of this candidate, it may be wrong, but the other day I was surprised when I came to a Ferrari dealer, gtc4 lusso.
    The resale value was worse than midship v8, and when I saw only the image, I thought that it was like a slipper (rude), so I was not a candidate, but the real thing is an exquisite atmosphere of luxury and sporty balance Had been brought out.
    I'm 175cm in body, but if I didn't mind the two doors, there was more than enough space. (Although it is narrow in terms of body size)
    The test ride was only a later date, but it's courageous to say that the most luxurious and sporty shooting break with the now-endangered V12 engine could be bought (laughs)
    It's true that you want to hear the master's review, but once you look at it, it may not be a loss!
    I'm sorry for the frightening opinion!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      I checked gtc4 lusso, Ferrari has such a model!
      I have never been to a Ferrari dealer, so I will tell my husband again.

      Thank you! !

  2. Hate and

    I always enjoy reading!

    I started looking for Nismo S because the commuter car was Altworks and it was a very fun car, but the ride was very hard.

    However, even if you look at the car sensor, there are no cars at 2,030,000! It will start from 240-250th place ...
    I suppose mina changed the market value through this blog.

    I want it if I can buy it in the 200th place. ︎

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      You are looking for NISMO S!

      Husband is really affordable for 2,030,000 yen! I was saying.

      > I think mina has changed the market value through this blog.
      I've always wanted to make a blog influential enough to influence the market!

      I told my husband,
      "I'm still trying to get new announcements so I'm always watching.
      There is such a thing "(laugh)

  3. To be sunny

    As others have said, the first of the next candidates for Panamera is Ferrari GTC Russo. I think Russo meets everything more than Panamera, so I'm the one I really want.
    Well, you'll have to worry about mileage and poor resale. Even if resale is bad, it is on par with Porsche. Because V8 Ferrari is just too good. However, since the amount is the amount, the loss is huge.

    However, when it comes to 992, it will be all sports cars w

    • MinaMina

      By car
      > The first candidate for Panamera is Ferrari GTC Russo.
      Oh yeah! I'm even more worried that you say so.
      Ferrari has never been driving, so what would it look like ...
      I want to do a test ride or something, but it is not easy for a dealer to do it ...

      > However, when it becomes 992, it will only be sports cars w However, if you go so far, it is already a Porsche collector w
      That's right (laughs), it's already a Porsche madness (laughs)

  4. Ishi


    Car transfer simulation is fun.

    GTC4 Russo, I've only seen it in the video, but I love that sound. However, my wife and daughter did not think that the sound of V12 was good, so I abandoned it because it did not fit as a car for my family (price is quite expensive ..., it is conspicuous so I have a lot of breasts to ride everyday not). I think it is appropriate for the Mina family who understands engine sounds in their families.

    If it is the same V12, Aston Martin's V12 MT is used and it comes out at a reasonable price, so I thought about purchasing it, but I'm looking forward to switching to Boxpa and looking at it.

    For now, the realistic transfer is for the 970PHEV for the family in the late 971, which will be out in the future, and we are looking forward to announcing it around this year.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      I'm worried about transferring cars, but it's a lot of fun during my thinking!

      > (The price is quite expensive and it's so noticeable that I don't have much time to ride everyday)
      Certainly ... ^ ^; I can not see so much if it is a Porsche, but after all it becomes noticeable when it comes to Ferrari ...

      As the situation of the family is changing in various ways,
      Then we are thinking about what kind of car is better.
      What will you settle down with? ^^;

  5. Buzzer beater!

    I'm happiest when I'm worried about the car I buy.
    Even if all the candidate cars are luxury cars, they are already owned, so it is enviable.

    I'm a Lexus fan personally, so I'm glad if you can choose LS for sedan and LC for coupe. I think that you can enjoy a sense of luxury and euphoria different from Porsche.

    • MinaMina

      Buzzer beater! San

      > I'm happiest when I'm worried about the car to buy.
      Certainly it is (laugh) If I decide it surely, I feel like there is a gap.

      Lexus LS, I have never driven or driven, so I would like to drive once.
      My nephew and niece got on a Lexus the other day and said, "I'm the most comfortable in the car I've been riding!"
      (Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, etc. It is a house ^ ^;)

      I am worried about the reactions of our children!

  6. PorscheDreamer

    Oh, 911 Carrera has come up as a candidate.
    I think it's the ultimate Sport Utility Vehicle.

    My size is 991.2, but if you move around the city, you can have 4 adults, and if you can load it, you can get a lot of room in the room. This is very different from Cayman.
    Most leisure is OK because things can be loaded on the roof. For 992, there is no base career yet on the Japanese technology site ...
    Since it is smaller than Panamera, Cayenne and Macan, it can be parked in a standard size (5m long, 1.9m wide) coin parking.
    Since Mina's place is based on multiple units, it seems that it has not been introduced before.

    • MinaMina


      That is right! At this point, plain 911 is nominated!
      As you said, it might be the ultimate Sport Utility Vehicle. .

      4 people can ride, sports car and parked everywhere,
      I realize again that 911 is incredible.

      Panamera is a good car, but considering the parking lot, it is not easy to go anywhere ...

      My husband hadn't tested the 992 yet, so he said he should go for a test ride next time.

  7. ds124

    Good evening, Mima
    I'm glad that Russo wrote a little topic (laughs)
    Currently, at Ferrari Osaka (corns),
    gtc4 lusso, gtc4 lusso T, 812 Superfast, Portofino are available for test drive.
    I honestly told you that you couldn't buy it right away, but in March you could prepare a test ride.
    There is an atmosphere that the frontage is inevitably narrow from the brand called Ferrari, but there is an atmosphere that you can not get opponents, but surprisingly even young monks who seem to have no money like me will respond seriously, so Mima's family may be more treated (Lol)
    Russo's shooting break style is good or bad, but it looks like a common hatchback or wagon in Japan, so in a sense, the sense of "something like this height!" Maybe.
    In addition to the poor resale compared to the v8 Ferrari, the fact that you can select this car knowing that the conspicuous cospa is bad, I guess it's a full-fledged feeling of expert, ← self-portrait (laughs)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      > I'm glad that Russo wrote a little topic (laughs)
      Readers of this blog also look at the comments quite a bit,
      I am happy and happy to be in such a development.

      Ferrari, you can test drive! ! !
      I thought that it was a world where the threshold was arbitrarily high or it was said like "first buy second-hand" ^ ^;

      I feel like I've never seen Russo in town, so I want to see it.

      > In addition to the poor resale compared to the v8 Ferrari, the fact that you can select this car knowing that the conspicuous cospa is bad is a very boring, or full of sense of expertise ~ ← self-portrait (laughs)
      As expected! ! ! Lol
      It's a car choice that anyone who knows can understand! ! ! Lol
      If you take a test ride, please tell us your impressions ~

  8. To be sunny

    As far as I know, I've never been dissatisfied with the response between Lexus and Cornes.
    Just Russo, let me test drive anything.

    Ferrari wants to run to some extent, and if you want a test drive course, I've even taken the highway from Hommachi to the Rokko Island to the Rokko Island.
    It is said that you have time to deliver your car once you place an order, so please come and visit us anytime.

    The image of the high threshold of Cornes is a story of the past.

    As ds124 really says, I agree exactly, and Russo's shooting break style is excellent.
    You can ride 4 adults normally. It is overwhelmingly more comfortable than Aston Rapide.
    As soon as you know, it's just 300km and the sound is the best. The body rigidity is insanely high compared to the 4-seater saloon. The suspension moves in a comfortable direction. It is a very flexible car.

    Rather, the car I want most.
    Because the price drop is severe, I have been looking for certified used and specifications for about a year w

    • MinaMina

      By car

      Well, Russo is the car he wants the most right now! ! !
      And Ferrari can give you a test drive like that.
      Cornes is amazing
      Bentley in Kobe was also Corns, but I felt that the response was the best among the dealers I have ever been.

      If the price drop is severe, it seems good to buy it with a certified used car,
      I'd like to ride Russo just because I only need to test drive once.

      I was worried because she told you so far (laughs)

  9. ds124

    Carma-san, I've always seen past comments, but I respect the knowledge and experience of cars as much as the Mima family.
    I am very happy to have the same sensibility as my car!
    If Pasnamera comes next to Russo, I would like to line up three cars when I came to purchase car and car (^ ^)

  10. To be sunny

    Mina and ds124

    Yeah, yeah, I'm a car nerd in that area, so it's far from being respected.
    Mina's husband has more knowledge and experience, no, I guess so

    I'm afraid.

    I want Russo intensely. I don't have any favorite specifications. . If so, it will be said to order.
    It is not the owner who can order without worrying about price drops. . I want to be an adult who can ride Russo everyday. I'll do my best.
    However, unlike the recent toy-like Ferrari, the new Roma has been pre-ordered, although it is a turbo, due to the quality and beauty of Pininfarina design. It seems that it is more than two years ahead of the initial lot.

    • MinaMina

      By car

      No, I guess the knowledge of the car and the lineup of my car are amazing!
      And youthful ... I respect you! !

      Cars, ds124
      Russo is good for her husband! When I said,

      "Oh, my brother has ordered it now and he'll be coming soon.
      I don't buy Ferrari w "

      I'd like to have it when I come.

  11. ds124


    Certainly, those who gather here are full of terrible car love (laughs)
    However, even though I am still close to age (I am 28 years old), there is too much difference and I am compassionate (laughs)

    Apparently, Russo's new car order seems to have ended, and he has no choice but to wait for a certified used car to come out of his way.
    You ordered Rome! Congratulations!
    At first glance it was released by Aston Martin! ?
    It feels like a silhouette, but it doesn't just have the elegance of a British car, it still has a Date car and a Ferrari.
    It was Rome that gave me interest in Ferrari, so even if I waited for two years, I'm really enviable.

    Your brother-in-law has already been ordered!
    Mima, I'm really looking forward to my husband's review ♪