Buying a Porsche means stepping on the accelerator of life

Living with Porsche

Buying a car

In the world,Oh, this car is good"Some people can buy a luxury car as a pawn, but I guess most will buy it with a certain determination when buying a car.

I bought last yearUsed BMW320i (MT) is just under 2.5 million yenSo, the price is not so large compared to the new car such as Porsche, but when I decided to buy it still I was thrilled,

Repayment or okay(The repayment of entrepreneurship still remains.)… I think it's better to repay the money you've spent on other things until now.

I thought variously. But for now,I was really glad to buy that timeI think.

The reason is that I became used to driving MT cars that I was not so good at, so I was able to drive Boxster and GT3 normally, and that expanded the world.

Also"The joy of being able to do what you cannotI reminded me again of the wonderfulness of this, and I have come to realize that I want to be a life that continues to take on challenges every year, even if it is a small thing.

Not limited to cars

Paying for the moneyNot only when buying a car, but also in various other situationsIt is. Looking back on my past, I think that entrepreneurship was also so.

It was really exciting when I saved all the savings in my account as capital.

I took a step without any guarantee of success or failure, but now I can not go back. I wonder if I can pay my salary and live.

And so on. In fact, after 10 years, I wasn't able to achieve the desired results, and at the moment my confidence had bottomed out, but the experience I gained there was priceless and my roots grew, so I have no regrets.

I guess travels and homestays when I was a student. "I have to save money by part-time job"But it was an irreplaceable experience when I used it boldly.

When you try something,Money, time, know-how, everything can be executed with 100%There isn't much to do, and usually you have to go with something missing. But thereI can't because I don't have the moneyI guess if I can say that I can't say it, or if I can squeeze my wisdom and make the investment, I will continue to have a big impact on my life.

Saving money is important, of course, and we don't want to waste money. In fact, there were times when I wanted to spend money but couldn't. But instead of stubbornly closing the purse string,Use when you are hereI think life will change.

Buying a Porsche means stepping on the accelerator of life

Husband often

Every time I buy a car, I calculate a lot of money, saying, "If I buy this, the monthly loan will increase again ... Is it okay?"Earn more, do your best, as it doesn't hurt or itchy with more loansMotivation. "
So, for me, buying a car can be a motivation to work, so it's really important.
However, when I first bought Boxster in a new car, I was really nervous. But now, "Do my best to pay-> make money-> payI feel like I have learned the tricks to make a cycle.
In my case, it's a "car" and a "Porsche", but I don't think anything else.Watch, shoes, or home.Depending on your feelings, I think that the act of buying a little by force may work positively for your life and work as a result.
Although I can live a peaceful savings life without buying a Porsche, I want to have more fun and do whatever I want because it is a precious life.So I step on the accelerator to live my life positively.One such act is "buying a Porsche".

And so on.

My husband loves cars and he's just "No Car, No Life"Buying a car is not a consumption but an investment in lifeI wonder. Also, I often talk about such things.

Even if it isn't such a big thing as "buying a Porsche", it is quite important to pay money and invest in something. I often think of it when I see a bank ATM the day after my payday. Lunch break, long line. I don't have to wait a long time for lunch break.
But,If you look at the ATM at the convenience store next door, no one is lined up.It costs a fee, but if you pay a little 100 yen, you can save money immediately and use the rest of your lunch time effectively.
But I used to do that in the old days,Fees are regrettableI don't have a thought circuit to use this 100 yen to buy my own time. I think this is an investment in a broad sense.
I don't mean to waste money, and I'm not saying that you can't stand in line with ATMs, but I think it's very important in your work whether you can think of this kind of investment.


While listening to it, I thought, "I am a convenience store fee free up to three times a month with a WEB passbook, so I am doing a stingy to pay by an absolute fee and hold it up to three times ..." w

There are so many ideas in the world, so I don't think there is a "this is the right answer". But at least spending money with sound values will motivate you to make money again and give you the opportunity to think seriously about how to make and work.Often results in a positive result in lifeI heard that my husband told me.

Alright, I'll do my best too ~

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  1. To be sunny

    My father has almost no interest in cars.
    Rather, I hate cars like supersports because they are bad.

    So, I've been angry that I'm thinking about what I'm thinking of because I'm going to increase that car.

    Cars are my life, so don't buy me super sports.

    I answered seriously, not a joke.

    By the way, there is a blog topic etc. of Mina to get the understanding of the bride,
    Similarly, I have told my bride that I haven't consulted about buying a car, nor have I been swearing about an increasing number of cars.

    "Accel for life" There is no doubt that life itself is true.

    • MinaMina

      By car

      Is that so?
      The fact that both father and wife understand car stance
      That's because the car is not only a mouth, but is working hard for that, and has persuasiveness, including behavior.

      it's great…!
      And I thought that she was single without permission (laughs), and because she had a family and this car lineup,
      I thought again that there are amazing people in the world.

      > "Accelerator for life" There is no doubt that life itself is true.
      Life itself!

  2. Peaberry

    I think that buying Porsche was an investment or a waste before, but this theme really resonates with me today. Lol

    Isn't Porsche just wanting it and looking at it as an investment?
    Invest properly, consider what you have to do to become your own accelerator, and execute.
    Think about how to spend your time.

    I'll do my best with the feeling that I'll buy it later this year, so I'll be waiting for an article that will push me back again. Lol

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > Such a theme resonates with me very much now. Lol
      Thank you lol

      Again, it is amazing to buy a Porsche.
      I think that being prepared is such a big thing that it will change that person's life and work.

      > I'll do my best to buy it later this year, so I'll be waiting for an article that will push me back. Lol
      I'm the one who is pushing my back while writing, I will write again lol! Thank you!

  3. ds124

    Good evening, Mima

    It was a very sympathetic article.
    For myself, I guess the car was gasoline, my family was turbo, and the supercar was a hybrid system for my engine (laughs).
    Buying a car may be exactly the same as stepping on the accelerator.
    For those who aren't interested in cars, this may only be seen as splurge and waste, but if a car is deprived, it will run out of gas, so it is essential for races like us.

    People say a lot about things, but because there is no right answer, I hope that you don't want to say anything that denies that way of life.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much.
      The way of life is individual.

      By the way, I like Ryoma Sakamoto's words, "The people of the world can say anything to me, only I know."
      Well, I'm not doing a great thing by living such a great way like Sakamoto Ryoma ... ^ ^;

      ds124 is just "No Car, No Life"!

  4. Fuga

    > But when I saw the ATM at the convenience store next door, no one was lined up. There is a fee, but if you pay a little 100 yen, you can immediately withdraw the money and make effective use of the remaining lunch break time.
    > But, I used to do that, but when I was in line, I only thought that the fee was regrettable, and there was no thought circuit to use this 100 yen to buy my time. .. I think this is also an investment in a broad sense.

    Hideyoshi at the time of Chugoku Otsuka "I don't have enough troops now. I will give back 10 times to the farmers who donate rice to our army after winning Mitsuhide."
    I remembered this (laughs)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!

      Chugoku Otsuka ... I don't know if my husband has such a big deal ... ^^;
      It seems that investment thinking is important.