Riding Ashinoko Skyline – Touring with GT3 and BMW320i

Touring notes

To Ashinoko Skyline

Due to the heavy rain, the Porsche Track Experience (PTE) Master course was canceled, but the next day it was sunny like a lie.

If you don't have children, you want to run all the way along the Hakone Turnpike, Fuji Subaru Line, and other famous places, but that's not the case with children. so,Go to Ashinoko Skyline, which has never ran on a sunny dayI decided.

Actually, just after Panamera was delivered, I went to Fuji Speedway to see WEC, and I stopped by Ashinoko Skyline, but as usual, it was dense fog, not even Mt. It was the result of driving back and returning.(It ’s really a rain woman ...)

320i, Ashinoko Skyline

Heading from Gotemba, from Hakone Pass to Ashinoko Skyline.

From this point, a fairly narrow mountain road continued for a while, but there were many scenes where oncoming vehicles came. After that, when the toll gate of the Ashinoko Skyline approached, sports cars and cars that seemed to be very fast increased.Car enthusiasts living in the Kanto region are also running from this morning on holidays.I thought that everyone in Japan was laughing at the same thing.

I don't have much experience driving on driveways other than the neighborhood's Ashi Driveway, so I compare it with the Ashi Driveway.The road of Ashinoko Skyline has curves like a road, wide and gentle downhill, uphill, and variety.I felt very good.

And most of all, the spectacular view under the eyes is too awesome. It ’s amazing. It ’s great to be able to run while looking at such a magnificent view. On the way, it was time to take a photo at Mikuni Pass.

When I muttered, “Awesome Lake Ashinoko is really big,” my husband,

why. This is Suruga Bay. Lake Ashi can't be this big, it's a lake B

I was thrust. Is that so ... I'm a Kansai who doesn't have any intuition about land, so I made a mistake.Such magnificent scenery is hard to see in the Kinki areaI thought it was enviable.

I ran through the Ashinoko Skyline with the BMW 320i, but of course it was very pleasant. 320i bends well and the engine started to turn nicely, so it was fun to drive. However,If you have children, you have to run while paying attention to the backseat.So I can't run hard.

This is the case anytime you drive, but the kids are in the back seatCreepy"Open the window ~ No, it's cold"When I was sleeping, I slept, and the sleeping children's heads violently touch the left and right each time they make a curve, so I have to run a little bit.

If the children grow bigger, I would like to come to run with the couple next time.

GT3, Ashinoko Skyline

After returning home,How did you try running Ashinoko Skyline with GT3?As I asked,

I've only run in Boxster until now, but it's completely different. The GT3 was very interesting because it bends like a stick.
The Ashinoko Skyline is wide and has many gentle high-speed curves.On such roads, GT3 is more fun because it can demonstrate its power. It turns at a high speed and curves to stick to the ground. On the other hand, Arisu is difficult to demonstrate the power of GT3 because there are many low and medium speed curves with narrow roads and steep curves. I think it ’s more fun to run in Boxster.

I was saying. Certainly, the GT3 was running like a fish that got water and it seemed very pleasant.

Kanto has many wide and beautiful roads.

By the way, as for Nishi Izu Skyline, I have never experienced a sunny day, so I want to run again someday.

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