We will introduce the comments (Porsche owner and voice of people waiting for car deliveries) on the blog again!

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

About blog update frequency

Always thank you for seeing the blog. It is not a big deal, but today you have a report. From now on,"Operate with a slight drop in the pace of updating blogs"I decided to. Actually, I got a cold from my daughter where I was tired from last weekend, and I got down for the first time in several years.(Now they are fully recovered by their own way)

Even about five years ago, my fatigue had accumulated and I was down, but at that time I had a sense of being too irritated by myself"Sora, I wonder"Although I refrained from thinking, I did not have consciousness that I am impossible at all this time. Whatever the shortage of sleep is something, I recently was very well"Why did it go down with this bad thing?"As I was talking to my husband,

"Mina has been rooting since long ago, I think that it would be better for people who lived more flexibly.Today I will skip, I will work hard today, I will go to bed ... I am worried about width and sharpness"

It is said ... .... When thinking carefully, it may have been impossible after all as we did not have a mental rest on weekdays and holidays, to parenting every day, picking up and sending children's gardens, doing housework, working, updating blogs .

I like to write this blog, the comments received from everyone are also very happy, as now what I want to write is overflowing now"I want to write that! I want to write this too! Ah I wrote a blog all the time if I have more time!"Although I do not change my mind, I am 36 years old and Alaough and Yeah old, so I will decide to keep updating frequency and manage blogs.(Even so, I think that we post three or four articles a week.) W)

In this blog, the article is set to be uploaded from 6 o'clock in the morning to 7 o'clock, so if the article has not been updated even after that time"I do not have any newly arrived articles today," so I'm happy if you can see past articles etc.is.(There are about 400 articles by whatever.)

Also, as long as you see the comments, the reader's wife also seems to have a lot of personality characters in front of them, so I looked over at the side so that it would not be too downbottlened like me Please give (laugh)

Introducing the comment received

So, today I would like to introduce some of the comments received from readers. Even beforeI had introduced the comments of readersBut there was quite a response. Actually, the blog comment has a lot of valuable Porsche owners' live voices posted and it is very helpful, but since it is usually thought that readers will not see the comment column, I decided to introduce it here .(Some comments are edited to understand the context before and after.I am also sorry that I can not post all comments)

【Porsche tire's low-speed gorilloly sound is not a problem】
I live in Kyushu who suddenly developed Porsche disease (lol) two years ago. Air cooling 964 -> Cayman GT 4 -> 718 Boxster GTS -> 991 GTS Although there is no car practicality with delivery waiting and practicality at all, air cooling 964 is satisfactory because it is satisfactory, so we do not mind the trouble (suitable)Both GT 4 and Boxster sound loudly (lol)
Incidentally, Alfa Romeo's Julia Quadrifoli was similar too.Medal of sports carIs not it? (Mr. Rumbun Rumba)

【About Inner Garage Ishi B → cara】
Porsche owners fileI was interested in cara's inner garage which was posted in the article of the comment. II'm building a garage right now, but while I'm considering how to do the flooring and lightingis. I would like to tile the flooring material like a showroom, but when I use it on a daily basis, I feel that the good look of the tile will be wasted unless the tire scratches and dirt from the mud are to be cleaned dirty, then, to some extent I also think that it should be made into concrete on the premise of being dirty. As you see the picture, cara's tile floor seems to be kept very beautifully, but still need cleaning cleanly? I would be pleased if you could tell me what part of the flooring material was sticking to, and what I thought you should have done after completion. (Mr. Ishi B)

【About inner garage cara → Ishi B】
The size of the tile of our inner garage is 30 cm square. Initially I thought about painting on the concrete used in showrooms and dealer maintenance sites, but until nowIn old cars, especially Italian cars, oil and various things leaked quite frequently, so I looked for materials that would not soak itIt is a translation.
Disadvantages of large format tiles are cracks. Since the garage is never a complete flat, it becomes easier to break as the face is larger with everyday use.
After all, I searched for a tile that was easy to make gentle faces and that was not so slippery with good grip.
The goodness of tiles is difficult to shave like concreteis. There is no shaving scrap of fine sandy concrete inside the garage, and I do not clean the inside of the garage. It is occasionally a lot of dead leaves and so we are drowning together with the car for this special vacuum cleaner(It is an ordinary house vacuum cleaner ww)It is about as long as it is being cleaned up, but it is at most once every 4 to 6 months. I sometimes like stone gravel about the tire, but I do not mind at all. (Cara)

【Air cooling 911 964】
Your husband, 964C2 was chosen. You can see that it is a model after 1992 from the shape of the mirror. It is 964 that I owned,I often see the story that the air conditioner does not work, but if it does not even leak gas it will be pretty effective.I think that you do not need to worry because air conditioners will be the target if you are riding from after applying the restoration thoroughly even before second-hand purchase like your husband. (^ ^) (Shinomiyajp)

[Impact when you got on a light car car from a Porsche]
Currently I am on the 991, but the substitute car when I left it for the construction of the protection film was Nissan Dayz. I have never drove a car first, and it seems interesting to ride a car in the opposite direction on a daily basis as Mina does! I thought about driving and went home, but I did not accelerate anyway and the effectiveness of the brake was sweet, the right turn of the intersection and the high-speed merger was really scary.
I did not have the courage to drive overtaking lanes at high speed, so I ran slowly in the driving lane, but still I was fucked from behind.I felt a great wind pressure every time Benz or BMW ran sideways at a tremendous speed, I felt like a mouse or hamster thrown into a group of wild beasts.Honestly it was experience of experiencing with the casting system at high speed with hands on, and I decided to pay attention to driving manner even in Porsche. I took over 991 in a week, but I took a change, but I felt "I was so heavy a handle and a brake," and I do not even say that I reconfirmed the greatness of 991. (Masa Yan)

【Man brushing a car is also polishing himself】
Your husband is a car wash lover ~ ♪ I am also wash your hands if hot and cold winter has leisure! I do not do it because it is crisp and freezing before the water which it took to magazine as it is midwinter below freezing. If the weather is nice and the car is dirty, I will return to my house at work lunch break and wash it.(Because it is close to work)I tried counting the number of car washes from January this year, but total 74 times at the end of Octoberis.(Of course, not one but several units)With this pace it will not reach 100 times a year ... (Mr. Injunia)

【Boxster GTSMT launches sloping road】
There was an article saying that failed to start on slope with Boxster GTS,If the hill / hold does not operate automatically, you can manually apply the parking brakeI think(It seems that someone has heard it long ago). The parking brake should be automatically released if putting it in 1st speed and starting with a half clutch normally. You can operate slowly without worrying about retreat. I have never confirmed it in 981, but I think it is probably the same if there is Hill Hold. (PorscheDreamer)

【About impression of Panamera】
I have been seeing a lot of years ago for a large senior who has been dating for more than 20 years since a long absence. This senior is a considerable car lover, T Company(Japan's largest car maker)In addition, because he has been working for nearly 30 years, he is more technically than critics around there. I heard that this person bought Panamera for about half a year ago, so I tried asking the impression, but without waiting for the delivery date(In the first place I am impatient about it)It seems that he bought a new model of the base model that fits the dealer"Slow! 4S or turbo may be good, but the base model will be late.Besides, it is huge! I knew the body size but seemed to be driving the tank for a while."I was saying(It is personal opinion to the last it is an explosion)."But it was not good to have bought without waiting for delivery this time.It is a little thought of whether I should buy 911. But I can not go to golf after 911.I would like to replace Panamera's turbo after all "I told you what I liked. (How to support your life)

【Wife to buy Cayenne by yourself】
whatThis articleI am very persuasive. It is convincing. Although I interrupted work and career and got gifts for purchasing Cayenne with my intention of rewarding my wife who is looking after young children without any help ... ... Yamaguchi Momoe's playback
"Do not make a fool of me, that's why" The wife who is going to stay with this as it is, if you give a cayenne"Do not stupid !!" Whether you declared "buy yourself". The work which I almost interrupted and continued almost obediently and suddenly I am trying hard all the time from the month following buying the cayenne, the income quickly became more than ten times at a stretch, and I made up the purchase cost in less than a year.
I think Porsche will make a woman cool and strong. A car that a strong and cool woman wants may be a Porsche.
However, I thought that I should receive Porsche purchase fee from my wife to read this blog and support "cool women". (Buppa)

【Boxter MT's Auto-Blipping】
Just to be sure I write it, p47 of the 718 catalog "Combined with optional sports chrono package(GTS model is standard equipment), Sports or sports plus mode, the dynamic control blipping function works. Each shift down realizes optimal engine speed, more emotional runs, and great sound. So I think that auto flipping works in sports mode for at least 718.For 981, Mina's place of Boxster auto-blipping is only sports plusIt was confirmed that, with Mr. Ishi's memory, probably"Auto booting operation in sports mode from 718"I wonder if you think that it has changed. (PorscheDreamer)

【Panamera's rear 2 + 1 sheet option】
I bought a Panamera 4E-hybrid in the US, but I added the 2 + 1 option of the rear seat ~ $ 1000 a bit. It is a required option out of 5 people family! (SN)

【Panamera's rear 2 + 1 sheet option mn1551mn → SN】
I see. It's a 2018 model 4E-hybrid, but if I had that choice, I absolutely did it. Panamera is the third one,Because my wife and two children are the defaults, I want to put another one! There are quite a few opportunities, I'm sorry to have thought many times. I wonder if it will be able to respond even if it is retrofitted. . . (mn 1551 mn)

【Mori Taura's Porsche 964】
When Tomoyoshi Miura was in Kobe, he stopped this air-cooled 964 in the open cafe of Kobe Daimaru and played card games with his friends. The cityscape, Kazu and car are very painting. As expected it is a star. . Why is Porsche cool? . I saw Kosu's car for the first time seeing Porsche! ! !
Panamera was delivered to our house!Very easy to drive, unlike 911 Driving so much better I can ride with confidence! ! ! Great!(Gori)

【Watch your Porsche】
After all it is IWC!I am riding a Porsche, but My Watch is IWC Pilot Watch Mark 16 Japan Limited! Because it is very sweaty, choices will become less as it becomes a stainless steel band. . Actually I would like a yacht club of Portokiese or a leather band, but ... I am giving up (sad) IWC has collaborated with Mercedes on the AMG line! There is also a collaboration model from the past in Injenia (Magnetic shield type), and recently it has collaborated with AMG even in the 150th anniversary model. (Mr. Sakamichi of the wind)

Your Porsche love

Every time I see your comments, your Porsche love is so great that my husband is often saying "Above is above" w. There are lots of things to be noticed by everyone's frank thoughts, unknown knowledge, various perspectives, and comments, so I'm happy if I can comment freely again in the future.

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  1. shn

    I always read fun.
    Thank you very much.
    I am on 991-1.
    I'd like to call you, do you know anything good against a door punch?
    I hope to share it.
    I am looking forward to updating from now on.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. shn
      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      It is riding on 991-1 ^ ^ It is nice!

      > I'd like to call you, do you know anything good against a door punch?
      > I would like to share it.

      I see ... a door punch, it is a shock when I get ...
      In the case of Panamera in our house, we often park in a wider parking lot and stop around where there are no cars,
      It's quite difficult if it's in the city center ...

      Since it seems to be good to ask the readers how this is being handled,
      I will post it as soon as possible.

      Thank you for your consideration!

  2. Gori

    Good morning.

    Physical condition, is it okay? What?

    I read Mina's blog every morning in bed, then it is a daily routine to get down to the first floor lol

    Please drop your pace and do your best, so that it will continue all the time! ! !

    And your husband is really kind! ! !

    Panamera which was delivered the other day, but with reference to this blog, the axle control in the new model? I forgot the name but I searched for an easy-to-back option.
    It was second hand, so it was hard to find this, and it was a prompt decision when I found it!
    Thanks to this blog, I got a satisfactory Panamera!
    Thank you

    However, we are concerned about the 5-seater GTS. .

    Because we have two children, we got lost with Cayenne and bought Panamera in various ways, so if there is GTS ,,,

    We have C class of Mercedes-Benz in golf like position of Mina 's house. It is a very good car.

    Well then, I am looking forward to it.

    I wish you well soon.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      My physical condition was completely improved. Thank you!
      (I slept insanely for the first time in a while, but I recovered so much)

      > I read Mina 's blog in bed every morning and then get down to the first floor is a routine LOL
      Oh, thank you for saying that like that!
      Actually, since access of this blog suddenly increases to the time body of the morning, I talked with my husband saying, "I guess they all read the morning newspaper" (laugh)
      I will drop the blog frequency from now, I think that I will update 3 to 4 times per week, so I am happy to have a relationship.
      (Surely, I really appreciate my husband ...)

      > Panamera that was delivered the other day, but with reference to this blog, the axle control in the new model? I forgot the name but I searched for an easy-to-back option.
      > It was second hand, so it was hard to find this, and it was a prompt decision when I found it!
      > Thanks to this blog, I got a satisfactory Panamera!
      Oh! really! It is rear axle steering! (If I thought that it was always a rear axle, it was a rear axle)
      I am glad you said that way.

      But surely, it seems like a 5-seater GTS ... I mean that there are options overseas,
      Why has not it so far in Japan ^ ^; (Demand is likely to be pretty)

      I have recovered from my physical condition so I will continue with my own pace from now on.
      We are looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. cara

    Hello! A
    Please be careful
    I am not in the position I could say
    As Mina's environment is now
    I think it is pretty tough.
    While my wife worked, they raised three children
    I am doing my best.
    I am going to understand.

    I would like to see you with your host
    It is regrettable that the time is not suitable.
    I am looking forward to it

    Central this month, next month Suzuka full course
    We are planning

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      Thank you!

      > My wife also worked while three parents raised children
      > I am doing my best.
      I am going to understand.

      Er! ! Your wife doctor, are not you!
      While raising three children, becoming a doctor ... I will not imagine ...
      I wonder if they are being brought up nicely while cooperating with their husband and wife ...

      I definitely want to hear that even when I meet you!
      Cara is also settled down, if it is around spring, I can have it with Ashiya ...! What?
      I am glad if I can realize it!

      > Central this month, Suzuka full course next month
      I am planning
      Oh! I'm jealous! ! ! With GT3-kun! ! ! I am looking forward to Twitter ^ ^