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Thank you to all of you who are always browsing the blog. Today, we ’re going to introduce you to some of the most popular comments from readers. Please note that some parts of the article are edited so that the context before and after can be understood.

GT3 on a rainy day

[1] I ride on a commute on a rainy day.The puddles of firewood etc. are awesomeI sometimes feel that. However, I feel that there is no problem with just WET as well as the master. The other day, on a day of heavy rain, the low section of a motorway where you would not normally worry about the difference in elevation was a pond that you had never experienced. Nonetheless, I couldn't detour, so I had to run.

I was worried for a few days, but fortunately it seemed no problem.Be careful on guerrilla rainy days due to low vehicle heightLet's do it.(991-2 GT3 MT)

[2] Enjoy the pleasure of manipulating since 993. In the first month after delivery, the vehicle traveled 3000 km and changed oil at 4000 km. There are many long distances such as Tokyo-Aomori round trip, Tokyo-Nagano-Niigata-Koriyama-Tokyo. Although I have traveled in the unusual rain of Tohoku Expressway, I was traveling at 100km / hr because the forward visibility was too bad.(Touring package with almost the same specifications)

Run Porsche in Germany

[3] I was two years agoPorsche Drive at the Porsche Museum in StuttgartSo I borrowed 991.2 Carrera 2 GTS for 24 hours. In Baden-Baden, a hot spring resort, it was a route to go back to Stuttgart through overnight.

The driving manners of Germans are very good, and the Germans are very strict with the rules, so it was magnificent that the preceding car gave way more and more when approaching the overtaking lane at the left end at 200Km / h. However, if you are not careful, a hypercar will approach from behind you at 300km / h, and you will give up the lane.

The idea of speed regulation for German roads is very reasonableis. Unlimited speed is the basic idea, and it seems to be the idea of “restricting necessary speed regulation in areas where there is a corresponding risk of accidents such as in towns, curves and road construction”.

So, everyone keeps the speed limit very well, and if it doesn't, it is dangerous. Also"180km / hover at full speed when the regulation section is over”, And the sharpness was very effective. After all, Porsche thought that it was only driven around in Germany.(Tetsu-san)

[4] I recently went on a trip to Germany and France. Munich moved from Stuttgart and Frankfurt using the autobahn.Car rental is not a Porsche but a Volkswagen Touaregwas.

The unrestricted section traveled at 200km / hr,It's surprisingly stable, and here is the level that German cars are demandingI felt that. Porsche may have been even faster.(SN)

Mazda roadster

[5] Previously, the first thing I felt when testing a MT roadster was "The accelerator pedal is very on the rightIt was that. Usually, in the home country such as FIAT500 and Boxster, I ride a car with a left-hand drive car with a Japanese-style right hand drive, but it is often pointed out that these pedals are offset to the left and are unnatural. .

In my case, that car was the first MT, so there was no sense of incongruity from the beginning, and because it was in the pedal position of a car that is said to be unnatural in the world,I was puzzled by the roadster pedal positionI remember that well.

I did not test drive the AT, but I thought that if the AT was on the right side of the accelerator, it would not be easy to make a mistake with the brake. Even if you don't install electronically controlled parts, you can replace it with a part that shifts the position of the accelerator pedal to the right, or set a standard so that the brake and accelerator are at least a few centimeters apart. thought.(Mr. Ishi)

[6]ND test ride, but fun car with low powerwas. However, the position of the ABC pedal was not right for me.
I think that it will get used to riding for a long time, but I think that it is because the ABC for the right steering wheel was forcibly attached to the car of the left steering wheel design.
It is slightly outside from the seating position.(Neo)

Abarth 124 Spider

[7] My Abarth 124 Spider is equipped with Abarth's tuning engine and Record Monza, but the acceleration and engine sound are also very good. The structure of the muffler is the same as Porsche's sports exhaust.The production will be discontinued next year.Why don't you try it out?(Hurtloker)

Ashi Drive way

[8] Speaking of who, from when? I'm not sure, but there are local rules and characteristics that are unique.
・ From the toll booth to the observatory, do not open the muffler valve or blow it up slowly, and climb slowly so as not to disturb the local residents.(When reported, the police will come to the observation deck immediately)
・ Be careful when you go home after 10 or 11 o'clock because you may have been taking the mouse for speeding enforcement before Okuike police box.
・ Sunday, morning 8-11 am is the main, but I hate to be crowded, and the main ones who actually run are actually coming from about 6 o'clock earlier and are back by 8 o'clock.
・ Uncles of toll booths and uncles of maintenance maintenance are fond of cars, and there are also people who are riding classic cars and super sports, including domestic sports.

There are various local rules like this, www(Aman in the car)

Manual (MT) car

[9] My car (991C4S) has a heavy clutch, and my traffic is numb in 30 minutes in a traffic jam in Tokyo.It ’s really fun at high speeds and windingThat's right. For the first time on this blog, I learned about the Ashi Driveway. I'm going to run someday.(Ao-san)

BMW / Porsche wheel cleaning

[10] Porsche and Alpina(So brake pads are the same as BMW)The dirt of the brake dust is harder on the BMW
An elephant.Alpina can't stand it and replace it with a low-dust padDid. It may be an illusion due to the difference in wheel shape (^^;)(Wooper)

[11]Not only BMW, but the wheels of foreign cars are easy to get dirtyI think. Maybe Porsche is the same. Compared to domestic cars, do you feel that the pad and the rotor are shaved and stopped? In addition to your advice, the first is "If you replace the brake pads with less dirt,"I think. Instead, the feeling is slightly different from the genuine brake touch ... Compared to that dirtiness, it's easier! For your reference if you like.(Yone0531)

[12] BMW really has a lot of brake dust. The wheel gets dirty before the body. And when I wash the wheel, there are a lot of black spots flying on my clothes, which is quite a shock. This doesn't fall off even after washing.

Brake pads with reduced dust are recommendedis. Wheels are less likely to get dirty, and dirt that arrives is easier to remove. The brake feeling may change slightly,There is no big difference in braking forceI think.(It is for streets only)

BMW owners are replaced with reduced dust brake pads with a good probability. Please try to clean the wheel!(Wrp930 suga)

[13] Isn't it cumbersome to clean the wheel? My Panamera is a 21-inch sports design wheel, so I thought it would be hard to clean because there were a lot of fine holes and dust.The other day I could not stand the dirt of the other day, I tried showering with a sponge and boiled with a sponge, it was as shiny as a new articleTo
I'm just going to find a gas station equipped with a new type of car wash. Is n’t it somewhere?(How do you support your life?)

Porsche cruise control

[14] Of course, Porsche is different from Benz because it is a form of sports car and comfort from there, and there are hundreds of approaches to the car,I want the lever type of cruise control to really change to a button typeI will think.

Even if you take a test ride with each company, Porsche is a good ride, but it seems that the lever type of the cruise control seems to hit the turn signal as well ... It seems inconvenient compared to Mercedes and BMW that enter with one touch I don't feel like it. If you are a Porsche rider, if you are told to drive yourself, it is until then (laugh)(4e)


[15] I was able to watch the live broadcast yesterday at the right time. One of the broadcast destinations is in China and it appears in subtitles,Porsche attaches great importance to the Chinese marketI felt that again.

I was also interested in seeing Taikan headlights like the taillights of domestic cars. Running for 100km with a 5-minute charge is attractive, but it's not the usual 200V for home use. There were places where I felt uncomfortable, such as the headlights and the white of the wheel, but I am looking forward to the test ride being introduced to Japan because the impression may change when I see it in real life.(Mr. Ishi)

[16] Taikan finally came out. This is because the vehicle height is low(If there is no feeling of scolding the ground)I expect the wagon type to be somewhat crafty.

As for EV, I like engines, but I expect them. Recently, I remembered that even for driving other than the purpose of enjoying driving, I could even use automatic driving with EV.(Aman in the car)

[17] Taycan came out! The American site has announced that turbo is $ 150,000 and turbo S is $ 185,000. Probably from around 20 million yen in Japan.

I thought that it looked like Panamera if I replaced the front eyes. And the notch is very similar to Lexus LC. I agree with Panamera is cooler.

However, the cruising range of 450km can only be achieved if you don't run so carefully. The battery will turn up as you step on it.

here we haveIn addition to Tesla's models S and X, I often look at Tesla model 3. There seems to be a lot of transfer demand from TeslaIt is ... is not it. I want to look forward to seeing it all over the city.(SN)

[19] I heard from the Porsche Center that the charging voltage is 800v and that the facilities and the qualifications of high-voltage electric operators are necessary. The hurdles are quite high. In general facilities, is it from maintenance in apartment houses such as apartments?(Mr. Tetsu)


[19] The other day, the car was delivered safely and I realized the goodness of Panamera. I have n’t stepped in because I ’m still driving, but the car is really great! In addition, although it is a genuine Pana, the thrill of the engine ignition sound has started, and driving is really fun.

I was actually surprised again when I got onDoing! ! I don't care when driving, but when I enter the parking lot, I think wow. I am thrilled every time! ! I'm thinking of going for a drive during the three consecutive holidays in September, but I am worried about the parking lot of the inn on the road!(J11050)

[20] Panamera, recentlyThe mileage has exceeded 8,000 km and the engine has been raised a little.I feel like that. I feel that it has become lighter, or I feel that I have reached the target speed in the whole range in no time with “Su”. I'm looking forward to seeing the feeling change as the mileage increases.

I haven't managed NAVI yet(Any point cannot be specified on the map)I am enjoying Panamera Life for now.(How do you support your life?)

Mimasaka Yamanami Kaido

[21] Recommended todayRun along Route 29 to Forest Station HagaSaw. It ’s a wonderful hill climb. I wanted to run more. Thank you for teaching me a good way. It seems to be addicted for a while.

So my recommended road is Okayama's wide-area farm road.Mimasaka Yamanami KaidoTry running once. High-speed winding continues for about 30km, and it ’s a rattle because it ’s a farm road. Sumimasen if you know.(Kazugane Hills)


After a while after purchasing a Range Rover Vogue with a grudge against an automobile magazine, the impact of testing the first Cayenne Turbo is unforgettable. I was paralyzed by the overwhelming rigidity and acceleration. Everything was driven away by the overwhelming driving of Cayenne Turbo.
Every time you drive, that time will come back. I'm exhausted to express the profound feeling that moves the giant with tremendous power.(Cayenne Turbo 958.1)

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