I was able to understand Tonarer's psychology of stopping the car right next door.

Porsche Panamera

Tonarer and Panamera

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about Tonarer. TonarerThe person who parks the car next to the parking lotThat ’s it.

I thought about Tonara's psychology and countermeasures encountered in the parking lot

The above articleThe fact that the car in my home was actually toned”And the conclusion is“I want to be a person with a wide-minded heart that can be passed even if I'm a tonarerIt ’s over(Conclusion there?w). However, recently I realized that there was. What to hide,

I'm a "tonaler" too

It is.

I usually driveBMW320i and sometimes Panamera.As for 320i, I often see it in the neighborhood, but Panamera is small in number, so it makes me very happy when I see it in a supermarket or anywhere. AndI'm going to be a tonaler ...

The other day, when I parked my car in the supermarket parking lot and went shopping,Panamera was parked next to Panamera in my home!Normally, you might think "Why don't you bother you ..." but only at this time,

“Oh, I ’m so happy to stop you side by side!

I was excited and took pictures.

After that, when I tried to park in another parking lot,I suddenly stopped there because there was Panamera.Well, it ’s not a rattle but it ’s a parking lot that does n’t have much space.

Even so, I'm just taking a picture of myself, Tonalar Yanka (explosion)!

And another day. When I went to the supermarket at 320i, Cayenne and Panamera were parked side by side in the parking lot. Only at this time "Even though they were lined up in Panamera, they were ugly!"I was only allowed to take pictures.

Panamera friendship

However, when thinking calmly here, the act of `` pausing Panamera next to Panamera ''Since both sides are huge, there is an increased risk of door punching and rubbingSo why should n’t it be welcomed?Okay, rather happyI thought.

What does this mean?

People"It's good for people who have something in common with you or similar circumstancesIs said. For example, when I met a person who said that my favorite baseball team was the same, “I ’m really a fan of OO !? No, I ’m likely to get along with you.” The distance is shortened.

I wonder if it is the same feeling that you get along on the Arisu Driveway on Sunday morning even though you are meeting for the first time.

In other words,The feeling of compromising to see Panamera at the parking lot in the city is budding "community consciousness"It is similar to that, and I think that it will be very happy just to see Panamera among Porsche compared to Cayenne and 911, which are few in the city.

If you think so, after all,

"Who" than "What"

It is a story.

Rather than tonarer action itself,What is the car that is going to"Has a great influence on the reaction on the side. Of course, the parking is so white that you can't open the door.

On the other hand, when the car accident news is reported,Domestic car accident""Porsche" "Ferrari" "Lamborghini"If it is a luxury car such asPorsche accident!"And reported by name.

The point is, "who" is more than "what" is.

Although the story was a bit off, the Tonarer problem(Ariori driving and so on), Thinking and discussing is not a story that will be solved forever,In the end, it ’s best not to care or fight.

That's what "One unit suitable for the champion of life"(Previous 970 Panamera catchphrase)It is today's time today that I wonder if it is the behavior of people who match Panamera.

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  1. taramangts

    Mina's Kon'nichiwa! I see, I understand that! If you think so, I ’m a tonaler.
    I go to the parking lot next to a luxury car, and if it's Porsche, it's even more so! I'm not thinking of doing door punches at all, but my opponents will think so ...
    But when I parked in the central parking lot in the morning rattle, if I opened the door and tightened my tie or dwelled, Aqua's elderly couple wanted to stop next to me, so I closed the door all the time I'm waiting! ! It ’s full! ! It seems like it is, but I with a big heart silently closed the door and left (^-^; Oh, yes, 981 Boxster GTS was delivered! The best! (✌︎'ω ') ✌︎

    • MinaMina

      Hello! Thank you very much!

      > I see, I understand that! If you think so, I ’m a tonaler.
      Is also taramangts? But it's going to happen that way ...!

      > I am open-minded and shut up and left (^-^;
      wonderful! I think there are some insane people in the world, but most of them are common sense people,
      I want to stop next! I can understand this feeling well. (In fact, I ’m the same)

      > Oh, yes, 981 Boxster GTS was delivered! The best shin! (✌︎'ω ') ✌︎
      Wow! ! ! finally! ! ! ! ! Congratulations ^^
      It's a good season so you can run as much as you like! ! ! !