Impressions of the test drive of the BMW M2 competition


For a test ride to BMW

Last weekend, a new representative from a BMW dealer contacted me suddenly.Can you come to test drive of the new 3 series tomorrow?I decided to go with my family.

“How much do you ride? Panamera? ... But I ’m going to BMW, so I ’m going to go 320i?You will see the difference more when you test drive the new 3 series after going to my house 320i (F30)I was headed by my driving.

It was unfortunate rain this day(Well ... w)When I arrived, the new BMW was beautifully decorated and the tension suddenly increased. Even so, why is the car seen at the dealer so shiny and beautiful?(Sorry, new)

When I let the children play in the kids space and wait for the seat, a new person in charge came over. Then

You came by manual car today. And with your wife driving.

When. Because it's shortThis is a strange pattern of couples(Laughs) After that, my husband used to be on E36 and I still loved it and talked about the new 3 series.I usually ride a 320i MT"... the husband,

When the manual Boxster was delivered a few years ago,AT limited releaseI went to the school to release it. I haven't been able to ride for a while, but after 320i came, I got on every day.I do n’t like MT anymoreAnd say w


The shop then said, “My husband wants an MT car, but my wife can't drive an MT car, so most of them buy AT cars, but there is no reverse pattern….I have been in this store for more than 10 years, but this is the first case"

Is it so rare ... (゚ д ゚)! ?

Then, the shopThen how about M2? It ’s fun because there ’s MT, But I ’m ashamed to know that there ’s a model called “M2”.(I only heard about M3, M4, M5),My husband

So, recently, the body of the M3 has become larger, so it seems that more and more people prefer the M2 with a compact engine and a large engine. Mina may also be surprised.

It has been said.

In response to it,"There is an AT at a nearby store, but there are test rides for the M2 competition."We were able to test drive two cars," M2 "and" New 320i "on this day.

So, in today's article, I would like to first introduce the impressions of the M2 competition test drive, but I would like to write a test drive article for the new 320i.

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