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Recently, it has been increasing to receive comments from readers even a long time ago. It was okay to just rewrite and rewrite all the past articles ... haha.

Well, I regularly introduce the comments received from readers, this time it is the fifth. this time too,Edit the comment a little by extracting only the necessary part so that the context before and after can be knownWe will introduce it after doing it.

Comments from readers

Baxter's splendor

*If you say you are on a Porsche "911? "When asked" Boxster "even if asked, it becomes a subtle air problem.Comments on

About a year ago I also said "Open car like a huhn lolIt was a faction,718 The world has changed with the acquisition of Boxster!I can not explain it well, but it is fun anyhow. Is it embarrassing before riding? I was thinking about it, but it was a fear.
When I get used to it, I do not care what people do. It is rather an open car poisoning (laugh) When I ride 911 gts "Why does not the roof open?It looks like. Of course 911 is a nice car.
And it is a comparison between 911 and Boxster but in my sense"If the texture 911" "Boxster if enjoyable"It looks like it. If we look at w fighter aircraft too far, 911 is F22, Boxster is F16? I have never got on that (lol)(Mr. Rumbun Rumba)

It was very helpful for me as I was hitting the Makan GTS on board and I was considering switching to 911 or Boxter just as the next car. After all I will do Boxster next.911 seems to be enjoyable even though I witheredSo, I'll keep it next.(Mr. Ipchi)

Boxster I had was 986,987 of raw.In short, "Running stopping carOr "Cars with caribbeingIn the impression that I am a car with enough performance.
Opening in sunlight through trees from fresh green trees, Tokyo night opening in midsummer, winter's cold weather equipment opening is also exceptional, I could taste the impression drive of another world.
Sometimes it is a Boxster ridiculed as the poor Porsche etc, but if you grasp the steering wheel and step on the accelerator, you will know exactly how you point out. Moreover, in addition to driving, storage capacity not troubled with travel and quite a lot of shopping.Is not it the most practical two-seater open car in the world?(Mr. Tetsu)

I feel the same way! I used to rideI could never forget the merit of 981 Cayman's MT, last week I bought 981 Boxster's raw MT seems goodI got it. In the case of Porsche, it is high or cheap and you feel that there is not much difference in quality. Cayman, Boxster obviously think that Cospa is good. The speed is just right.(Mr. maru)

971 Panamera options etc.

Soft Closed DoorIt was equipment I wanted to attach, but it did not attach after all after hesitating. It was because I was worried about what would happen if I gently closed the door by myself in the space where a small child took an eye out and then pinched my fingers. There is probably a safety device, but it was not equipped with optional cars such as exhibition cars and could not be confirmed.
I would like to add this time next time when replacing with Panamera next timeI think.
In our house,4-zone air conditioner, rear seat electric sunshadeI attached it. I like it because I can operate the sunshade of the child seat from the driver 's seat. Ambient lights are also pleased with our 4 year old child.
Although it is not genuine, I attached a navigation canceller.This time 971 is easy to see DVD from the back seat because the navigation screen is largeis. I think this is a pros and cons, but it is necessary for our home because it is for long distance travel.(Neriten)

I ordered Panamera in Japan in November 2018,We were able to choose the 5 seater option with the option of 4 + 1 seat.Also, I never thought about the possibility that parking lot width would become a problem until I saw this article. There is not much difference between the 1800 mm width and 1935 mm width as seen by numbers in Panamera, which is scheduled to be increased in places where there was no problem with Boxster everyday. I will check the parking lot in advance!(Tommy)

Road to Nachi

This time, just at Katsuura hotelNachi's articleI looked at it so I made a comment. Once a month I visited Nachiyama, but always,After Osaka Way, I worry about going by "sea" or "mountain"I will. Recently I chose "mountain" almost.Get off at "Arita IC" and take the route of R424 to R311 to R168 to R42is.
Sometimes, the light tiger 's safety car may be blocked, but there are many points that can safely overtake, so please try it once you can drive comfortably. However, because there are few rest points, it seems unlikely for children.
And another precaution. "Why are you here?Whether a white-bye is waiting in a place called "The policeman catches a mouseDo it so be careful! (How many times encountered with R168)(Umpaki)

Wonderfulness of VW Golf

Our legs gurma is also the former type of Golf 7.Is golf really a better car than joke from Benz's E-class without joke?What do you think often? Her husband's opinion, sympathy is possible around that! !
The golf at our home got an annual mileage of 20,000 kilos over and was hit by the trouble that mechatronics was broken at the time of 65,000 kilos and stopped on the highway, but otherwise it is quite good. I think that it is as good a car as I think that it is the first son's first car by taking 5 years! A(Nave)

I got on my wife in the era of Golf V. Because I am also convenient, I was on a ride on chocolate choco. It does not compare with 7, but it was content that was complainable at that time.There was also a feeling of luxury quite a bit higher than the luxury car of the day at that time, and there was no dissatisfaction at allis not it.
It may be that I felt that extra, just because it was a Latin car. Perhaps it was frustrating that there was no dissatisfaction to say it. Although it is unpopular to my wife also, I have returned to a Latin car again ...(Taknokk)

Ford's compact SUV that we have been using in the second car has exceeded 110,000 kilometers so soon it will not be able to withstand the gap with Panamera or Volvo's riding comfort, and in fact it is actually starting to consider this class of cars . The favorite is new, mazda 3, the opposing horse is golf.In some reviews mazda 3 has passed beyond golfHow about something ...
However, golf 8 seems to come out this year, I will wait for it, wait for mazda 3's skyactiv X model, then I will decide.(SN)

I am in the first half of Golf 7 due to Porsche's favorite parents. Honorable golf is praised as a good car for many people. I am in my twenties in my dream someday to ride a Porsche, but now I do not have the economic power to buy and I chose VW from the history of Porsche.Starting from the same blood drawing brand, approach PorscheI thought of going. It is important to approach yourself from your dreams. Although deviating from the subject,Golf is a really nice caris. I will keep on riding for a while thinking I am a baby Porsche.(Mr. Umesame)

Measures against tinara

Tonara Why are you here? Although there are many things. . When I was alone for lunch, when I got through the counter, even if I was informed that "Please take a seat of your choice ~", customers who come later will not line up and I'm sorry that I will guide you full, I do not want to be seated on,As a result, it will become a tonner (lol)(Mr. Sakamichi of the wind)

When stopping 458 and Carrera, when Panamera in the barbarian stops, I will stop in the vicinity.If it is one unit carefully worry about being mischievousI'll put it in a place where there is something.
The risk of the door being punched into the next car is less contrary to super cars and luxury carsI feel it. Because I think that a person who likes each other a lot of cars is w, I will shun the neighbor next to a mini car, a one-box like family car, or a car parked behind a handlebar.
Well, well, the surrounding supercar riders care about where to stop, but I am thinking that it is not going to be a strange thing to do the opposite because I am Ferrari w so you can stop anywhere with coin parking, but now There is nothing on the ground.
After all it is only a part of the world car liking, unexpected It is thought that no one bothers mind.(HIRO)

About BMW

*Test drive on the BMW 5 series. Sporty sedan regained "joy of running through".Comments on

Current 5 is still decent, but still good. I agree with the opinionIt is w around us "BMW has gone.I often say that.
It used to be sports properly in the past. Now it is a sport. Soft front suspension, hardened the rear, seem to season the sporty seasoning with the initial input of the steering wheel
Results In recent years, BMW's core fans are moving away. However, BMW also makes the best profit each year from the world w Although it seems to be successful for branding,In the very long term, core fans are leaving BMW's future concernedBut there are.
The law I think without permission is that the manufacturer in F1 is a manufac- turer who is still in trouble.
Speaking of which, it was BMW of 19,000 turning centers that recorded the maximum engine speed. At such timeThe M10 sedan has a V10 Tsuna eraThat was why.
From that era, it is really BMW Has Gone.
I am sorry for a long time. Since my father always had three BMWs for 40 years since I took my license, I also loved BMW. For such a father two years ago, BMW changed to 0 unit w, Mercedes and Porsche wIt is my lamentation that I liked BMW.
next year? The year after next? Because Porsche will compete in F1 from Porsche's further future expectation
I am doing.(Mr. Buchi)

Mileage of Porsche car

Cayenne of my house ran about 24,000 kilometers in a year after being delivered. I am not using it for commuting though ... PORSCHE unexpectedly got over riding and stretching out(Mr. Ban Ki Hime)

Our car is about the same as at this pace, 2000 mile = 3,200 km in 3 months. Because weather is bad, I can not get it at all, so I wonder if it will grow more in the summer. Daily accumulation is not stupid.
I am making a guidance of 30000 km for replacement. In the United States, it will be a considerably shorter person for 3 years 30000 miles (48000 km), probably 50-55% of the bid price will be available if Panamera.(SN)

718 · 981

981 is also a wonderful car,Handling is 718 better than 1st stepI think. I do not really understand the technical things, but the rear suspension seems to be improving from 981 to 982 (718), which seems to contribute greatly to improvement of handling. Even at 981 GT 4 seems to have the same improvements as 718 on the rear suspension, so I am concerned about how my own Bokspara is.(Mr. Ishi)

It is Porsche ride "Beginner ride" which purchased second hand 981 Cayman in late January. 981 After purchase, the weekend snow flickers in Kanto and can not go away, I endured the extent of flowing the capital high, so environments enabling to go to Ashigara between business and pickup are enviable too much
Rear suspension improvement of previous comment is reinforcement of rear memberis not it. Since 981 can also easily be done with a diversion of 718 parts, I want to try it but when raising the ground contact of the rear it will become an under tendency on the general road, so 981 will be left as it is I would like to have fun.(Tap)

Mr. Ishi → Tap Mr.
Hello Tap, nice to meet you. Comment Thank you for the supplement. As soon as I examine it with "rear member reinforcement 981"Not only 981 GT 4 but also Boxster Spider has this reinforcing barI found the information that. I can not see the bottom of the car easily, but I can not check with the actual car, but I am a little happy.
When I switched from the previous 981 GTS to the 718 (982) base grade, I felt the handling greatly improved, and then when I returned to 981 though it was a spiderI was wondering if I felt the retreat of handling but I could not feel the difference.
At that time my feeling was lame, I thought that my car love will pass. But if this reinforcement is done to the 981 Spider, I think that feeling was not a mistake. Thank you for your valuable information. Thank you in the future.(Mr. Ishi)

Past comments

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