Kobe / Rokkosan Drive by 911 GT3

911 GT3 in Kobe

One morning on a weekend, my husband got up before sunrise and went to Kobe to take a picture of the GT3 Touring. I wrote an article about the situation at that time, so I would like to introduce it today.

To the old settlement of Kobe

For those who met on SNS before,If you take a picture of the Crayon GT3 Touring in the old settlement in Kobe, I think it's absolutely goodI was told. This time, I also took a picture of Kobe City-Rokkosan, so I would like to tell you the whole story.

When you try to shoot in the city of Kobe, you can't do it during the day. The area is full of Daimaru and luxury boutiques, so there are many cars and many people. there,Leaving home at 5am and taking early morning shotsdid.

Kobe's former settlement is a district where there are 126 former foreign settlements that were reorganized when Kobe Port opened. Even now, there are still some Western-style buildings, and Daimaru Kobe stores and high-end brand stores are incredibly Kobe-like areas.

Sometimes it ’s during the Bon holiday,Early morning traffic on Route 2 is almost blue.Arriving in Kobe in no time, looking around for a photo spot while walking around the city. The atmosphere of the city is excellent. And no one is there.

Stop the GT3 so that it does not get in the way of the shoulder, and start shooting from various angles.

This time, I will shoot with a zoom lens that covers from 24mm to 105mm, SEL24105G, on my beloved SONY α7Ⅲ. Basically, car shooting depends on the composition, but to some extent,Aiming from a distance on the telephoto side of the zoom lens will accurately depict the shape of the bodyAnd so-calledCompression effect”Makes the background look great and gives the car a feeling of mass, making it easy to take good pictures with a vibe.

Of course, it is better to take close-up at the wide-angle side in order to give the body a wide and wide feeling, but when taking a car normally, taking it at a wide-angle, the lens shape and the perspective effect make the shape of the body visible to the naked eye. It's more stubborn and stretched,Somehow the shape of the car changedIt will be said that.

Well, there is no point in saying this area, but the following site is easy to understand, so please refer to those who are interested.
Technique to take a car properly

2 shots of GT3 Touring

And here are the photos I took this time.

911 GT3 in Kobe

It ’s not easy to finish shooting and go home as it is,Aiming for Venus Bridge after a long time, heading again to the mountain driveway.Again, the mountain driveway is a route from the west on the way to Kobe from the city of Kobe.

From Kobe Venus Bridge

If you are of the same age, you may know, Venus Bridge and again the mountain is Yasuhiro Yamane'sALWAYS – never changes – A classic date spot in Kobe that also appears in the lyrics. In the past, I put her in the front passenger seat of a two-door coupe, and when I said date, I went to see the night view (laughs).

Originally it was a mecca of a runner, and it was a cat's eye on parade.At low altitudes, the road is not wide and it is not easy to run, but as it approaches the summit of Rokko, it gradually turns into a road that is easy to run.

When approaching the top of the mountain, from there, change the course to the east, run on the Nishi-Rokko driveway and aim for the observatory.
Nishi Rokko Driveway is a continuous technical route with tight corners. There are many bike runners in the early morning of the holidays, so be careful.
By the way, if you run here with GT3, you have a little extra power.A boxster or a car with less power is just right.

Drink canned coffee overlooking the city of Kobe and Osaka on the observatory. The air is clear and very cool. The early morning coffee here is the best holiday luxury.

From Rokko Observatory

After leaving the observatory, running on the East Rokko Driveway and going home,Ashi Drive wayI took a pass ticket for "

"How many times do you come to Yuyu even though you came yesterday?"I arrived at the Torokko observation deck while I was amazed."

Then there is the same crayon GT3 Touring Package!

The person I met in Arisu for a while ago was raised by GT3 touring today. Naturally, you will be parked sideways, greet, and bloom in the car talk.

"Let's take a picture together"That's why I was able to take a two-shot of the rare GT3 Touring Package.

Delighted with an unexpected valuable shot, return home after 10AM. It was a healthy and fulfilling holiday morning.
The mileage of GT3 exceeds 3500km, and both cars and people have become familiar with it. Familiar with the feeling of power and the speed of engine rotation, the GT3 will respond to any situation you want.

I'm going to go on a longer touring soon, so I'll report it later.

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