Family drive with two Porsche 911 GT3 and Boxster

Ashi Drive way

With GT3 and Boxster

At last I was able to drive the Boxster GTS, a manual car.We decided to head for Ashi Driveway with GT3 and Boxster.When I went up to the Ayu Observatory in July, I had tanned my arms and decollete because I hadn't sunscreened.(Such as ↓)

This time"Face, arm, neck, decollete line"I'm gonna get this!", And I got a sunburn candy so sticky that I bought a serious straw hat for agriculture at a home center.(At this time, I can't say how it looks)

Actually IFrom home to Ashi Driveway, it ’s the first time for me to head to BoxsterHowever, I thought that it would be possible to go if my husband's GT3 came from behind.

However, starting from the parking lot at home is a delicate slope, the auto-hold does not work, and when you take your foot off the brakes, it falls back to the outside ...

I just did a little bumping against the back block (゚ д ゚)!

I was told. Something bad ... I was happy that I didn't hit it, but I decided to start the car with tension.

However, I was accustomed to driving the manual car itself, so I was able to drive normally, and I was able to safely arrive at the observatory at Arisu, without any stalls or sweat. Ε- (´∀ ` *)

By the way, on Twitter of this day,It's full at 7am!"We arrived after 8 o'clock and were worried that there was no place to stop, but there was a parking lot in good time.

On this day, there were reunions and many new encounters with owners who had been on Roadsters, Twitter followers, and husband Instagram followers. Among them,

On Twitter the day before, I knew that Boxster and GT3 would go up to Ariyu, so I wanted to witness a memorable day for the first time with two cars (laughs)

Those who ... (laughs) Thank you very much.

Also,Famous owners of air-cooled rides interviewed on 911DAYSI was also able to meet you. Actually, it seemed that I had been reading my blog before, and I heard the story in various places and I knew that person.I finally met!"I was moved."

The charm of Ashi Driveway

again"There are only a few good people"I think." In the past, readers have commented on the Arisu Driveway.

The road is so fun. On Sundays, it is safe because motorcycle traffic is restricted. Until around 11:00 in the morning, there are not so many sightseeing cars left in Arima so there will be no congestion.
In the first place, it is a relatively expensive toll road, so there is little traffic. From the above,A perfect environment to drive as a driveway.And thanks to that,Many people who love real cars for driving purposes gather(Important laugh here)
Even if you gather with people like fashion icons or people who seem to like the self you want to ride, you can't get along. In that sense, Ayu's regulars like driving, there are many people who really like cars, so regardless of car type, regardless of age, you can get excited by talking about cars, everyone, accept lol
It is such an image www


Exactly! ! !

What an accurate analysis? Having a car as a fashion icon is by no means a must, and there are various types of car enthusiasts,At Arisu, people who have moderation, good manners, and who really like cars and driving gather.So I think it ’s nice to talk and feel comfortable.

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"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. Yuuki

    Mina, nice to meet you!
    I'm always having fun watching my blog!

    Since I am a Subaru party, I am very interested in the impressions of Porsche couples' Subaru cars ...
    If you have a chance, please ride the current WRX STI and review the final model of the famous EJ20 engine m (_ _) m

    • MinaMina


      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > Because I am a Subaru party, I am very interested in the impression of the Porsche couple's SUBARU car ...
      > If you have a chance, please ride the current WRX STI and review the final model of the famous EJ20 engine m (_ _) m

      Wow! ! ! ! Offer like a god! ! !
      Are you sure? ?

      In fact, even the readers commented that “WRX STI is really fun!”
      Also, my brother is a Subaruist, so I have always been interested.

      My husband seemed to have been on the WRX STI once and said it was very interesting.
      Is it okay to let me pamper you?

      If you like, I would like you to enter from the blog contact page and exchange via email.
      What do you think?

  2. Yuuki

    I'm sorry, I'm not on the board, but I just know the charm by borrowing it or taking a test ride from a dealer, but I wrote it in a very confusing way ...

    Actually, I was the same as Mina and I was not interested in the car at all, and as a result of investigating various things when I bought my car for the first time, I became addicted to the charm of the car and at that time I knew the charm of SUBARU However, it was MT and the fuel economy was bad, so STI was excluded from the candidate, and what I bought after all was the current Impreza G4.
    However, the G4 is a very good car and is very well made as a vehicle, but I regret a little because I enjoyed it as a car.

    So, I'm thinking of buying STI by replacement, but I'm wondering whether to use the next model or the current model ...

    For the time being, we are considering buying it, so if you are delivered, I would like Mina and Hiro to get on m (* _ _) m

    This time I was sorry for the long and confusing writing.
    I am looking forward to my blog in the future!

    • MinaMina


      I'm sorry! This is a very early mistake, misunderstanding,
      I'm sorry ...

      After all, the car is well made as a vehicle,
      A fun car is different ...!

      If there is an opportunity for the readers to ride or if there is an opportunity for a test ride,
      I'll try riding ^^

      And if you buy it, I'd be happy if you could put it on your words!
      I'm sorry for this.

      Continue to thank you!

  3. Follow

    Hello. It is possible. I enjoy watching blogs and videos.
    You are also good at assembling video.

    The C63 will be delivered on the next Saturday.
    looking forward to it.

    I will report again.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      Thank you for watching the video.

      > Now C63 will be delivered on the next Saturday.
      > I'm really looking forward to it.
      Oh yeah! ! ! The weather seems to recover on Saturday.
      I'm looking forward to it! Yes, I'm looking forward to hearing from you again ^^!

  4. SN

    Yuuki, Mina

    I'm sorry to hear that the topic of STI came out. It has been about 4 months (3500km) since I started riding STI. Panamera Hybrid is about 10 months (10000km). Since manual cars have been on for nearly 10 years before, it is assumed that there should be no problems with the basic operation of shifts and clutches. On the other hand, it feels very interesting because it gives a completely different ride depending on the condition of heal and toe. The EJ made in the US looks like 2.5L, (310hp, 393N-m) and is slightly different from EJ20 (308hp, 422Nm), but the torque drops considerably when the rotation is reduced, so the corner keeps about 3000 rotations. After exiting, you can feel the next acceleration. Zero start will also work if you do not connect the clutch after increasing the rotation. EJ has an old design, so to speak, there is an old-fashioned Dokkan turbo-like element. The suspension is stiff. The difference is particularly large compared to Panamera Air Suspension. I think this has the greatest influence on the tolerance. STI's stiff Bilstein suspension, especially on corners on highways and poorly paved roads, is particularly hard at corners. It's funny with that. Please try it if you have the opportunity. You should never regret buying it. However, it ’s the worst thing about family. I don't mind :)

    I haven't tried 911 or Boxster's manual yet, so I can't compare it with it, but I guess it's a sense of stability and a wide range of safety and tolerance when driving. This is because Panamera Hybrid is completely different from STI and can run very easily and quickly. If Porsche is making a car with a similar concept, the area will be similar. (How about Mr. Mina?) How fast can you turn the same corner without fear? So, the place where you can turn at 100km / hr in Panamera is about 95km / hr in STI. I think this is due to the fact that STI cannot be handled completely and that Panamera's tolerance and stability are excellent. Of course, I think it would be different to compare cars with completely different tires, car prices and concepts on the same ground, but if you have a clean road in Japan, STI will be able to run and bend comfortably without anxiety. Uka.
    I want to try Boxster and 911 (preferably in a manual) soon.

    That said, I want to ride a 911 plug-in hybrid. But it doesn't seem to come out for a while. The Porsche hybrid wants 919 instead of Prius, so wait until then!

    • MinaMina


      Oh, oh! ! ! !
      What a detailed and easy to understand ...! ! ! ! !
      Thank you very much for sharing valuable information!

      I don't think there are many people who know Porsche or STI.
      Real valuable information.

      > Panamera Hybrid is completely different from STI and can run very easily and quickly. If Porsche is making a car with a similar concept, the area will be similar. (What about Mina-san?)

      Panamera is really good, or rather good,
      If you leave yourself in Panamera, there is a sense of what you do.

      The Porsche ride goes back to the times and goes to air cooling,
      After all, I thought it would be fun to handle on my own, or depending on the skill of the driver ...
      I'm sorry, it's not the answer to the question at all.

      When will the 911 Hybrid come?
      Before that, Taikan was a little worried (laughs)

  5. Hiropon ☆ ☆

    It ’s my favorite ~ (^^)
    This morning, I went to Ariyu, and I was able to say hello with my husband (^ _-)

    Next time, please! I want to talk (^-^)

    • MinaMina

      Hiropon ☆ ☆
      Good morning!

      Oh, yesterday you met my husband!
      At the time of the morning, it was cloudy and rain clouds were coming, so I said I should stop it, but since it gradually cleared up, only my husband went to Ari,
      I came back saying, "There were so many cars."

      I'm going to go to Ari in September, so I'd be happy to see you again ^^
      Continue to thank you!