Can I just do my best to be able to buy Porsche?

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Meet the Porsche owner

Last year, I wrote an article, “How can I buy a Porsche?” I tried to ask my husband a simple question. In fact, this article still has a response and often receives messages.

"How can I become able to buy a Porsche?" I tried a simple doubt on my husband

It's not a sequel, but my husband seems to have met and exchanged with Porsche owners in various places.

I'm still not. Hey muwa. The top is above. Talking with you,It ’s like a new employee who has just become a member of societyI feel that way. I can't do my best to earn more!


Although my husband is very happy as my wife,If my husband is a "new employee", I still feel like a younger child who has just entered kindergartenI wonder what the world is (-_-).

When I asked my husband, "What are those people feeling up there?"

Hmm ... like a car"Gear ratio" is overwhelmingly differentI feel it. “24 hours a day” is given equally to everyone, that is, in the carRotational speedI think it ’s like that. For example, everyone has about 8000 revolutions. However, since there is a red zone in the number of revolutions, it is impossible to work desperately for 24 hours, that is, working at 8000 rpm or more.
On the other hand, the people above"Gear ratio"Is different. I have 8000 revolutions, which is the same as us, but the gear is up to about 100 speeds.You can make a lot of money at just 1000 rpm with just one step."I feel."

It was that. I see ... But I like to compare anything to a car (laughs)

I was talking to them and I thought,Let's do our best to buy Porsche somedayI was working for a company that I worked for, but I thought that I couldn't buy Porsche just because I worked from morning till night and got up.
No, you might be able to buy it someday, but I thought it would be inefficient.
If you can do that hard,If you do the same in a more efficient way, you can make more moneyWhen. That's why I started a business, but after all, the person who started the business feels that the gear ratio has increased and he can now make money.

I said. I see ... On the other hand,

But it ’s difficult for everyone to start a business. Actually I also started a business in my twenties, but in my case it wasn't suitable for business, and I didn't get the results I wanted. RatherAlways at 8000 rpm in the red zone desperately kept trying and the engine broke(Lol)

To say,

Well, not everyone says to start a business, but the most familiar is "Job change"I wonder if it's messy."
I think it's better to improve your ability and work hard where you can evaluate yourself. Other than that, it may be a side job to earn continued income, investment, or another way to raise gear.
Anyway, even if you try the same,If you work hard at the 1st speed and work at the 6th speed, the results will be completely different."I think.

When. And continue,

Also,Awareness of earning timeI think it's important to get out of it.
Most salaried workers have a monthly salary system and are in a system of overtime and paid, so they are inevitably required to calculate their salary on a time basis. I used to do that in the past. I dare to work on holidays and work overtime (laughs).
But now I thinkIt's hard to get high income while selling your time. There aren't many people in the east and west, who earn so much by selling time. Athletes, top-notch engineers, managers, and even those who earn talent are not time-based salaries. I earn money by providing my skills, skills, and services, not time. I can't change it for money.Doing so raises the gearI think so.
this"Time-selling mind"I think it's very important to change the mindset to get out of it.

When. Once I start talking like this, my bad habit is that I can't stop answering questions until I'm satisfied (w)

Speaking of which, I hear and hear the story of “I want to start a business” around, but when I start a business,Temporarily unable to ride the car"Maybe you can't spend money or time on hobbies." When asked, “Do you want to start a business even at the expense of such a thing?” I heard that you would be hesitant, but did you have such anxiety when starting a business?


That's right, but I said that before.CalorieI wonder if it's a problem.
I didn't have any money when I was just starting a business,I just want to ride the car, I don't want to break it"WhenObsessionI thought I was like that, so I collected all my savings and bought a 360,000 yen used BMW at Yahoo Auction. I cut my food expenses and managed to spend it on gasoline. It seemed to break even now, but it was a fun car.
The point is that if you want to do it, you can do it. After all it is not so“I want to succeed”, “I want to ride a Porsche”, “I want to be like this! I don't have much heatI think.

When. I see, the amount of heat.

I"Calorie"If you ask, you will immediately imagine working hard at a speed of 8000 rpm, so you must first change the thought circuit. However, I feel that the way of thinking has changed little by little since I started doing blogging.

Towards the Porsche purchase goal

Even if I meet, it will be 10 years soon, but my husband has sinceSomeone who likes to spend time with seniors who walk farwas. “That does n’t change now,” she says.

Because there is a stimulus. I think it's amazing, and if you study and imitate the behavior patterns and ideas of such super amazing people, you might be able to go there. Thinking so, I'm excited. I'm no longerI want to be able to earn cancer while idlingWow (laughs)

He said.

Before I say idling or gear ratio, I haven't achieved my goal to buy Porsche by myself.It ’s like a story on a cloud ~ (-_-)I was listening to it a little while thinking (laughs) ...

Fortunately, I often meet people who are far ahead of me, so I would like to learn from you and try to see the scenery in the future.

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  1. Takudra K

    Nice to meet you recently discovered and I am looking forward to seeing you.
    I am planning to start a private taxi next year, and I am preparing to open a business in Paramera in the next few years.
    I will continue to read it in the future.

    • MinaMina

      Takudra K
      Thank you for visiting our blog!

      > I am planning to start a private taxi next year, and I am preparing to open a business in Paramera in the next few years.
      Oh yeah! ! ! Panamera taxis are amazing, I definitely want to ride! !
      I will do my best.
      Continue to thank you!

  2. wrp930 suga

    Good evening
    Thank you very much for your blog.

    The story of earning “number of revolutions × gear ratio” is a scale from the eyes. I heard this illustration for the first time, and that's right!
    Because it is given to all humanity on earth 24 hours a day.
    People who make money can use as many gears as needed, so they can make more money.
    Really always studying. Thank you!

    However, it looks like there is no 964 reac water glass, so there is no help for it… ⁉︎

    • MinaMina

      wrp930 suga
      Thank you very much!

      > The story of earning "rotation speed x gear ratio" is a scale from the eyes. I heard this illustration for the first time, and that's right!
      I thought that I like to compare anything to a car, but I thought it would be good.

      > However, it looks like there is no 964 reac water glass, so I can't help it ... ⁉︎
      Wow! (Laughs)
      This photo was taken immediately after last year's delivery, but was it something strange ?! ? Lol

  3. To be sunny

    Even if the engine broke down, I laughed at other tricks w

    I'm doing my best with 3 speed 5000 revolutions so as not to blow the engine.

    But you mean, have you got five Ferrari and Porsche cars, and you've been doing your best? There are places I want to think of,
    When you go to Ashi, you notice that it's not enough.
    When I talk to people I meet there, I think every day how I can become rich.
    I still can't know enough.
    Maybe it ’s still Greedy Good.

    • MinaMina

      By car

      Thank you (laughs)
      It was ridiculous to continue the 1-speed 8000 rpm state (laughs)

      > If you go to Ashi, you will notice that it is not enough.
      I told my husband, “I understand!
      There are so many people who are really orders of magnitude.

      > Maybe Greedy Good.
      wonderful! ! ! If you go up, there will be more people in the world ...
      I'll do my best to get to the first step!

      Continue to thank you!

  4. OD Life

    I always enjoy watching it.
    I always looked at it while thinking, “Oh, I ’m going to study,” but this time it ’s a great match with my feelings, and it ’s clear what I want to do and what I want to do. I made a comment with
    Thank you very much.
    I look forward to supporting you in the future.

    • MinaMina

      OD Life
      Thank you for always seeing the blog.
      I am very happy to hear that. Thank you.

      I will aim for the heights and do my best to stand there!
      Continue to thank you.

  5. PorscheDreamer

    It's kind of a great story ...

    In my example, even if the gears are low and the number of revolutions is low, I think that you can buy it if you are willing to buy Porsche.
    Of course I like Porsche, but it is also important to be able to do my favorite job. There are work in the world that feels like a limiter compared to a car.

    Porsche is very high quality, but it cannot be said that it is a rare car, so I think that it is different from other luxury sports car brands that it can be purchased at each pace. I didn't know it would happen when I decided to buy it first.

    • MinaMina


      For me, it's a story above the clouds, so I first thought about doing things right before my eyes (laughs)
      As PorscheDreamer says, Porsche has more numbers than Ferrari, McLaren, etc., and I think it is easy to consider purchasing.

      The purchase method is individual,
      I think everyone who has realized the dream of “Someday Porsche” is wonderful.

      I will do my best!

  6. Esta

    I also enjoyed watching this article.
    Is it okay for me to stay on the Porsche?
    Isn't it still worthy to ride? I was worried about it, and when I solved it a little, this article was just uploaded and I laughed "I'm too timely!"
    In this article, what will be exciting and exciting in your life? It was a good opportunity to think deeply.
    Thank you very much. I look forward to future articles.

    • MinaMina

      Oh yeah it was so ...!
      Is it somehow synchronized (laughs)?

      > What will be exciting in your life and fun in this article? It was a good opportunity to think deeply.
      Thank you very much!
      I want to live a rich life with a once-in-a-lifetime feeling.
      I am looking forward to meeting you again.
      Thank you very much ^^

  7. Peaberry

    I always see you happily.

    I read this article at the end of last year,
    If you work for a long time, you will get money
    If Porsche could not buy it at all, his back was pushed, and he was able to change to the “calorie” that now turns.

    Of course, if you change jobs, you will not be able to buy Porsche, but I was able to go to a company that you can evaluate firmly with your confidence, so it feels like a breakthrough first.

    I took a test drive at the Porsche Center today and I got even more motivated, so when I bought a Porsche I would like to be able to say hello in Ashi.

    Although it has become an arbitrary thanks comment, I am looking forward to continuing to update at my own pace.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > Because I was able to go to a company where my self-confidence gave me a good evaluation, first of all, I felt like I had surpassed the first barrier.
      Wow! ! ! it's great! ! ! Great action ...!
      Thank you very much for thinking this way with this blog.

      Rather I want to study a lot here.

      You went to test drive Porsche, too.
      When you take a test ride, you get really motivated.

      I am looking forward to seeing you in Ashi.
      I will do my best.

      Continue to thank you.