To the last drive with the BMW 320i (F30)


BMW 320i, last drive

By the time this article came up, my first car, the BMW 320i, had already been sold, but the other day,I had the opportunity to drive on the highway, so I took the last drive with the BMW 320iI decided to go.

For how to sell the 320i,In the form of having multiple companies come to their homes at the same time and make a collective assessmentdecided. However, since there are almost no opportunities for car business negotiations, it is highly possible that I will be left as it is told by the other person, so I asked my husband this time and I will show it to the side.

So, when I asked my husband to apply for the collective assessment service online, I pressed the application button in only 5 seconds(It was 5 seconds, not exaggeration)Isn't there a call from multiple vendors to her husband's mobile phone?

"Eh! !! It's such a great thing! ?I was surprised, my husband said

Saya. It was great when I sold the SLK before. As I was waiting, I was getting more and more calls.

He said.

Eventually, 8 companies will come to the comprehensive assessment,(I was wondering if I should come to two companies), It seems that my car is getting interested from the dealer, so I feel a little relieved.

So, I would like to introduce the details of the sale, the results, etc. later on the blog.

Try owning a BMW 320i

Actually, every time I get on the 320i,It's better than beforeI was feeling more and more. I felt that the running was very smooth and the power feeling at low speed was increased. My husband who got on the 320i after a long absence the other day,

After I decided to sell something, I think the 320i suddenly got better. Did you do such a smooth car?

I said so.

And on this day, it was the last drive to drive on the highway at 320i, but after allBMW's high speed stability is trulyI thought again. After all, the German car, which is made assuming that it will run on the autobahn at super high speed, is amazing.

If you are in the speed range of a Japanese highway, you can drive comfortably, comfortably and comfortably.

Riding on the highway is more stable and less speedy than running in the city at low speed, so you can experience a comfortable ride and driving.

Driving on the highway There is little feeling of speed and road noise, so there is really little fatigue.. I've run 1000km round trips in 320i before, but I was really tired at that time because of this stable performance.

However, at the seam part of the road, a little loose feeling remains,Honestly, there are some unsatisfactory parts when I try to run sporty and I can not say that the acceleration power is more than sufficientBut(Because it is a completely normal model), There is no problem with running normally.

It's a very good car to drive smoothly and comfortably.

On the other hand, 320i was very easy to do, although you may be accustomed to changing gears while driving around town. The clutch is reasonably deep so it is easy to adjust, and there is no need for severe and delicate clutch operation.

However,The low-speed torque is a little weak, and when you start out in 1st speed, if you take care of it, the car will make a rattling sound.However, it was okay if I got used to it and got a feel.

I was able to operate MT normally even during the last month w

I haven't had any troubles so far, and I had only one year of inspection and maintenance, so I think it was a very good car.

320i, finally

The only regret about 320i isWhat couldn't be done for blipping during downshiftsKana (laughs) When I was driving on the highway, I tried to practice every time I downshifted, but I was scared to fuel the accelerator and it didn't work every time.(Never succeeded)After all, I could only operate the clutch slowly to decelerate and downshift normally.


This car is a little difficult to blipping.You have to step on the accelerator a lotWow. It would be great if you step on the accelerator like this in Porsche

It was said that.

So, for blipping, I will continue to rely on the auto blipping function...

BMW320i,Eventually owned for 1 year and 2 months, mileage is about 6000 kmwas. I rode like every day, but there was almost no outing and I only ran in the neighborhood, so I couldn't grow the expected distance.

Next time, I would like to marry an owner who loves MTs and rides carefully. 320i, thank you very much.

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