Notebook e-power What I learned after traveling 1400km with NISMO S


The other day, my husband went to Tokyo on a business trip with Note e-power Nismo S, and he said he came back on various roads on his way home, and he wrote about his impressions. Please have a look if you like.

Note e-power NISMO S

These days I often use the notebook e-power Nismo S everywhere I go.Almighty in any situation, from work, pick-up and reception of children, to shopping and enjoying winding such as ashi.Can be used for

This time, I was able to go to Tokyo for work, but since it is a Corona wreck,Car instead of bullet trainI decided to go. And he chose the notebook e-power Nismo S as his partner.

Note It's the first time I've run a long distance over 1000km with the e-power Nismo S, and I think there are points that can be understood only by running a long distance, so I would like to report on that area.

Notebook e-power Nismo S runs between Osaka and Tokyo

It's been about six months since this notebook e-power Nismo S came to my house.This is the second touring that seems to be touring, as it is still running for about 4000 kmIt is.

Fill a gas tank that can hold only 41 liters and ride the Meishin Expressway. I used to drive one pedal in ECO mode in the city, but on the highway, I switch to normal mode.

While trying various things,In the case of a highway, running in the normal mode with as little speed as possible will result in better fuel economy than running in the ECO mode while regenerating energy.(I think it depends on the speed range), and the driving feeling is also good.

Anyways,The acceleration response of e-power is intenseIt is. In particular, this NISMO S motor produces a large torque of 320 Nm from 0 revolutions, so it is extremely fast. The torque to stand up without a break is really exciting.

When you step on the accelerator, Bune! With a smooth and stepless acceleration, in the dash from the toll gate,Even at a certain speed, I feel that it is faster than Porsche.

After riding on the cruise speed,Turn on intelligent cruise controlTo It is a so-called adaptive cruise control that follows the front car and controls the speed, but the system of this note is surprisingly excellent and speed adjustment is very smooth.

The reason for this is largely due to the motor drive, which is a technique that only a motor that can control power instantaneously can do.

Note The behavior of the e-power NISMO S on the highway can be described in one word.Run firmlyIt will be that. First,First of all, within the range of common sense speed, I don't feel power shortage, and the straight running stability is quite high.

Even in the speed range of the Shin-Tomei's overtaking lane, it runs straight ahead with plenty of room, and the anxiety that is common in domestic cars and the correction snake are rarely necessary.

I think it is at a very high level in terms of high-speed stability, but on the other handThe wind feeling, road noise, movement of the suspension, etc. enhance the sense of speed felt by the driverThat's a fact. I think this area is still inferior to European compact cars.

When you run slowly while following the front car,Fuel economy meter indicates 18 to 19km/L, and sometimes enters 20km/L rangeThat too. From the perspective of those who are in eco-cars, it may not be a good fuel economy at all,This fuel economy is personally very satisfying with a motor that has so much power.

Very good ratio of fun to fuel consumptionI think it's a car.

Even though it is a compact car, the interior is large,The car around the rear seats is very spacious, so even if you drive for a long time, there are few things that are stuffy. And for myself, who only experienced air conditioners for imported cars,Surprised by the good performance and delicate control of the air conditioner of domestic carsAnd my personal favorite point is that a very comfortable indoor space can be maintained in any situation. (Well, I think every domestic car does)

On the way, an expressway was closed due to an accident, and I decided to drive down the road, but the road was very crowded.Change the mode to ECO mode and run on one pedalSwitch.

There are pros and cons to one-pedal driving, but I like it very much. I want all the cars to be this. That much,Comfortable in a stop-and-go environmentSo, I feel very comfortable that I can control the car simply by adjusting the force of the accelerator pedal.

If you haven't experienced it yet, please give it a try. However, it is useless if there are mental blocks for Nissan and e-power. If you run for 30 minutes without prejudice, you will get used to it. My mother, who is over 70, soon got used to it, and now she says she doesn't want it.

The ease of e-power in Tokyo

I stayed one night in Tokyo, and the next day was full of meetings, so I moved to Tokyo east and west with NISMO notebook. As a Kansai person, the roads in Tokyo are almost unfamiliar to me, and even if you look at the place names on the signs, you can't even tell which way they are, so it's totally navigation.

I usually commute to work in Osaka, butMost of the high speeds are surprisingly few opportunities to drive in urban areas, it is the first time I have run so firmly in urban areasIt is. There are many stop-and-go roads in Tokyo, and I'm not used to the roads, and I don't know the positions of the right-turn lane and the left-turn lane, so changing lanes can be a hassle to drive.

Meanwhile,The agility of e-power and the ease of driving one pedal are really excellentIt is. The e-power, which is driven only by a 100% electric motor, is really reliable when you want to enter a little while ago or when accelerating at a merge.

When you put a lot of effort into the accelerator, it accelerates instantly and quickly moves forward. Then, the NISMO tuned chassis completes a quick lane change. Moreover, it finishes quietly and smoothly, and thanks to the strong regenerative brake, it stops at the stop line without stepping on the brake.

This sequence of steps can only be said to be easy.

On that day, I was making a mistake on the highway exit and making a mistake on the road, so I moved a considerable distance in Tokyo,Is e-power driving in urban areas so easy?I realized again.

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  1. Yellow submarine


    Note I enjoyed reading the touring article of e-power NISMO S.
    The master was also very thankful for the winding road and the 1400km high speed in the city of Tokyo.

    In particular, there are places where I usually run on Boxster, such as the Okutama Tour Road,
    It was also very interesting because I also ride a plain notebook e-Power.
    I'm not mileage
    I made the notebook e-Power in anticipation of ease of driving, but it exceeded my expectations.
    I can't go back to CVT anymore.

    However, because it is not Nismo, understeer and stability in the corner
    I am a little worried. I should have read this article and made it Nismo.
    I thought Well, I would go to Boxster for winding.

    Also, I always run in S mode, but the fuel consumption is displayed on the meter
    If it is being done, accelerator work should be done to avoid excessive power generation as much as possible like a game
    And try to get a high score (fuel efficiency).
    However, despite the same path, without doing extra accelerator work, without thinking
    You will get a higher score when you run. I wonder what. .. ..

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Yellow Submarine
      Thank you very much.
      Note The performance of e-POWER is really amazing.
      I've only driven in town, but it's very easy, the acceleration is smoother, the air conditioning is better,
      I think it's amazing every time I ride.

      That's about fuel economy (laughs).
      Certainly, if it is an eco-friendly car, I want to get good fuel economy ^ ^

  2. Gunless

    You're probably reading a lot of critics and articles about cars.
    It was an article that I was reading and want to try riding.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. no gun

      > You probably read a lot of criticisms and articles about cars.
      > It was an article that I was reading and wanted to try riding.

      Thank you for saying such a way!