Porsche Panamera to the last drive

Panamera turbo

The last drive in Panamera

The 911 cabriolet I ordered this winter. Due to the temporary stoppage of the Porsche factory in Corona,I think delivery will be delayedI was thinking that, but unexpectedly the production started quickly, arrived in Japan in August, and will be delivered by mid-September.

It’s finally...

Also, with the delivery of 911 Cabriolet,Say goodbye to Panamera in my houseBecomes And I will soon return to my parents' house for childbirth, and by the time I return home next time, my family should have increased by one, and I will not be able to ride Panamera with four more people, so the other day,I decided to take the Panamera with my family and go for the last drive to the nearby area.

Recently, when I got on the Panamera, perhaps because I had the opportunity to test drive on the SUV,After all Panamera is a sports carI thought again.

The Panamera is generally a luxury sedan, and it has a very comfortable ride, but even so,There is a strong feeling of contact with the road surface, and the underbody is very solid,If you turn the steering wheel, it will bend as you think without playing and the brakes will powerfully slam.

I had a little pass on the drive this time, but my husband also

Guigui bends, it's amazing, after all Panamera is a sports car. Also Panamera has a comfortable passenger seat. It doesn't differ from the driver's seat. I really want to let it go, I want to keep it.

He said regretfully.

No change, Porsche

The other day, a coupleI went for a test drive of Mercedes-Benz GLSHowever, after finishing the test drive, my husband,

S-class of former Mercedes-Benz is more luxurious,Smoothness like driving on a carpetwas there. The SL (R129) I was riding in front of me also had a really comfortable and moist ride that made me want to drive slowly on the highway forever.
With that in mind, the riding comfort of the GLS was really light...

But compared to that, Porsche may be said to be a manufacturer with little change in riding quality.

Of course, from the perspective of the owner of the air-cooled Porsche era, I think that modern Porsche is very light and easy to drive, MT is also a clutch with a light clutch, it is not enough, but stillThe undercarriage of Porsche is still greatI think.

For the price, the interior is cheap and there is no option at all, it feels like "Emaji (-_-)!?"For that reason, I spend a lot of money on the undercarriage and invisible partsI realize that, and I don't think it has changed from the old days.

Before, when I was riding the 970 Panamera Edition,The 970 has no complaints and runs well, and it is not impossible for the 971 to exceed this! ?I was talking to the couple, but once I tried the 971 test drive, it took only a few seconds to start,It is completely different from the previous generation. It seems that 911 was really enlarged!I was very impressed.

Whether it is the 911 or the Cayenne, I am impressed with the evolution of the test drive.

I think the number of manufacturers like this is decreasing all the time. Of course, I will say it many times, but the standard equipment is surprisingly few, and the interior is not luxurious for the price...For those who value the driving of cars, we have been a manufacturer that does not disappoint.I wonder.

This time I got on Panamera last time and thought again about that.

If you think about it, in 2015, I was the first dealer to drive a Porsche (Panamera).What, this is totally different from the car I've ever been in!Was impressed,

The picture at that time. It's not like the driving position or how to hold the steering wheel.

After that, I was fascinated by Panamera, Panamera came to my house, became interested in Porsche, and started this blog...

Saying goodbye to Panamera, who started everything,Next, even if my home welcomes Panamera, it will be a long time after the child grows upI think

Though I feel lonely when I think so, I hope that I will continue to enjoy my home Porsche life and car life.

However, sometimes I will let the dealer test drive Panamera...


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. Kaz

    We always have fun look. Just recently! Get ready to ride a Porsche! I recently reached the Mina-san's blog. The Mina couple is my goal. We are struggling to get Porsche Life as soon as possible. Please continue to convey the charm of Porsche.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Kaz
      We would like to thank you for finding and visiting this blog among the many car blogs.
      We hope to continue our own Porsche life!
      Continue to thank you.

  2. ds124

    Good morning, Mina-san.
    Goodbye with Panamera...
    However, it seems that the encounter between the third child and the 992 cabriolet will be blown away (^ ^)
    I rented a whole day 992 carrera yesterday and ran it for about 200 km, but it was still too mature for a young ass in his 20s (TT)
    Compared to the 981 Spider, the stability and traction of the rear were overwhelmingly superior, but the feeling was heavy, and I could not experience the lightness and fluttering cornering. There's something wrong with the turbo lag.
    The car is too good and lacks stimulation... (I was impressed by how the PDK was made and how the suspension was stepped!)
    If the GT color is strong so far, I think Panamera, which is more luxurious, is better.
    I am considering it as a family car limited to small children like Mina's house, so this comfortable sports car may be the correct answer ...
    I don't have the chance to test drive the GT3, and I don't have the 4-seater, but if it is delivered again, I'm looking forward to comparing blogs from various angles (compared to the GT3, Panamera, and Boxster). I will!

    *992 It wasn't a criticism, it felt like a really great sports car, and I wanted it now if I could own it without any financial restrictions, but it just didn't match my feelings. If you feel sick, sorry.

    • MinaMina

      That's right...I'm sad to say goodbye to Panamera, but I'm looking forward to seeing the third person and the cabriolet!
      You got on the 992!
      I imagined that the 992 would feel like an honor student if I was in a wonderful car with a strong FUN-like element like the 981 Spider.
      I also understand what you say! !!

      When the 992 is delivered, I will write an article again ^ ^