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I tweeted Twitter the other day without feeling anything. "Porsche is amazing. Even those who can not absolutely meet usually are connected quickly through Porsche. Something, Porsche is like a passport to a new world."When. Then, I was surprised because I got unexpected "RT" and "Like"!

From a daily perspective, there seem to be many Porsche owners who feel this way,

I do not think much about age or position so much, I love having a sense of companion in a group like "Porsche like, Porsche riding".Kei ichi (@ Keiloves 911Mr.

Really this. There is a connection to the majority, that is one of recommending Porsche. A really good world. Of course the car is nice, but the reason why I can not leave Porsche is connected. It's awesome.Yamake HOC (@ yamaken_hocMr.

Some also wrote comments such as.

Porsche passport

As Porsche came to our house "The encounter with new world people has expandedThat is what my husband is saying at all times. Himself "I have no sociabilityHusband who professes as "(I do not like dinner and exchanges, I go straight home everyday and eat rice),We actively see face-ups such as Ashi Drive Way and open car gatherings "There was a tremendous encounter today!Often getting excited and coming home.

On the other hand, I have not participated in the Porsche owner's gathering ... "Take the PorscheRather than being an encounter with that,

The encounter that I got by starting to write "Porsche Blog"

Is large.

For example,Visit to Porsche Japan head officeYou can do, PCCJ(Porsche Carrera Cup Japan)Driver who is participating inTT,TAD JUNJUN) To have an opportunity to interview,Porsche owners fileRegarding also about the career, I received a posting application from those who seem to be surprised to see the background, connected to the Porsche owner across Japan from Kyushu to Hokkaido through a blog ....

Moreover, the relationship is not formalized as "business" or "hierarchical relationship", but "People who love Porsche heartily, Flat and warm relationshipOr ... I guess this is something I can hardly experience in my work scene.

Of course, even on work there are many encounters so far, there are a lot of encounters like things that change my life, relationships with those who can be called benefactors ... There were lots of precious and valuable things.

But, "Encounter with Porsche"Is a sense that you can easily jump over the community you currently have and warp ... indeed Porsche is"Passport to the new world"It seems like.

It is easy to connect with people who can never meet if you can usually go through Porsche, and by encountering, you can get yourself steadily raised. And realize that life will spread even more interestingly.

Also in the article of yesterday's "Porsche Owner's File" 911 Porsche owner, "Porsche is unconscious, give away "car"Although I wrote that, I think exactly that Porsche is a raised car.

Ashi has a driveway debut

When I told my husband about such a thing, my husband said this way.

There are many encounters indeed when riding a Porsche.
Not to mention touring and off-club meetings, sometimes others are asked by other Porsche owners at gas stations. Besides, there are many people who are wonderful gentlemen, everyone who is active in various fields, such as managers, doctors, and seniors.
There are cases in which it actually leads to business, and when you look at those people, I can also grow because I am more afraid of myself.(Real "professional style" and real "passionate continent" feeling)A really precious encounter and.
Porsche is extremely shopping, but the encounters and personal connections we get from it are hard to get with money alone. Even in that sense, I think that the value of Porsche is priceless.

I see. so,I wrote a glimpse of the other day articleHowever, I think that I should go to Ashi Driveway alone this year.

Also, as my husband seems to participate in the Porsche runners' meeting to be held at Fuji Speedway this time, I am planning to take two daughters together. So there must be another encounter again, including this year 's watching PCCJ, I think that I would like to move more conscious of "encounter".

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