Husband always wearing driving shoes "NEGRONI (negroni)"

Driving shoes Negroni
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Driving shoes

I started to practice driving a MT car "Actually, "shoes" is very importantI realized that it was.AT Limited release,When I first started driving a MT car on a public road, I did not think about shoes at all, so I drove with just Petanko shoes. Then,The shoes are likely to come off every time the clutch is operatedWell, I could not practice as I thought of it.

In the practice after that, although I went sneakers, I heard that heels were too thick to slide well, sometimes I bought a shoelace like an elementary school student to wear, and when I was there, "Well! say it,Take off your shoes and drive under socksThere was also a thing to do.(But it was easy to drive barefoot quite a lot) (laugh)

Unfortunately I still do not think "This is it!"I do not meet the driving shoes ... or so, fashionable driving shoes for women cost a good price so"It's a waste and I do not need it until that time ...I thought as "I could not buy it.

My husband is NEGRONI (Negroni)

One husband has been driving an MT car for some time, so "Shoes to wear when driving are very importantI always said that. And I looked for various things, I tried to buy PUMA driving shoes, but the design was "The · Driving shoesBecause it is such an atmosphere,

"I'd better not know the driving shoes a bit more, I like the design that I can put on with a sense of sneakers."

I did not buy after all because of that reason. In addition, my husband is almost not wearing a work pattern and a suit, and there are many casual clothes, but when I am coming with a jacket like "Driving shoes that can also be used regularlyI was looking for something that was not there,NEGRONI (Negrooni)I met with him.

* Image Source:NEGRONI Official Site

Negroni said "Brands of driving shoes and leather goods from JapanThat's it.(I thought that it was a clear overseas manufacturer from design and company name)There are plenty of colors and kinds, design is fashionable, and you can usually do it without problems. My husband bought a pair of negroni a few years ago, but since then I have liked it completely and from there it became a line of negroni.

My husband says that the driving shoes are round because the heel part is round, so it seems easy for the shoes to slide smoothly during clutch operation. In addition, Negroñi said that the thinness of moderate sole is easy to grasp the feeling of brake and accelerator, but it was said to be exactly right because there was no such thing that the foot would be painful when walking because it was too thin.

Also, because it is strong, it will not hurt even if you wear it well(It will not do)If, even if it gets damaged, you can exchange only the sole part. and more than anything"Since you can wear it normally as you go to work by wearing a jacket"When.

Just my husband too "Driving shoes that you can wear usuallyAs I stick to it,

"Separately, I do not dare to wear driving shoes when I work, I wish I could put on business shoes. Is it okay to wear driving shoes only on a day off on a day off?"

I asked her,

No, if the customer wants to work during the meeting "Since urgent business entered, I will not ride the Shinkansen in Shin - Osaka after 30 minutes "What would you do if you asked for it?
Even then,If I am wearing driving shoes, I can get on a quick hit Boxster and send a customer to Shin Osaka in time with brilliant MT operation and handling like a movie transporter.
I always do so at any time so that I can drive the car in perfect condition.

I said with a serious expression. "そ う な ん (- _ -) ... then, in fact, I heard that such a scene has actually happened.

No, not yet yet ...(-_-)

When. No no, "I do not have yet yet, I definitely do not have such a scene in the future.While thinking that ... her husband seems not to give way there w

Just when there is, from the customer "That is driving shoes! !There was only one thing that I was noticed, and at that time I was told that it was quite exciting at car talks. There is such a thing, too.

Negroni at our house

By the way, now Negroni in our house is here.(A little worn out feeling ...)I checked the model name on the site, but some designs are different from the new work, so sorry if I made a mistake.


Driving shoes Negroni


Driving shoes Negroni


Driving shoes Negroni


Driving shoes Negroni

Negroni (Negroni) men's sneakers silver × navy-NI 14981 SV BU


Driving shoes Negroni IDEA

Driving shoes Negroni IDEA


Driving shoes Negroni

Driving shoes Negroni

Negroni (Negroni) driving shoes black W. PENNY

Driving shoes Negroni

My husband is usually buying Negroni at Kobe Maru Maru,There are more than 50 shops in Negróny from Hokkaido to Kyushu, mainly in department storesIt seems. Unfortunately, there is no WOMEN in the store, but if you go to the factory in Tokyo, you can make it with custom made. I also wanted one pair(But travel expenses are higher than going to Tokyo w)

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