As the reservation of Porsche Taikan has started, I made a reservation immediately.

Porsche Tycan

Taikan, reservation start

The other day,Porsche's first electric car, Taikan reservation has startedThe news was flowing, but my home received a call from Mr. H.

"Taikan reservations have begun. Would you like to make reservations?"

On the other hand, my husband told me that `` Actually, I am also concerned about Continental GT, I am still undecided about Tikan '', H's reply wasunderstood! Then, Continental GT's please add more w(Laughs)

For the time being, I can't say for sure, but they decided to make a reservation for Taikan. My husband said,If you make a reservation, Taikan 4S? Have you decided the specifications?As I asked,

Sorry,I don't need that much power anymore, so this time it's the Taikan 4S.If you have a bare model, I will do it without hesitation. Immediately after the announcement of Taikan, simulations have been performed with a Porsche site configurator in the United States, so the specifications have been determined. But why is the Porsche site in Japan releasing configurators so late? I always think, but I wonder if it can somehow. . .

So, I decided to have her husband tell me what kind of specification it would be if her husband bought a Tikan.

Taikan 4S, specifications

If my husband buys this specification, the result of trying with a configurator in the United States site isHere.(Some changes may be made again when it comes to Japanese specifications, and it will be reconsidered if it is bought)

The options I really wanted to turn on werePorsche Electric Sport SoundAnd. This is a kind of sports exhaust, with a dynamic engine sound when driving. It's not an engine, but you can enjoy the sound. When I actually listened to the video, the sound of the queen was cool.
after,Body color is blackI chose. I was worried about using Gentian Blue Metallic, but I thought it would be nice to give it a black and compact feel in terms of Tycan design. I also made the window frame black and made the whole car look solid.

The wheel is conscious of the cruising distance,The 20-inch Taycan Turbo Aero Wheels with the longest range in the range simulationchoose.
The interior and seats are almost the same, the color of the seat belt is red, and it is matched with the red color of the brake caliper.

Another option for driving performance isSports chrono package, rear axle steering, three kinds of artifacts of PDCC sportsThis time for the first time fully equipped.
There was no reason not to attach the sports chrono package, and the goodness of the rear axle steering was well understood by Panamera. AndPDCC experienced with the new Cayenne that I tried and found that it also had a pretty good effect on riding comfortSo, I chose this time.
I guess the comfort equipment system is about lane change assist and ACC (adaptive cruise control).
This time, I'm going to narrow down the options as much as possible, but after all it was quite high w

Porsche Taikan PDCC

PDCC Sports

And that. So that's it….

Tican's brake

I said, "But an electric car,It feels strange to release the accelerator when you release the accelerator.I understand that it will generate electricity at that time, but when I actually tried driving the Nissan Note e-POWER, I thought it was a bit uncomfortable at first. "They apparently have a slightly different structure from the brakes on electric cars from other manufacturers.

When I asked my husband about that,

Taikan'sPress Kit Technology WorkshopAs you read, the brake operation of the 90% in normal driving isIt can be decelerated only by an electric mechanism (motor regenerative braking) without using an actual brake device.It seems.
So you can't do the one-pedal running of a normal electric car. However, energy is regenerated only when the driver depresses the brake, and the regenerative braking of the motor is working properly behind the scenes. That's why I don't use brake pads very much. So, Porsche seems to have specified the time to replace the brake for the first time in this time, and set the period to 6 years.
This is awesome.The place where the operation of stepping on the brake is considered important is very Porsche.I like Porsche because there is such a Kodawari. We are developing with the belief that it should be like this.

Porsche Tican energy regeneration

I was saying. I see, that's good! ! !

My husband said, "I haven't got on it yet,The more I knew, the more I realized that the direction I was aiming for was completely different from Tesla.It was said.

I haven't actually seen Tikan live yet, so I want to see it first!

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  1. Ishi


    Congratulations on your application for Taikan. The response from the dealer has a wit and is a good relationship.
    A dealer told me, "Turbo delivery is faster than 4S."

    I am looking forward to seeing that the wagon type I want is not covered by this pre-order and that I still have a decision to use 9797 late PHEV or Taikan. We are looking forward to seeing the reviews of Taikan here.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Thank you!

      > The response from the dealer has a wit and is a good relationship.
      If you think about it, it's been about 5 years now. I feel very good with my husband.

      > The dealer told me that turbo delivery would be faster than 4S, and a sudden change to the Tikan Turbo came to the fore.
      That's right! ! ! ! As expected, Ishi-san knows about my home well! ! ! w
      My husband also said yesterday, "I'm asking for a turbo while saying that, w" (laugh)

      I'm worried about the late 971 ... Choosing a car for my home, I can not really predict what will happen,
      I also hope to write it on my blog!

  2. PorscheDreamer

    Hello. It is quick to do as usual.

    Although it is slightly different from Taikan, I have a chance to go to Katsura Oharano Shrine on the weekend and borrowed a note e-Power with a Nissan rent-a-car, so I report here.
    There was no explanation of the mode at the rental car shop, and it was only said that if you seem uncomfortable, please run normally.
    It is wasteful not to use regeneration to get on the e-Power, and since it is an object of interest, I started running in eco mode immediately.
    In conclusion, I didn't feel anything wrong. Well done! As an image, I felt that I was running in the low gear (1st or 2nd gear) of the engine / MT car. Of course, the final stop is different, but when stopping with only regenerative braking with accelerator control, the control at the moment of stopping is good and the swing back is smooth. With an AT rental car, it is difficult to release the brake at the moment it stops because of the creep (it will advance again if it is released too much, and if it is not enough, it will give a shock of swinging back), but after stopping, hold down with the brake It was easy because I only had to do it.
    The usual U-turn course at the entrance of Mt. Hiei driveway, the U-turn course also went well in S mode. It is also the image of low gear that the speed does not increase if you release the accelerator even on a downhill.
    The accelerator feels very heavy on the highway for eco mode, so when I switched to S mode, I could run normally. The feeling when returning the accelerator was again the image of the engine brake of the MT car.

    However, the Porsche system is functionally better because it can use the coasting and the regenerative brake properly. At this point, left foot brakes may become standard in the future. Depending on the setting, there is also regeneration with accelerator off? This area is likely to change depending on the philosophy of the manufacturer, but it may be dangerous if you do not drive properly.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!

      > I have a chance to go to Katsura Oharano Shrine on the weekend and borrowed a notebook e-Power with Nissan Rent-A-Car.
      Oh yeah! ! !

      > As an image, I felt that I was running in the low gear (1st-2nd gear) of the engine / MT car.
      So that's it…! Certainly, it is similar to the feeling that the engine brake is working properly.
      And as you said, it's really good.

      Even in a word, electric cars, depending on the manufacturer,
      I thought that something completely different would be completed.

      I'm really interested in braking and accelerating Tikan.
      When I can take a test ride, I want to go there by all means.
      In the future, car manufacturers thought that development costs, including technology, would become even more difficult.

  3. Injury

    Good evening. I am always looking forward to blogging.

    > I haven't actually seen Tikan live yet, so I want to see it first!

    It was exhibited in Shibuya at an event called "SCOPES Tokyo driven by Porsche" for only 16 days from November 22 to December 7, but we have heard rumors that there will be an exhibition in Osaka after that. It is unknown whether this year or the new year. For your information.

    • MinaMina

      ぢ ぢ あ あ

      Thank you!
      Actually, there seems to be a preview of Taikan in Osaka soon, and it was said that my husband would go, so I am thinking about trying to say ^^
      Also, if you actually go live, I want to make an article on a blog!

      Always thank you ^ ^

  4. Messed up


    Good evening ^ _ ^

    It seems that the Taikan preview in Osaka has been decided in a hurry ^ _ ^

    I might not be able to participate from the sales person, but will you apply? I was contacted.

    I think that it is priority for those who are reserved, but I'm looking forward to contacting you that you can participate somehow ^ _ ^

    I'm going to go through the patience of the child until I come out, but ... I'm thinking about what to do if I make a reservation (laughs)

    • MinaMina


      Ooo true! ! ! ! That's 12 days!
      We and our couple are also going to participate (husband arrived in Japan the night before w), so it seems that we can meet at the venue on the day!

      Are you coming in Panamera on the day! ?
      Taikan, I'm really looking forward to it.

  5. 4e

    Congratulations on your reservation!
    As far as watching the videos of Taikan and journalists, it seems that Porsche feeling has never been lost even with cars and EVs that you do not need to see (laughs)

    The only thing that matters is the cruising range.
    I feel a little short
    The distance that appeared after quitting is ・ ・ ・
    I'd like to see a model with a higher cruising range than power.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      The fact that Tikan is an unmistakable sports car has been transmitted to the public during the preview.

      When driving with the air conditioner,
      What will it look like ...

      After hearing the impression of the actual purchaser, there is also a feeling that I want to consider whether to purchase ^ ^;