What is the attraction of the Kanei Driveway? – Go to the Sunday morning gathering for the day.

Ashi Drive way

On Sunday morning, go to Yui

One Sunday morning, I was able to have my mother-in-law look at my daughters, so a couple went on a GT3 ride to the Yuei Driveway. this time too,I went to Sakai in advance and when I stumbled on tiwtter, a few people replied "I will go!"So I was looking forward to meeting you all.

On this day, at 8:30 in the morning, we arrived at the Higashi Rokko Observatory on the Sakai Driveway. HoweverThe parking lot is already fullThere was no stop and we managed to park the car at the end.

Even so, it is a great number of cars from early morning. of course,It is not that someone gathers by voice, but gathers spontaneously.

"What in the world do you attract so many car lovers ...?"Today, I think"The attraction of the sun morningI will try to write about it again.(Although I wrote it before)

The attraction of the sun-owned driveway driveway

One famous car gathers

Ashi Drive way(East Rokko Observatory)"A car lover's holy place in KansaiIt is said that, as the name implies, there are a large number of cars that are rarely seen at all times.

Among them, the percentage of Porsche cars is relatively high, such as air-cooled Porsche, as well as the latest Porsche, you can see a variety of models close up.

In the past, there were times when there were a lot of Porsche, such as 356 and 73 Carrera, that I had only seen at the museum.

In addition to Porsche, supercars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini are always parked every time, and three or four McLaren parks have been parked just before this.McLaren Festival"was.

In addition, Rolls-Royce, Alpina, etc ... There are a lot of cars not seen in the city.

I just started to be interested in Porsche a few years ago, soI can understand a little about Porsche car types, but I have little knowledge about other cars ...It doesn't really know which car is unusual, but how great it is, but every time her husband or other people look at the car, she has a voice saying, "Ow!

Also, of course, many domestic sports cars are coming. The other day, the Subaru WRX STI, the Roadster, and the Honda NSX were also stopped.

Anyway, all kinds of sports cars, famous cars, and of course many other cars are gathered at the Higashi Rokko Observatory on the Sakai Driveway. I think many people are looking forward to seeing these cars.

A place where car lovers meet and interact beyond 2 generations

Everyone who meets and talks at the same time is gentlemen and nice people. "Are there only good people who like cars?Everyone is friendly, warm, talking and fun.

When I first went to the Yuei Driveway, I was on the side of my husband and I was nervous all the time, but people around me could talk about it or give me your concern and make a fun Yukei debut done. actually,There are also people who are coming as a couple.

If you are talking to the owner of the car you were riding before or if you are talking to the owner of the car you like and are interested in ... It's various.

In addition, I had an interview before with Yuya drivewayKUGATTIThere are always young people like you, some of the heavyweights who have been coming for decades, and those who have never been there before.I love cars beyond generationsAre gathered.

DuringI have been talking very friendlyly for a long time, but I do not know what I am doing with each otherI often hear stories such as

In other words "I like carsYou can interact and get along well through the common I think that is one of the attractiveness of the Keiyu Driveway. However, there is nothing to meet even if you wait, so stillTalk from yourselfIt is important.

From now on I will give courage and try to talk to various people.

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"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. To be sunny

    Good morning
    First of all, the way is fun too.
    It is safe because the traffic of motorcycles is restricted on Sunday.
    It is not crowded until around 11 o'clock in the early morning, as there are still few tourist cars coming out to Arima.
    It is a relatively expensive toll road in the first place, so there is little traffic.
    From the above, it is a perfect environment to drive as a drive way.

    And, thanks to that, there are a lot of people who like real cars for driving purpose (here important laughs)
    The high-speed PA, the Kobe residence and cafes around Osaka Mido-suji are fashion icons, noisy mufflers, supercars like high-speed keepers and supercars, and unusual after-sales. There are many supercars that have lost their original goodness and goods.
    There are a lot of people who like riding themselves or like a mass of self-explanatory desire.
    So www does not match the talk

    In that sense, there are a lot of people who love driving and really like cars, so regardless of the type of car, regardless of age, it is possible to swell with the story of the car, and everyone will accept it.

    It is such an image www


    • MinaMina

      By car

      That's great ...!
      Exactly how ... ...!

      > In that sense, there are a lot of people who love driving and really like cars, so regardless of the car type, regardless of age, you can swell with the story of the car, and everyone will accept you Lol
      It is just like you said! People who want to boast about custom cars do not come, but purely car enthusiasts gather, run along the road, and talk about cars,
      I think it's really nice.
      Please let me introduce it in the next comment sharing article by all means (laughs)

      Continue to thank you!

  2. To be sunny

    Thank you very much.
    Is it enough to share?

    Speaking of which, from when, who? How is it? I'm not sure, but
    There are also some local rules and features.
    ・ From the toll booth to the observation deck, do not open the valve of the muffler or blow it up, and climb up slowly so as not to annoy the nearby residents.
    (Reason: Because it is reported, the police will come to the observation deck immediately)
    -From the above-mentioned matter, those who want to run in a gull even if they are a runner or a Porsche rider are not an observation platform, but are gathered and run along the Arima exit side beyond the tunnel.
    ・ Be careful when you go home after 10 or 11 o'clock because you may have been taking the mouse for speeding enforcement before Okuike police box.
    ・ Be aware that there are many domestic runners in the Arimaguchi area after 23:00.
    ・ If you get off to Arima after 23:00, you will go down with a hazard. (Run and rules. For easy identification)
    ・ The driving races are competing for the uptime from Arimaguchi to the escape (where there is a vending machine) in front of the first tunnel.
    Therefore, going down slowly, only going up rules.
    ・ Sunday, morning 8-11 am is the main, but I hate to be crowded, and the main ones who actually run are actually coming from about 6 o'clock earlier and are back by 8 o'clock.
    ・ Weekly climbers are offered a coupon at the toll booth w
    ・ Uncles of toll booths and uncles of maintenance maintenance are fond of cars, and there are also people who are riding classic cars and super sports, including domestic sports.

    Such is so, there are various local rules www

    • MinaMina

      By car

      That's great ...!
      I knew that there was a speeding control in front of Okuike Park and that I didn't cover the observatory, but I didn't know much about anything else ...
      No, this is amazing! !
      Thank you!

      My husband also commented on the charm of the Arisu Driveway the other day,
      While laughing, I was delighted, "Yes, that's right!

      My husband told me that I want to write an article that explains the Arisu Driveway in detail.
      At that time, I would like to quote comments.

      Thank you.

  3. Hiropon ☆ ☆

    It's my friend ~

    Actually, the other day I saw it in Arisu
    August 4th or 11th
    You were driving GTS

    It was the beginning of Ayu that became so famous about 10 years ago that I called an Alpina rider (former 964 rider) and a Porsche friend in Minkara.

    There were regulars who came from before that, but there were not so many.

    As it gradually spread and increased, some people started running out loud on Okuike Mae straight. Because it became so famous
    It is a remnant from that time that we call Ayu “Oyama”
    I hope we can continue to gather at this fun place.

    • MinaMina


      > In fact, the other day I saw you in Ashi
      > August 4 or 11
      > You were driving GTS
      Oh yeah! Yes, I was on GTS.

      > The reason that Ari became so famous was about 10 years ago when I called an Alpina rider (former 964 rider) and I called a Porsche friend in Minkara.
      That's right! ! !
      I've always thought this was the case. I thought again that there is history.

      If the place becomes famous, there will be various problems ...
      It made me think.

      As you say, even if Ari becomes even more famous,
      I would like you to be able to have a fun gathering with modest and gentle people who like cars.

      I'd love to see you again in Arisu.
      Continue to thank you.