I decided to get off the Porsche 718 Spider reservation list because of my incision.

718 Spider Spider Classic Package
Porsche Boxter

The other day my husband said "718 spider gave upI asked you to summarize the process and the reason in an article. Please see if it is good.

I have been booking 718 spider for a long time ago, but from the dealer representative the other dayWhat about the 718 Spider?"I was contacted.

It's a very annoying question, and of course I want it to be, but this time I decided to turn it off.

I would like to write about the reason this time.

718 Spider Spider Classic Package

Can not give up 981 Boxster GTS

First of all, the reason isThe 981 Boxster GTS I own now is too good and I can't let it goThat's it.

I also thought of increasing the 718 spider, but with more than that, I will have two similar cars and I have to ride more and more. And there is also a parking lot problem. When that happens "Replace with 981 Boxster GTSBut I could not get it by the following reasons.

Tone of the exhaust note

There are already many reviews of 718 spiders on Youtube overseas. And I saw most of the videos, but if I compare the tone of the exhaust note with the 981,Personally I prefer 981I'm saying that.

Of course, the 718 spider also has a good sound, and there is no dissatisfaction when viewed alone. However, I couldn't give up as being addicted to the light and loud sound of the 981 Boxster GTS, the flashy blipping sound at the shift down, and the backfire sound. It is.

And nowadays, environmental standards and noise standards become more and more severe.The 981 Boxster GTS, which can make loud noises up to this point, is rare, and there are few more in MT, so you should keep it at handI judged that. In fact, the used car price of the 981 Boxster GTS is still stable at a high price, has not changed much from a few years ago, and there is even an impression that the price has been rising recently rather than a little while ago.

Engine power

The 718 spider also has 420 PS. In comparison, 981 Boxster GTS is only 330PS. The difference 90 PS!

As I used to think that “the more power you have, the better” I would choose the 718 spider without getting lost.

However, while owning a McLaren 650S or a Panamera Turbo, GT3It doesn't matter if there is powerWas noticed. If it's an outburn or a circuit main, it's a different story, but when it comes to the main road of everyday life, I think it is the most fun ("Fun" to say in English) up to about 250ps to 300ps.

To give a clear example,The 971 Panamera Turbo is 550ps, but honestly, I can hardly step on Japan.If you turn it up, it will become an insane speed in an instant with tremendous acceleration. It will exceed 160km / h if it turns 2000 rpm on the highway.

Therefore, in most everyday scenes, things will be enough at around 1200 rpm to 2000 rpm. AlreadyThe rotation area is too quiet, and it looks like the Panamera Turbo is likely to go to bedIt is. Of course, it's quite "Fun" in the sense of experiencing a violent feeling of acceleration, but the opportunity is very few and only for a moment.

The Boxster GTS is just better than that.Winding can maintain high rotation, and there is "Fun" that enjoys turning the engine and enjoying it. I used to take a trial ride to the original 981 Boxster before, but it was more than I could have had such power than GTS.

Comfortable equipment

I think this is a problem only for people who use it like meThere is no setting of the front lift to raise the ride height"about"The hood is manualThis is a problem in the case of sudden heavy rains on long distance touring, driving on hard roads, and underground parking when commuting.

Well, if I take care, the height of the car will be somehow low, and the hood will not take so much time, so I only need to add a little time, but I was not able to decide to give up the comfort of the 981 Boxster GTS. 'S.

Handle position

This is a big problem.This 718 spider and GT4 are right-handed specifications that are officially imported into JapanIt has been announced that the dealer representativeThe possibility of getting the left handle is lowIt was.

Currently, I own both right-handed (both AT and MT) and left-handed (both AT and MT) cars at my home, and they alternate on a daily basis, but the left-handed one for imported manual cars I like it better. The reason is,It is easier to do shift operation with the dominant hand (I'm right hand)about. And the turn signal is to be divided into the left hand, and the shift is the right hand.

The BMW 320i in my house is a right-hand drive with an MT car, but sometimes the left hand feels busy. Because shift operation and turn signal are done only with the left hand, when you need a little quick operation, you may think that if there is a turn signal on the right.(If you get used to it, I don't care so much, but the story in comparative theory)

Also, except for Porsche, in the case of European cars,In many cases, switches on the center console are often used on the left side.For example, Porsche's car stereo volume and sport mode buttons are on the left side, and it's a bit far from the right handle and difficult to operate.

For these reasons, if you are a manual car, you really want to ride with the left steering wheel.

By the way, as an aside, regardless of AT or MT, I can choose the left without hesitation if the right and left can be freely selected.

There are things such as not being able to get a ticket at the parking lot and it is difficult to see when passing, but even if you compensate for it, you'll be attracted by

  • As we drive at position near the sidewalk, we are easy to recognize pedestrian and think that it is safer
  • A point that is easy to move to the left end even on a narrow road
  • As it is easy to export overseas, the used car price is stable after many years of riding

My First Porsche

And the last reason isThe 981 Boxster GTS is my first PorscheThat's why. The reason for this is completely emotional. Finally, you can buy Porsche, choose your own fine-tuned options, make it your favorite specification, and wait for about 10 months to get it.

Therefore, I am more attached than any Porsche, and I can not feel that way now because of sadness and sadness to let go of this.

But I want 718 spider though

Do you not buy something? No, I can not buy it? It seems like the reason is lined up, excuses, but I think 718 spider and GT4 are good. I want to own it if I can own it. It's a six-cylinder NA engine and a dream-like specification on the 718 chassis performance, which evolved from 981. So, if you are ordering the 718 Spider or GT4, I hope you are looking forward to it.

Also, if you are a blog reader who has been delivered, I would love to see it in your own possession, and I would be glad if you could also contribute a report to the Porsche Owners File.

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  1. hurtlocker

    Nice to meet you. Hello
    Last year, I also considered buying a Boxster spider, but the salesman at the PC Center stated, "The previous spider had a reservation for 20 people by lottery, but only 3 deliveries could be delivered. "I have a reservation of about 50 people," I heard that "the first Porsche is good for 911", and used 911.2 Carrera 4. I also own the Abarth 124, but if I don't think about racing, the usability in Hokkaido is sufficient if it is weather-sorted.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much! After telling my husband a comment,
      He said, "I have so many reservations! After all, I am sorry that everyone is NAI six cylinders!"

      It is not realistically impossible to have a reservation for 50 people ...
      911, I want to drive someday in Hokkaido!

  2. 991-2 GT3 MT

    Midship open MT 4L NA 4L What an attractive! Price is about half of GT3! There is no way not to buy. However, Porsche must not only keep in a nice mansion garage, but also take him for a walk. It will be even more difficult if you increase the car.

    • MinaMina

      991-2 GT3 MT

      That's right ... (Laughs) It is very attractive, but when it comes to increased garages, garage problems today, this is tomorrow, it's hard to get on with that (it's a luxury problem ^ ^; )
      After all, the 981 Boxster GTS seems to be full of charm that is not found in current cars. I also practice more and I will do my best to get on well.

  3. People

    Nice to meet you.
    I was not thinking about changing from 981 Bok spa until yesterday, but I decided to place an order as I was prompted by a car friend at the deadline today. This time, it seems that Boku Spa is more popular than GT4 and it is waiting for 60 people.

    • MinaMina

      > This time it seems to be waiting for 60 people because Boku Spa is more popular than GT4.
      Eh! ! ! ! Waiting for 60 people ...! ! ! It's terrific ... It's amazing how popular it is, and the number of people who want it and can afford it economically is somewhat surprising (laughs)
      If the frame is purchased and purchased, please let us know ^^!

  4. taramangts

    Hello! I will comment for the first time!
    I live in Ikoma City and ride on 981 Cayman GTS and 958 Cayenne GTS. I am always happy to see you. I am also a captive of 981GTS ^ ^ The explosion sound is not even 911GTS, and even 981GT4 bubbling so far

    • MinaMina

      Oh yeah! ! ! Since my brother lives in Nara, I often pass by near Ikoma.

      > 981 Cayman GTS and 958 Cayenne GTS.
      Oh, GTSs ... amazing, enviable! ! !

      > The explosion sound is not even 911GTS
      I wasn't very aware of it until now, but it's also different from 911 and completely different from 718.
      I think that 981 is really a famous car.

      I would be happy if you could tell me again.
      Continue to thank you.

  5. taramanGTS

    I'm sorry. . I've been interrupted so I'll write from the middle. I am very sorry.

    …… Even 981GT4 has no bubbling sound like 981GTS!

    Last summer, I decided to buy the sound that I heard at PC Koshien for the first time.
    I can't seem to be able to do anything (sweat) Next, I want Boxster GTS like a manager, but it's hard to get the courage to buy a 718 4-cylinder with a new car. . The design is nice.

    Thank you in the future! I'm sorry for the unrelated text (sweat)

  6. I love light tigers

    Nice to meet you.
    I am planning to purchase Porsche for the first time, but I was surprised that Porsche cannot be purchased normally.
    I have ordered GT4 but I don't know if I can buy it yet
    It seems to be next year at the earliest
    Spider seems to be more popular

    • MinaMina

      I love light tigers
      Nice to meet you, thank you for reading the blog.

      > I have ordered GT4 but I don't know if I can still buy it
      Oh yeah! This 718 seems to be quite popular.
      If you can buy it, I would be happy if you could tell me more.

      Continue to thank you!

  7. Appearance is adult, brain is child

    Nice to meet you
    I arrived at this blog as I investigated various things about Porsche.

    I have seen some past articles.

    I've always loved cars, and when I was a student I worked hard and worked part-time, and when I got MR2, I still remember the excitement clearly.

    I feel that it was inevitable that I was captured by the 718 Spider.
    Certainly, there may be some unsatisfactory parts compared to 981, but I think midship NA6 cylinders are rare at this time.

    And now I'm on the Macan S, so I thought it might be a little (secretly to my wife) and I applied to PS, but the possibility is ...
    This type of car seems to have priority for those who have a lot of Porsche.

    If I get it, I'm not so happy, but my wife's mood will be the worst.

    • MinaMina

      Appearance is adult, brain is child
      Nice to meet you. My name is Mina.
      Thank you very much for coming to this blog from the many Porsche blogs.

      > I've always loved cars, and when I was a student, I worked hard and worked part-time, and when I got MR2, I still remember the excitement clearly.

      Oh wow ...! When I was a student, I worked part-time and bought a car.
      That's not normal ...! It's amazing…!

      > Midship NA6 cylinder is a rare existence in this era.
      It is just like you said. No one would have ever seen an NA6 cylinder,
      I still remember the feeling that the great news jumped in.

      > If you can get it, you won't be so happy, but on the other hand, your wife's mood will be worst.
      Wow! ! ! I hope the frame will turn around! !
      But if you open the 718 Spider and run together, you'll surely forgive your wife!
      (I'm sorry for other people lol)

      Continue to thank you ^ ^