Test drive Honda S660. I tried the usual way of running in Boxster.

Test drive report for each car

Impression of S660, husband

MR running

Get in and adjust the seat.Even me of about 177cm can take the driving position properly, and I don't feel any sense of incongruity.It seems that the seat height cannot be adjusted, but for me it was just a good line of sight.

The clutch is shallow and light, and the shift is crisp. When you start the engine, it is until then that it sounds like a light car with a humming sound,Because the engine is just behind, the live sound of the engine feels goodIt is.

Start running with the clutch engaged. There is no feeling that the clutch is very flexible or suddenly,Smoothly connects seamlessly from half-clutch to fixed state.2nd and 3rd speedHoden S-shapeTry to flow. It is a group of corners where you can understand the personality of the car depending on how you can ride rhythmically and comfortably.

I felt a little mild at the start of cutting, but when I entered the corner, it was a midship.Center around the center point of the car and go through the corner as if turning around.This feeling is really close to Boxster. Again, I feel that the position of the engine is important in telling the character of the car.

Like a roadster, it is a little different from bending with a load on the outside, but entering the corner feels a fluffy roll for a moment, but after that it feels like running flat with a flat attitude.I think this cornering attitude is unique to MR.

The tires are genuine, wearing Yokohama ADVAN NEOVA AD08R, and the grip is also sufficient. I imagined that the car body was so light that there was a feeling of flickering in a worse sense, but my impression is not. If anything,The firmness of the solid body can be tasted firmly, and the tires have a high level of ground contact and bend firmly.And, thanks to the lightness of the body, you can run through the corners rhythmically.

In that sense, you can enjoy the feeling of running through the flutter.

S660, engine

Since the engine is a 660cc turbo, there is no absolute speed,If you turn the engine with a gear that is one step lower, you can run as hard as you can.However, if there is a little more power, there is nothing to say.I want S1000 to come out with S660 brother carI think.

The engine sound is not explosive, but the engine is located immediately behind it, so you can hear mechanical sounds and exhaust sounds, and it is a rhythmical and pleasant tone. As I learned later,It seems that the rear glass can be lowered, and it is still pleasant if you lower it and runThat's it.

Shift changes are very easy to do. I do n’t think it ’s as crisp as S2000, but it ’s crisp. And even if you shift down and blipping, and even if you think that the rotation alignment is a little unsuccessful, it will be decided, and the shift shock will be minimal. Boxster is more likely to get a shock if it doesn't rotate a bit more severely, but it is very easy to drive.

Anyway, it is small and easy to drive.Arisu EssesWinding with relatively narrow roads such as can be run with confidence without worrying about overhanging or stepping on the cat's eye. There is considerably less mental burden.

S660 brake, good!

Then,What impressed me most about the S660 was the brakesIt is. This works very well and is controllable.Among the domestic cars that I have ever been on, I like it the most.There is little strange fun and fun, and it feels like a click. When I examine it later, it seems that there is a disc brake of φ260mm in the front and rear, and I can feel the rigidity firmly anyway.

A type that adjusts by pedaling force instead of adjusting by strokeI think that. I'm not exaggerating, but I think it's very close to the feeling of Porsche brakes. If you put your feet lightly and put your feet in your feet, it will work, and it will be easy to adjust the speed before entering the corner.

I used to have a Kawasaki KLX125 bike, which I liked a lot in the history of bikes. He swung a light body while turning a highly reliable, slightly underpowered engine to entertain every scene and situation.

Such is the case with the S660.


S660, general comment

If you try to cover everything with this one, you may have a hard time with the loading capacity, and if you have a grand touring that runs on the highway, you may get a little tired in terms of displacement.

on the other hand,If you have a winding or carp nearby and can afford a second car, we definitely recommend itIt is.

The first car I got was a Honda car, and I ran a lot with my friends Civic and CR-X. Since then, I personally like it very much. Recently, only mini cars and eco cars have attracted attention, and ordinary cars are just Americanized cars,For past Honda fans, we lament that there are too few options for the cars they want to buy.There will be people.

I am one of them.

But,After riding the S660, I was able to confirm that the Honda spirit of the previous year still remains.Mr. Honda, please continue to make such a car that touches the chords of old Honda fans without making or abolishing the results temporarily. I expect it from now on.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. utsu

    Hello, I was allowed to look very enjoyable.

    I was impressed by the short test drive that was so easy to understand and accurate.

    It was written to me that I didn't know exactly because I was prone to remember or forgot
    I read "Oh, that's right" or "Hey, that's right" and this was helpful (laughs)

    The bride was also happy to read “easy to understand” and “feel comfortable to read”.
    I'm sure it's strange to read Mina's text after hearing this.
    I reaffirmed why the blog is so popular and why I am enjoying it recently.

    In addition to Mina's expressiveness, her husband's sensitivity to cars, analytical skills, and exploration.
    And most of all, the love of Porsche is the strongest.

    I'm not good at writing, so I can't communicate well what I want to tell people.
    I feel enviable and thankful.

    I'm sorry that I don't understand well.
    I would like to read it as a daily pleasure and healing in the future.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      I am grateful for the valuable opportunity.

      And I am very happy to hear that.
      I am always impressed that my husband can feel so much in that short period of time.

      In addition to what I ca n’t write,
      Because I am an amateur, I think that there are parts that I can write,
      I hope we can continue to create a blog with them!

      Continue to thank you ^ ^

      I'm very happy that my wife said that! Please give my best regards.