Test drive Honda S660. I tried the usual way of running in Boxster.

Test drive report for each car

I want to test drive the S660 ...

Before"I want to test drive a roadster someday"I wrote on the blog, and the reader said"Will you test drive if you like me?”And let me have a very valuable driving experience.

Test drive on Mazda Roadster (ND). How does a Boxster rider feel when driving?

And just the other day on the blog,I want to test ride S660, a Honda light car sports car someday ...”And a reader contacted me,“ Would you like to test drive? ”

In fact, a few years ago on TV I saw the talent Becky driving the S660 manually,It's so cool that a woman can drive the S660I've always been worried since I thought.

I was able to test drive the S660 that I had been interested in for a long time, so I was able to reply immediately as "Please come!"

Thank you very much readers.

First, S660 @ 660 有

From before○ At Ashi Observatory in the afternoon"It was scheduled, but it was unfortunately rainy on that day ... or it was raining as a matter of course, so I had to change my schedule. I'm sorry…. And on the day of the test ride I was waiting for, my house went out with Panamera and Boxster (w),

If you get to the observatory on time, you can see the S660 in a color you've never seen before!

If you ask, this body colorSpecial color velvet maroon metallicThat's right. S660 was the only thing I've ever seen, “white” or “yellow”, so I didn't know that there was such an adult brown body color. There was a calm and chic atmosphere and it was very beautiful.

This S660 is Bruno Leather Edition (Bruno Leather Edition) and seems to be completely normal. It is a 6-stage MT, all black aluminum wheels, and the interior is jazz brown. In my home with small children,Interior is impossible except blackSo, I'm envious of being able to create such a stylish interior.

If you tell the owner that you are enviable,Oh, that's right, as soon as Panamera was delivered, the young lady vomited in the car and wrote it on her blog.I did ..."When. Yeah, there ’s such a catastrophe, so you ca n’t choose the interior except black (laughs)

This time I saw the S660 in close proximity for the first time, but from the back I learned that it was designed like a Boxster Spider. It's cool.

Also, this time the owner came with his wife, but how “My husband likes MT, let my wife cancel AT limitation, now my wife is special training in MT driving" The rare couple who is just like my home is in such a place! (Laughs)

I had two children on that day, so my husband and I were going to test drive alternately.

First, the roof was opened, but the hood can be folded manually and placed in the hood storage box of the front bonnet. It's easy to remove the hood, but when you look at the net, it seems to take a little time to put it on.

According to the owner,

“There is a hood storage box, but there is no trunk, so there is no baggage at all ... Even if I go shopping, my wife will carry my baggage in the front passenger seat. I went on a day trip and can enjoy it! "

And that.

It's nice to have a couple go on a trip with an open sports car. In my home, would it be a little longer for two couples to go on a hot spring trip?

Next page → Honda 660, finally test drive…!

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  1. utsu

    Hello, I was allowed to look very enjoyable.

    I was impressed by the short test drive that was so easy to understand and accurate.

    It was written to me that I didn't know exactly because I was prone to remember or forgot
    I read "Oh, that's right" or "Hey, that's right" and this was helpful (laughs)

    The bride was also happy to read “easy to understand” and “feel comfortable to read”.
    I'm sure it's strange to read Mina's text after hearing this.
    I reaffirmed why the blog is so popular and why I am enjoying it recently.

    In addition to Mina's expressiveness, her husband's sensitivity to cars, analytical skills, and exploration.
    And most of all, the love of Porsche is the strongest.

    I'm not good at writing, so I can't communicate well what I want to tell people.
    I feel enviable and thankful.

    I'm sorry that I don't understand well.
    I would like to read it as a daily pleasure and healing in the future.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      I am grateful for the valuable opportunity.

      And I am very happy to hear that.
      I am always impressed that my husband can feel so much in that short period of time.

      In addition to what I ca n’t write,
      Because I am an amateur, I think that there are parts that I can write,
      I hope we can continue to create a blog with them!

      Continue to thank you ^ ^

      I'm very happy that my wife said that! Please give my best regards.