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I participated in the new Porsche Macan preview-how is it different from the conventional type, how it is run, and how car journalists evaluate it?

Porsche Makan

New Makan Event

The other day, the new type maca - zon exhibition held in Osaka "The new Macan Sneak PreviewI went to.(Sneak preview = it seems to be a meaning of inside exhibition)We were able to join our couple with friends who are riding in Makan, but unfortunately the day was batting with the eldest daughter's kindergarten class attendance ...

To her husbandI will go to the kindergarten's visit, so I can go alone.When saying,

No, Mina is going away so much. I will go to the kindergarten 's visit.

Because he told me(Normally the reverse is bad), I decided to go to the exhibition of the new type Makan alone by my husband's words.

The weather at the day was unfortunately rainy. Nothing special ... (-_-) Whatever it is, wherever you go,The weather on the day that "I will go to places I do not usually go" is definitely rainy.To her husband,

Absolutely rainy if they come Somewhere Mina goes somewhere Absolutely rainy If you come here, it is really amazing.

I was terrified. "I am very sorry for my Porsche stakeholders who are preparing for the inside exhibition too (- _ -)"With a slight sense of guilt, I headed to the venue where a new Maca-n inclusion society will be held.

To the venue of the exhibition!

In advance, I got a guide of the parking lot near the venue "There is a lot of parking lot prepared, and it is hard for anyone to park in a parking lot where Panamera will not enterThinking(I do not have such a thing ...)On this day I headed for golf at my own risk. Although it was heavy rain, there were no conspicuous congestion on expressways and downtown, and on time I arrived at a parking lot near the venue.

From there it is 2 to 3 minutes on foot that there is a venue for the new Makan preview, as you walk along the street, immediately on your right,Building which seems to be somewhat like being surrounded by big fenceI came to see it.

I thought that "Oh, this is the venue!", I went to the entrance and checked,

Fu, a Fujita mansion park ... (* _ *)! What?


... Absolutely.

I reworked and as I walked further, things like venues gradually appeared. I can see that the macaques are stopped at a distance.


"No way, Makan which is stopped here is a surprise called a new type maca! What?I thought that, I looked it up, but it was different.(No wonder)

In the rain, a staff member who came and gave me directions guidance said "The venue is ahead"As I walked around, I got to see the entrance of a very fashionable venue surrounded by greenery. There, "The new Macan Sneak PreviewThe character ".

Although I was excited while being excited, I finished the reception, but as I had arrived a little too quickly and it was not yet ready for the venue, I decided to wait a bit in the building behind.

There was a stylish box of chocolate in the seat. Based in Paris "Patisserie Sadahar Aoki ParisIt is a chocolate of a famous shop called.(I found out ... ... later)

When I open the inside, there are 4 fashionable chocolates. "It's pretty cute to eatWhile looking at ... As a big chocolate lover I chewed my mouth without hesitation and finished it (explosion)

Start of the exhibition finally

After a short time"I'm ready.There was an announcement that it finally went to the venue of the new Makan preview. As we entered, Miami Blue 's welcome drink was prepared for everyone.(Of course non-alcoholic)

Seats in the hall were free, but already in the front row several pairs of couples were seated, so "I wonder if you should sit on the table behind ...While thinking,

"No, if you refrain from such a place! For what purpose my husband changed his vision!I thought of it as "I never thought, we picked up the seat just in front of us.

Incidentally, the chair that was prepared had become a specification of a new Macaan exhibition. Something fashionable and cute.

After a while, under the announcement of the MC, the exhibition starts finally. When the timing of the new type makan 's appearance approaches, while waiting a while with a little excitement,

The veil has come off, finally the whole picture of the new model is revealed!

Oh ~ ... (* ゚ ∀ ゚)

While reacting, "Hmm? Where did this change from the conventional one?"At first sight it seemed not to be much different from conventional type. Immediately after that, a talk session between car journalist Yasuhisa Shimoshita and Alex by Porsche Japan began.

It does not matter, but Shimajira-san is good at taking pictures.(The picture of the makan in the middle seems to have been taken by Mr. Shimashita at a test ride)

And, Alex.

last year,When you let me visit Porsche Japan Headquarters, Who met you.

I have been visiting the Porsche Japan headquarters! - Introducing the situation inside the company and story of employees

According to Shimashita-san and Alex-san's commentary, the new MakanEven though it is a SUV, the design of this coupé line firmly makes Porsche feel a sports car"When.

Mr. Shimashita says, "At first glance, it seems that it has not changed from the current type, but if you look closely,The line seen from the side has also changed, and the rear design has changed significantlyI was saying.

If you look at it properly, surely, the rear tail lamp is connected, the design changed completely from the conventional type, and it got a more sporty impression.

Incidentally, the following are conventional rear designs.

971 Panamera, a new type Cayenne, a new type Macaca, a new model 911 (992)The latest model of Porsche's new model is designed with all rear tail lamps connectedBut, if you look closely, the design of the tail lamp is different for each,There is a personality per car model properlyAnd that.

Certainly, it is different from the rear of Panamera.

"The design that connects the tail lamps is the identity of the old design of Porsche,The place to bring it as a new interpretation, the wonder of Porsche"Mr. Shimashita said.

In this new model Makan,Front LED headlights are standard equipmentAs a result, along with that, the fog lamps that have existed so far have disappeared. ACC's radar is also equipped as standard, and surround view and back monitor are equipped as standard equipment.

In addition, the interior was redesigned, the touch panel became a large panel of 10.9 inches, the design of the center console part changed significantly.

Power steering is also finely tuned, if you attach sports chrono package,Easily changeable modes such as "Sports" "Sports Plus" "Individual" dialIs mounted on the steering wheel. It is convenient to change the mode with the steering wheel without having to touch the center console.

Of course, you can taste the full potential state for only 20 seconds "Sports · Response · ButtonTango with you.

I tried sitting on the back seat but I could sit slowly without any problems if I was my height. I felt like it was a little wider than before, but if it is an adult male it is a little kidnapped.

What is the new type of makan running?

By the way, the new Makan's engine is "Inline 4 cylinder, 1984 cc, 252 hp", The engine of Makan S is"V type 6 cylinder, 2995 cc, 354 horsepower". Moreover, it seems that the new Makan this time has been improved considerably up to the details by engineers,In the conventional type, the material under the spring, which was steel, turns into aluminumBy doing so,Weight reduction of about 1.5 kgIt is said that it is made, and it is also put in a spring, a bumper, a tire.

Even regarding PDK, it seems that the speed upshift has become fairly fast.

Automotive journalist Mr. Shimashita is a new type maca-nation test ride held in Spain last November,Mr. Makan and Makan S were tested a while beforeHowever,

First I took S,It became lighter than conventional typeI felt. In addition, the thickness in the low speed region is increasing. I got on the in-line four-cylinder makan, but the response became smoother as well. It is comfortable and it can run calmly, but when you come to winding, you can run sporty with just one switch, it is wonderful.

It was acclaimed.

Also"What scenes and lifestyles can you enjoy more Makan?For the question "

SUV is a car with many uses to use when going out everyone, such as placing large luggage, going skiing on a snowy mountain and going to the sea in the summer. Normally, such a car is not pleasant to drive, so the driver is sorry but MACHAN is different.While it is an SUV with a trunk capacity of 500 liters, you can feel the performance of Porsche with sporty running.Besides, I usually enjoy shopping in the city as well.

It was answered. It's a versatile car.

Price of new type makan

About the price you care about. "To the extent that the contents evolved greatly, only 10 thousand yen has gone up compared to the conventional type"so. In addition, it is said that this makan can be purchased from two different special versions finished independently, according to the catalog, normal makan is"First Edition" and "Sport Edition"From, Makan S"Sport Edition" and "Technology Edition"I will choose from.

Makan (First Edition), [Vehicle body price: 6,990,000 yen + option: 1,902,000 to 8,892,000 yen】. Makan S (Sport Edition), 【Vehicle body price: 8,590,000 + option: 2,231,000 at 10,821,000 yen】 And that.

If it becomes Makan S, it does well enough ~. Still, it is inexpensive compared to Cayenne and Panamera, it is easy to use, and I thought again that it can sell maca soup.

Finally, Mr. Alex asked various questions about Makan's various things, and we took a memorial photo and it became a very satisfying new type Macan display. Thank you!

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  1. SN

    I am always grateful for your help. I got on the old model of Macan one day by recent car. Although I was not impressed as much as Panamera, I thought it was a nice car. Just a black panel under the door? I do not really understand the design 's intention. It seems that it is cool to summarize it clearly like Cayenne.
    Next term Macan has an article like a complete EV. I do not think that I am interested in tall cars other than for family use, but I do not mind thinking.
    Audi seems to be arranging PHVs at the Geneva Auto Show this month. What does Porsche make out? I am looking forward to Geneva Auto Show including VW and Mazda.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you too.
      You got on the current makan! Makan is also a very good car, is not it? I only got on the back seat a long time ago, (before getting on Panamera for the first time ...)
      I thought very smoothly.

      The black panel under the door seems to be able to make the same body color,
      Certainly what kind of function is that? But off car only ... what will it be?

      The next term Makan is an article called Complete EV, I often see it for several days, but what kind of feeling is it?
      Even the current mackerel did not almost hear the sound when the engine was put on, so I said that it was very quiet,
      In terms of sound alone, will sports cars be lost further?

      It is noteworthy for the future development of the automobile industry ^ ^

  2. Gori

    Good morning.

    It is enviable for the launch of a new type maca -! ! !

    There was a dealer's used car fair this Saturday and Sunday, I went to see it as a macacan wonder, but .... I told the dealer about new equipment and so on, I used it a while ago. .

    I think that the new type is very affordable.

    Even so, my master, you are kind.

    Is not it cooperative for child rearing or not?

    Do something you want to do and cooperate with what you can cooperate with.

    Since I am a kindergarten kid, I will stop my eyes on what I like.

    It is raining today, is not it? Let's do our best for one week!

    • MinaMina


      > There was a dealer 's second - hand car fair on this weekend, I went to see it as a macacan, but ... I told the dealer to tell me about the new equipment and so on, and it was medieval times. .
      That's right! It seems that the new model has a lot of standard equipment compared with the conventional type.
      It seems that ACC and Park Assist are standard as well. If you buy macan, after all the new model seems to be okay ^ ^ (New model has been released soon is not it like a new car?

      > Even so, my master, you are kind. Is not it cooperative or child rearing

      Thank you - surely ... "I do not do any household chores, but since I am cooperative in raising my child" husband, I thought that if I told Gori, I would not appreciate it again.
      Ooo, you are a kindergarten mum!

      It's hard to pick you up in the rain, but let's do our best this week ^ ^