I want to stop young people from leaving the car – Interview with 27-year-old Porsche owner Yamaken


I love big cars since I was little,In the 20s, became Porsche, Ferrari owner, launched HOC (Heisei Owners Club)Currently, he is also active as "Yoshisaku Maesawa Super Car Project Manager" and has a particularly strong influence in the twitter area. I'm surprised because I'm only 27 years old.

I've been interacting with twitter and greeting at the event for a long time, but this time I had the valuable opportunity to interview individually.

(1) History of Porsche and Yamaken

How did Yamaken become a car lover?

My father likes cars, so I think it's best to have that DNA in it. My father was riding a Porsche 930, a few years away from high school.

When I was a junior high school student,Initial D"Or"Wangan MidnightI read more and more car cartoons and became more and more addicted to cars. In particular, longing for 964 seen at Wangan Midnight,

"Kake! I will definitely buy an air-cooled Porsche!"

I always thought. My friends around me knew that I love cars,At that time, it was called a "car man" rather than a "train man" (laughs)

"Car man" ... Laughs, and have you always liked cars since then?

House. When I was a high school student, I played soccer clubs seriously, so I was not interested in cars at all. It was just a club activity.

After that, when I became a college student and went to the driving school to get a license,It is interesting to drive with a training carI feel. After getting the license, I was riding a sporty model of my parent BMW,That's really interesting!"I'm more and more addicted to cars ...

When I became a member of society, I started thinking about buying my first car in my life.

It is amazing to buy a car just as a working adult! Lol

Well ... (laughs) At the time, there were BMW Z4, AUDI TT, etc. as car candidates, but Porsche was still a special brand in myself, so "I want to ride a Porsche if I can ride itI thought.

And when I was looking at the car sensor almost every day,986 Boxster S in very good condition was outSo I went to see that day and bought it.

The price was about 2.3 million yen, so it's not that high,I was very happy to ride my longing Porsche.It was the first year of working adults.

How did Porsche actually ride?

It was really fun (laughs) It was a manual car since the training car, so when I just bought it, I stalled, but I got used to it immediately. When you actually run, "What an interesting car!"I was impressed.

I had the opportunity to ride other manufacturers' cars, but Porsche is definitely more interesting.

And immediately after I bought Boxster, I got acquaintances to take me to a Porsche event,Gradually, my surroundings became Porsche.

At meetings and events, there are a variety of Porsche from water cooling to air cooling.

That's right. At the meeting I was attending at that time, the air-cooled Porsche rate was particularly high, but the air-cooling that I actually saw was really cool.

For a long time, I read the Wangan Midnight and longed for air-cooled Porsche,Someday I want to ride on air cooling!"Gradually became stronger.

However, at that time, the air-cooled bubble caused the price of air-cooling to soar.I can not buy it at this price very muchI was thinking. At that time, I had scrapped my car Boxster.

It was about 2 years since I bought it.

At that time it was not covered by car insurance, so it was totally lost ... only the loan remained,
`` Do you want to let go of the car or just buy a cheaper car? ''I don't want to ride the next car while thinking, "I think 986 was good ..."I thought, but from a store I knew,How about the manual 911 (964C4)? I can do it cheaply"And immediately said," I'll buy! "

However, when I asked them to do a thorough examination, they pointed out that their condition was not so good and they should stop doing this.

Also from the shop "The budget goes up a little, but a good 964C2 comes in".

Looking at the 964 documents, I was surprised that the new car registration date was February 28, 1992. Actually, my birthday is February 25, 1992. "964 who has lived almost the same years as himselfI felt a terrible fate somewhere ...

I decided to buy.

And when I actually drive, this is really interesting. I was more and more into Porsche.

Why did you switch to Ferrari Modena from 964 you liked so much?

About three years after riding 964, I decided to move to Tokyo,I want to see other carsI came to think. Actually, I wanted a 930 Turbo and I was looking for it, but the price was so high that I couldn't find a good one ...

At the same time,I want to ride a Ferrari at least once while young"

"I know Porsche is good, but what else? What kind of car is Ferrari that everyone longs forI'm interested.

So I started looking for the Ferrari 355, but I didn't have any good relations, and I met Modena in good condition. At first Modena was not an option,This color is really cool", And decided to purchase.

How did you get on the Ferrari?

The sound is insane and I feel the gaze in the city,Enjoying the feeling of "riding Ferrari", not enjoying the driving itselfI thought.

It's a personal point of view, but it doesn't mean you're driving and having fun like a Porsche. AndI thought again that I like Porsche.

Is it an external Ferrari and a Porsche that I am driving and fun?

That's why you returned to Porsche (currently 997GT3RS)?

That's right ... I've decided to go to a model such as a 964 cup car or RS, so until then, I wanted to ride various Porsche and other manufacturers.

I want to ride a water-cooled GT3, Lamborghini and McLaren at least onceWhat. And since there is only one Ferrari, I do not know yet, so I would like to ride again.

Certainly, there is a good point of Porsche that you can understand from riding a different manufacturer.

That's right. I used to be

"You haven't been riding anything other than a Porsche, you know, Porsche is the best, even though you've only got a Porsche."

I was told. That being said, "986 Boxster, 911 (964) got on, but others have never owned"When.

That's why I thought it was important to buy another manufacturer's car, so I bought Modena.Porsche is an interesting carPersuasiveness has increased in myself.

So, I think that because I like Porsche in the future, I feel like riding on other cars.

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