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Porsche keeps exceeding customers' expectations.

Porsche's greatness is various, but one of them"Continue to exceed customers' expectations"I think that there is an item called. I realized that when I tried a new Panamera. The 970 Panamera edition currently owned by my house is a wonderful car and there is nothing satisfying and I wrote this in my blog before.

The dignified appearance at the parking lot, the dignity of the champion, the acceleration of the fast merging, the tone of the engine, the one handedness of the horse, the accelerator / brake which responds as if the driver thought, the ground feeling of the ground, the sense of stability, the massive A feeling of massiveness, yet running running not to feel the weight as stress, just like riding as if the human's case went up ... amazing, it's too wonderful.
Whether there is no small turning, it will not be parked in the ordinary parking lot, but it is a wonderful car that surpasses such a thing, although fuel efficiency will be bad, though it will pass a narrow road.


Even if it passes more than one year after delivery, it is impressed every time I ride the Panamera edition.

With a new type Panamera test drive

Last year, a new Panamera was finally released in Germany, and test drive began in Japan around February this year. As soon as H from dealer charge,"Can I do with the Panamera 4S test drive, but what can I do?"There is contact with,"Of course I will go!"I answered with two answers, I went to a test ride with a couple at a later date.

... Inner thought was like this.

"Absolutely impossible to exceed the current Panamera"

When."911 is jealous"Although it was attached to the catch phrase of saying, "I thought it would be too much" indeed, and I was expecting too much and even had the feeling that I disliked disappointment that "It was not as much as I thought".

"It is".

I went to a dealer, boarded a new Panamera, stepped on the accelerator and just "2 seconds", our husband and I thought like this in the same way.

..., I've had a terrible story! Mr. Porsche ((゚ Д ゚)

The smoothness at launch is not the ratio of the current model. There was a sense of smoothness that did not feel the weight, just stepping on the accelerator 1 millimeter, I immediately noticed the difference. If you step on the accelerator gently, you can hear the high-pitched acceleration sound comfortably from behind. Even on expressways and curves, the sportiness of running remains firm. In fact, handling felt as accurate as not having a gap of 1 mm, no deviation of 0.1 mm.

It seemed as though "911 was made big as it". A person related to the Porsche was saying"I developed it with the intention of rebuilding it from scratch at all, not by improving it with the extension of the current Panamera."The explanation of it fell perfectly well.

Courage, change everything

The current Porsche Japan site has written about Panamera.

The new Panamera
Courage changes everything.

"Embrace ambition and make ideals a reality. We will constantly challenge the transformation of possible approaches, not merely unrelenting just the way we take the step. By a different way from the others. It is courage.
Break away from all common sense. Fight with immutable will. We will create a future we will not yet see.
With courage, it creates a new world. Only by realizing this, Porsche will continue to be a Porsche.

The new Panamera.A new generation that changes everything. "

Wow impressed, I cry ... (T_T) This sentence, how many times I read(Anything can be recited again W)

To the public of Porsche thinking of this sentence"I was impressed by the insanity!"I wish to ride the Shinkansen and meet and shake hands w

Normally, after experiencing some success, people think that it is hard to get out of that way. Better innovation is needed to make it better, and even if you know the importance of going on in a different way than before, that is,We will deny ourselves to dateSo it is not something that can be done so easily.

Of course there is no guarantee to succeed in a new way.

I am an ordinary person, so even if I try a new way of trying a new way, I do not have a big risk, but Porsche is a company that has accumulated history for decades and has produced achievements and results, so if it fails With fans, brand power and lose trust.Until taking that risk, I challenge a completely new way, I will definitely get results and exceed customer expectations.

What a terrible thing ....

I like this Porsche's best-minded spirit that has remained the same since its founding, I am insanely fond of it. I think people who like Porsche like not only cars, but also Porsche's "Porsche ism". And I also want to aim such a person.

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