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About parallel parking

When I went to pick up my daughter in kindergarten yesterday. My daughter's kindergarten faces the main street and there is no parking lot, so it is forced to park in parallel. However, it is hard to stop if a lot of picked up cars are parked, so I try to shift the time as much as possible and go to the end, but parallel parking is still inevitable.

Parallel parking with a large car called Panamera,It is quite difficult.

There is coin parking near, but since it is 200 yen in 30 minutes, if it is stopped every day, it will be about 5000 yen in one month. Calculating it in one year will cost 60,000 yen, so I do not want to go to pick up the kindergarten so I have to park in parallel.

When I picked it up yesterday, there was space for only one car and as I saw behind my car was not coming, so when I turned back at a fair angle, I could stop at one shot.

Oh good ... ε - ('∀ `*)

As I grabbed the car as a hot topic, the teachers clapped the entrance stairs and the teachers applauded with a smile saying like this.

"The current parallel parking is amazing! It's amazing to be brought to you by such a big car!"

Well ... well, (¯ ー ¯)! What?

While saying "No, that's too much ~", I could not hide joy and I got uncomfortable. As I was concerned about a little parallel parking,"Tips for parallel parking"I checked it on the net, but there were many articles that made me feel uncomfortable.

Procedure of parallel parking

The content written in the investigated article is this.

Confirm whether there is space required for parallel parking (about 1.5 times the size of the own vehicle), stop the car a little before the next car and at a distance of 1 m laterally, the position of the rear bumper is the same as that of the next car Stop the car when you come to the position, while stopping, turn the handle all the way to the left ...

... No, I will be hit by a following car.

If it is parallel parking to pass the exam of the driving school it is OK, and if there are few country roads on the car street, you can park slowly in parallel, saying "Whether it is 1.5 meters first ... then ...".(I do not need to think about such a place because it would be an all - you - can - stop.

For a scene that requires parallel parking,There are many car streets and parking spaces are often narrow.If you stopped suddenly and stopped suddenly on such a road, it would be either a collision from a following car or an unlikely horn. And it gets scratched, stealing wheel operation, rubbing the car.

More than anything else, the primary reason why I felt incongruity in the article was because "there were many things that reminded me of just the procedure."

With "I can see the driver's side beside my eyes when I see the handle on the left" or "If I check the edge with a side mirror", I am only able to respond to application problems just by memorizing my exams by studying for exams. The size of the car on which I am riding will also be different, and the situation will change even with the size of the space that I am going to.

Basics are important,Even if I remember only the procedure, I think there is no meaning,Conversely it is dangerous.

So, I thought about parallel parking.

Three points when parallel parking

1 Avoid parallel parking as much as possible

This is the most important thing. Anyway, it is hard to avoid the troublesome parking which is likely to collide, as much as possible.

2 temporarily stop temporarily

If I try to stop at a single shot, I will be rushing because there is a following car. It is okay for the left side to be large enough so I will bring it a bit and put out a hazard and stop once. From the following car,"Let's get it further!"It seems to be thought that, obediently, I say "I am sorry".(I can not hear it)First of all, we will temporarily stop the car.

3 Suddenly stop again after the following car is gone

If you let go of the following car for a while, the train of subsequent cars may be interrupted at the timing of the signal. Make sure that nothing has come up to 200 m ahead with the rearview mirror, pull out the car in front, turn it at an angle and stop it again. Since there is relatively little space left unless there is a follower car, you can stop by following the "Basics of parallel parking" on the site.

This is my selfish opinion ....

Beyond that, parallel parking should be avoided as much as possible.


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