I am impressed by Drakue 's theory of life - I can not give a blow to the boss who can not fight!

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Dorakue Ⅺ release!

The other day, awaited Dorakue Ⅺ was released. I was also a Dorakue generation, I was doing Dorakue Ⅲ well, but everyone of Arasa and Arafo excited about this new release should be there.

And when you are watching the net when launching Dragon Quest,Dragon Quest for LifeI found what it was. It seems that it has become a topic more than five years ago,A person is represented by comparing life to dragon QuestThing. That person's blog is here.

Dragon Quest for Life

I read and tried trembling in all sentences, but as I can not quite extract it as expected,Introduce 5 with the arbitrary prejudice and prejudiceLet's try it.

I am living a comfortable life because I slash all the slime.

I can not give a blow to the boy who does not fight.

If you defeat a bad demon and save the town, you may be pretending to be a hero. But leave that town.

Even if you are killed by a strong enemy, you only need to redo from the church. Money is gone, but experience is still left.

No matter how low the wizard is, even if strong magic can be used put it into a great team. In order to enter the strongest team, you'd better concentrate on your strengths.

Do not forget the excitement as a child. Let's become strong. Let's go on a trip. Let's adventure. Fight, lose, try again, let's fight again. Everyone, adventurers are all started from level 1. Do not complain. What you learn will strengthen you as your weapon and protect you as armor. you have to.

... If you noticed it was 6 (explosion)

Yeah ... That's exactly right. And finally,

If you are a man, if you finish doing yourself, you can raise your level, remember the English words instead of spells, earn gold and go to another continent, futu.

That's it! I am a woman, but I finished doing dorakue, I raised my level and remember English words instead of spells(I do not remember)You earn gold and buy Panamera!(... I introduced seven in the end.)

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