About the factory pick service when purchasing a Porsche new car.

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There is a service that people who purchased Porsche with a new car can pick up directly to the factory in Germany Porsche."Factory pick"It seems that 15 people on average a day use this service, it seems that it has been on for 65 years already.

It is amazing.

If the area in which I live is Europe, I think that it is good to go get it, but how difficult is it when you go get it from Japan .... I thought that this service was available.

A package that combines a car pickup and a road trip in Europe is prepared for North American Porsche customer. Porsche organizes a journey that incorporates the destination of the trip selected by the customer. Porsche will arrange for everything from arrangement of individual trips including accommodation at the hotel to transportation of the car (in this case to Canada). After finishing the trip, you can drop off cars in 16 cities in Europe, in addition to Zufhenhausen and Leipzig factories. From there you can send Porsche by ship to the owner's place of residence.
*Porsche moment of joy - Porsche Japan

I go to get to Germany and send it by sea from there. It seems that it takes about one month to two months if it is from Japan to Germany by sea mail, so even if I go to pick up a Porsche, after two months I will come to Japan's home afterwards.

Well, I wonder if there is any meaning to go get it too much. How much does it cost?

Services not in Japan

I tried to investigate variously, but I can not find any related Japanese articles. If you like Japanese Porsche, there is probably nothing wrong with people who use the factory pickup service to spell their experiences on their blogs, but there is no such article.

Looking at Porsche's official website,

For details, please visit "Service & Accessories" → "Factory Collection" * in the menu item on the homepage www.porsche.com.

Because it was written, I tried, but if you designate the area as "Japan" at the first point, the notation of the Factory Collection will disappear anywhere. Suddenly, there was such a notation.

※ This service is not applicable in some countries.

Wow! Perhaps Japan is not applicable.← It seems that Japan is not applicable.


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