New Panamera Turbo Delivery date, 6 more days! It finally reached the dealer!

971 Delivery of new Panamera
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Panamera turbo arrives at the dealer

Regarding the specifications of the new Panamera Turbo this time,In this articlewrote. And how yesterday Mr. H from dealer addressed her, "Panamera has arrived safely at the shop!And e-mail. at last…! There is "It is super cool without problems!Seven photos were attached, together with the phrase "It was written.

7 pictures of Panamera

Oh ...! ! Sure, it's super cool superfluously.

Daylight is dazzling, and the aero is also huge.

The wheel looks like this. Because it is a turbo, the brake's caliper is red.

Leah approached 911. The character of the turbo is cool. Interior is like this.

The 5-meter became a liquid crystal except the middle, and the touch panel became quite large. That's why Panamera Turbo seems to have started off for body coating.

I have not realized yet, but how many times have I seen this photo since yesterday? (Laugh)

New Panamera Turbo Delivery date, 6 more days!

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  1. Bear

    Finally it is delivered for a while.
    I am really looking forward to it.
    Our new Panamera is delivered in September, I like it very much, but only one problem.
    New type Panamera is difficult to open and close the oil filler opening. I can manage somehow if I get the trick, but on a practical side? is. Please confirm with dealer by all means when delivering car.

  2. panamera-life

    Mr. Kumakuma
    Thank you!
    Oh ... it was delivered in September! Are they going to the tooling in various ways?
    I would be happy if you could tell me if there is a recommended road in Panamera.
    Oil filler mouth ... is that so! I thought that the cover grew bigger than the previous one, but it is hard to do. I will ask the dealer when delivering cars!
    Thank you!