I got a Lamborghini Urakan on board.

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Panamera Turbo until delivery date ...

Delivery date of Panamera is October 12 (Thursday). I wonder how they count in such a case. Three days left today? As it is the day after tomorrow, I wonder if it will be two more days to leave today.

Well, whatever.

Yesterday, Mr. H and her husband, who are indebted to their husband and wife, went out to the Ashio Driveway. H's car is a Lamborghini Urakan LP 610-4. By the way, when Mr. H purchased Urakan, I also came aboard our house, and in that case I also went to Ashi Driveway with two cars, so I got a little passenger seat.

The engine sound of the Lamborghini was very big, it was embarrassing as various people look back when riding. Also, I was taken a lot of pictures. Since I have never experienced such a long time taking pictures,"If you do something like this you've done make-up ..."I thought.(Just being taken a car I have nothing to do with it)

At Urakan test drive

I took the passenger seat of Urakan and left the window fully open and departed. I tried asking Mr. H variously just about here, but because the window is fully open, it was a level where conversation could not be done without speaking loudly.

Me: "After all the car is light, how heavy is it? Is it about 1.5 tons?"
H: "It was the first time that I was asked for weight ... how long ... I'm sorry, I do not know!"
Me: "As I thought, the ride taste is quite different from Porsche ... Oh, Mr. H has been riding a Porsche a long time ago, is not it at all !?"
Mr. H: "Well, I'm sorry ... It's quite a while ago, so I do not quite understand ...!"
I: "Even though the body is light, there is a sense of grounding but properly there is still a different sense of contact with Porsche."
Han: "What?!? I could not hear it now!"


... End of conversation.

H is not that interested in the car itself? The reason for purchasing Urakan,"Since it was a car I longed for since I was small,I worked hard and wanted to get it someday. "It seems. When I tried it from Mr. H, I heard that it was heard by the side when I ran comfortably,

I'm sorry…

Anyway, 3 days (2 days) to Panamera Turbo delivery date!

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