Is Adaptive Cruise Control of the new Panamera really useful?

Porsche Panamera

Is ACC useful?

Today there was something in Nara prefecture, so we decided to head by Panamera Turbo. Most of the way from home to Nara is a highway, but like Hanshin Express"Masked, Orvis, road with many cars"Then, ACC(Adaptive Cruise Control)It's very convenient. So, today I would like to briefly introduce the ACC installed in the Panamera Turbo.

First, the lever to be operated is about the lower left of the steering wheel.(In the case of right steering wheel)

By moving this lever as indicated, you can turn "ON / OFF", "change setting speed", etc.

However, it is not possible to stare at the letters written on the lever during driving, so it may be a little confusing until getting used to.(In terms of the operation method, BMW borrowed on the car a few days ago was easier to do)

About operation method

A brief explanation of the operation method ...

① To make the lever "to the back"

However, do not press on the accelerator or brake during this operation.

② In order to change the setting speed, move the lever to "back or front"

The green light is displayed next to the speedometer 's speed in the middle of the 5 - meter,Push the lever to the back, the speed goes up, and when you hit on the side it slows down.The green light of the speedometer also goes up and down accordingly. The speed can be changed every 1 km / h, but it will change every 10 km / h when long pressed.

③ To release, move the lever "down"

It will be released when the lever is set downward, but it is faster to step on the brake and release it so this operation may not be used much.

④ To set again, move the lever "up"

Raise the lever to "RESUME" and reset it at the previous set speed. In the beginning I definitely made a mistake until I got used to it because the movement of "moving the lever up and down at speed setting" had stuck himself.(Because BMW of the substitution was so)

If you get used to the operation around here, you can easily operate it while driving. By the way, you can set the distance between vehicles, but in our home,When the speed is fast, the distance between vehicles is wider,When the speed is slow (60 km / h etc.) the inter-vehicle distance is narrow,I am setting up.

This time Panamera's ACC is pretty smart, it also senses interruptions from the side firmly. People who go to long distance drive on expressway thought it was quite convenient to put on.

Incidentally, the total fuel consumption this time was 10.1 km / l, which was quite good compared to the other day 's street ride' 4.0 km / h '(laugh).

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