Panamera's English blog. The story that access of articles that took two hours was "3".

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I tried writing English blog of Panamera

The other day I wrote an article titled "Would you like to write an English version blog of Panamera"I actually wrote an article on November 29.I decided to introduce the articles I wrote on this blog, translating them into English one by one, so I did not have to think about it, but it took quite a while.

First of all I tried to translate the whole sentence Google Translate properly. About 70% of the sentences in English, I think I can get there.

Just in the original Japanese sentences"● ●! (Explosion)"And"Baka Tare!"As I am writing, something like that is nice translation by Mr. Google.(He seems so)

So, after all, it searches the net with a question whether this is OK with one sentence,(Mostly Weblio hits)While checking the example sentence, I will repair one by one. It took quite a huge amount of work and took two hours to write an article while scraping things like "I will translate this".

Wow! 2 hours! ! (゚ ∀ ゚) · ∵.

How many accesses do you care?

While taking care while child rearing, while doing housework, in a precious time that he sprang up in between,It's two hours to spend ...!On the way, thinking "I wonder why it's worth it (-_-) /", but because I am aiming for a blog that people like Panamera around the world can read, I will inspire myself and publish it somehow , I introduced it to twitter in English, I also attached a hash tag.

Well, this one article two hours English articles in English. I wonder if it took six days to post it is the number of visits in the last 6 days ... How o ...



"3"! !

In 6 days, only "3" (゚ ∀ ゚) · ∵! ! !(If you try to divide it 0.5 access a day!

Indeed perhaps all my accesses. Well at first it will be such a thing. I will try hard for a while to try and update.
↓ ↓ ↓
After that, as of April 2018, I have not written the English blog anymore ... Sumimasen ....

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