Five points for enjoying a one-night trip with children

Travel with Porsche

To Panasona to Awajishima

I suddenly thought of it on January 5th and the next day I went to Awajishima for a one-day trip to my family on a 6th. As I was in a hurry, most of the accommodation was buried, but I managed to find a hotel that I could accommodate with my child somehow. Before departure, at the gas station, fill it with high octane,

(Three months have passed since I bought it,Do you run 4500 kilometers anymore?

It is departure! !

There are things you have to be careful about when traveling with a 4 year old child and a 1 year old child as a traveling trip.

The difference between adults' and children's speculation

If it is a drive trip to go alone with adults, no matter how many kilometers you run, how long you run, how long it will be late for lunch, there is nothing wrong with that, but with two young children it is not so. Because our couple is a hard drive of Porsche,

1 I want to speed up a little on expressway
2 I want to run comfortably on the lower road with a moderate curve
3 If you have a good shooting spot you want to take a picture of the car

Although there is a thought that, for children, such things do not matter ... Speaking of their biggest concern,

1 Hungry!(Throat dry)
I got tired!
3 Drunk!(Creepy)

It is. Then, childDo not get hungry for the people, do not get bored, do not get drunk, and what adults are important for enjoying Porsche DriveI thought about it.

Five points to think about

① The destination will be within 3 hours

Children get bored on the way even for pleasant Porsche Drive for adults. Especially my 1 year old child, "I want tits!In tears, I try to escape from the child seat. I think that it is limiting for three hours, including lunch breaks, that small children are sitting still for a long time to be honest.

② Lunch After a break break the body moderately

AnywaysLet me eat it firmly, run and play, make me tired and get me to sleep in the carIt is the best. At this Awaji Island drive, we ate lunch at Awajishima SA where the Ferris Wheel is conspicuous, then played with playground equipment or riding on the Ferris wheel, and got used to physical strength.

③ Keep the enjoyment of the drive on the second day

Children get bored when giving priority to the way or driving on the first day, so it is good to check in to the accommodation early on the first day and take a good rest.After I rested firmly and cultivated spirit, when I go to drive on the second day, children's crouch is also pretty good.At this time's Awajishima Drive, my house was checked in at 15 o'clock, and after that we decided to explore the hotel or relax.

④ Shoot cars according to children's pace

When the children are sleeping when a good spot for photographing a car is found, I take a picture with the bed as it is. If I want to go out, I go out together. By the way, this photo looks good, and the eldest daughter is sleeping at the passenger seat.(I only have heads down)

In terms of the photographing of the car, it is better for people not to have a figure inside the company, but if children are forced to sleep while forcing them to go out or conversely let them sit inside they want to go out, they will not go well. It adapts flexibly to the situation of the child.

5 Long distance drive is done when you leave your child

If you really want to go for a long distance drive, you should leave your children and go with adults alone. That way, whether it is a mountain road or an expressway, you can run freely. However, at this Awajishima Drive, I could enjoy driving as it was, using a boost function on a highway or running a pleasant downstairs.

Let's think about with the child's eyes

Also, when I came back from a drive trip, the children"It was fun, let's go again"If you said that, with their growth, you can gradually extend your mileage.By not thinking about their own circumstances, but thinking about the children with your eyes, you can enjoy driving with the whole family as a resultIt will be like.

What to say if it is so badly done, what if children are really bored with driving ... so far so it looks like fun, w

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