"Porsche came to our house" Blog was renewed!

Living with Porsche
Blog Renewal!

Everyone who reads blogs all the time, everyone who first came to this blog for the first time, Hello. "Porsche came to our house" blog, but it was renewed this time. On that account,I moved all the blogs that I was building with Hatoba to WordPress.(Because all the article URL at the time of Hotoba has been transferred as it is, it does not affect bookmarks etc.)

At first it was a blog that started with a light feeling.

I started blogging last year, June of 2017. If my husband said, "If you like Panamera so much, why do not you start with a blog?" Was a trigger.

At the beginning I felt very light, I was updating the article with my idle time beside my work. The situation that the number of accesses every day is "1" or "2" ... clearly only me and my husband w. But there were over 100 readers among themselves, the number of accesses increased, and I got a lot of comments and messages from readers.

My childish articles have been hit variously with search keywords related to Panamera and Porsche, and recently many people read the blog every day, regardless of not updating articles much.

Blog Renewal!

And since last month I came to think like this. Because it has become like this, I can not afford to write a blog with a feeling of half-heartedness. From here, I decided to seriously face this blog seriously and manage it.

I am freshly renewed, there are still no eye catch of past articles displayed, some specifications are still as it is ... but there are ... that there is a continuing change, it will continue to be useful to everyone, And I want to disseminate articles that make me feel happy to read.

Continue to thank you! !

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