Is the Porsche catalog value really accurate? I examined Panamera with CG magazine.

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS and new Panamera Turbo
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Porsche tests in harsh environment called Death Valley

The other day,Because customers do not want turbo and hybrids not attached to Porsche "911 GT 3"I found an article. Such a sentence is in it.

GT 3 is the only lineup of Porsche that is not equipped with a turbocharger. That 4.0-liter horizontally opposed six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine demonstrates superb power of 520 ps(According to Mr. Pinginger, this is a record in Death Valley in summer in a hot weather, and if the climate is moderate we get a bit more output).

Does Porsche test with record in Death Valley in the hot summer?

Well, I asked my husband,

"Yes, Porsche writes the catalog values ​​modestly, based on the data we tested in Death Valley.When purchasing and actually driving, it often happens that numerical values ​​exceed the catalog value.On the other hand, catalog values ​​are better for the other manufacturers, and in reality it is often not the case. "

And that.

How did the husband give out the evidence?

To that proof and husband has pulled out a certain magazine of car graphics. When purchasing Panamera Turbo, my husband had ordered.

(Change sedan: Porsche New Panamera full test - Panamera and rival comparison test / Selected by design Sedan: Volvo S90 et al. June 2017)

"Please read this if you think it is a lie! Because I have written everything here!"Although it was handed over, I do not doubt it separately, but ... well Well if it says so far (- _ -)

In the test running of this article, I use the Panamera turbo (with sports chrono package). When turning over the page, it is this wording that I jumped in first.

"It was a era of age"

CG writer writes "I'm in a bad day" w. Panamera, which I'm talking about so far, is going to be amazing. The expectation expands. As I proceeded, it was born like this.

It was cloudy clouds to the sky 15 minutes before the start, as the large rain began to swing, I stopped the measurements in the evening of the previous day. (Omission) Next morning, at the JARI (Japan Automobile Research Institute) still fast wet track, we waited for it from the dark side and caught the eastern sky, greeted the morning sun. (It should be noted) That is why it was only 30 minutes left after the driers had dried up to where they could start measuring.

In other words, the condition was not perfect, or rather the worst situation.It was whether or not it was possible to test it.

When returning to the packing place and checking the data, the 0-400 m acceleration which was measured three times was all in mid 11 seconds and the best was 11.42 seconds (0-100 km / h: 3.36 seconds, 0-1000 m: 20.95 seconds ). Manufacturers have announced the performance data of Panamera Turbo with sports chrono, 0-100 km / h: 3.6 seconds, so they can surpass itIt depends.(* Note: In the press release material, "0-100 km 3.8 s (sports chronograph specification car: 3.6 s)" is written, but at the present Panamera Turbo site the notation of the sports chrono specification car is written Absent)

I was relieved (lol)

Well, "The value tested in Japan with such a good climate is worse than the one in Death Valley" is not fancy. …Although,"You have some kind of driving technique, do not you drive a race driver this time too?"When thinking and reading it,

Everyone can enjoy this acceleration power without requiring special techniques as long as the throttle is fully opened with launch control.(* Note: Launch control is an automatic control technology that allows a car that is completely stopped to go off smoothly and quickly)

…When. I'm a coward and chattering, but if you step over the courage and stepping on the accelerator fully, everyone can get this value. Further articles continue.

Measuring the 911 turbo S (early model of 991), from 3,8 l flat Six twin turbo (560 ps) to 0 - 400 m: 10.90 sec, Panamera Turbo 450 V 8 Twin Turbo generates 550 ps, ​​though the vehicle is 400 kg Over 2 ton over heavy, huge over 5 meters in length. That's 11.42 seconds, it's not only me that the open mouth is not blocked "

Certainly (゚ ∀ ゚) · ∵. By the way I am reading now, completely open mouth now.

How was the fuel economy turned by engine only this?

By the way, what about fuel economy?

[Practical fuel consumption]
■ Total average CG: 7.5 km / lCatalog value: 9.4 - 9.3 l / 100 km (10.6 km / l)
Urban area CG: 9.2 km / lCatalog value: 12.9 - 12.8 l / 100 km (7.7 km / l)
■ Pass road CG: 5.3 km / l Catalog value: none
■ Measurement section (JARI) CG: 4.7 km / l Catalog value: none
■ 100 km / h Cruise 13.1 km / lCatalog value: 7.3 - 7.2 l / 100 km (13.6 km / l)
* Test distance of CG 1371 km,

Looking at the total average"What's wrong with the catalog value!"Although I think, I think that it is not bad if this value is tested in a harsh environment where I usually do not run, such as running on accelerator pedal stepping in JARI, running on a pass road and so on.In urban areas, the results are much higher than the catalog value.

After all Porsche is amazing!

Awesome after all the catalog values ​​are written down conservatively. Instead of cataloging numerically out of miraculous values,"Even if you drive anything, you can get to the minimum here"I feel that the area around writing the lowest line expresses Porsche ism. More and more, I became fond of Porsche, and now I want to get on Panamera even now.

I will go to Panamaera somewhere tomorrow.

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