I opened the roof of SL 500 (R 129) and ran ashi driveway on a sunny day!

SL 500 (R <b> 129)
Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129)
Why do not you come and pick me up at SL?

Yesterday, because my husband was off work because of my consecutive holidays, my husband asked me to keep my second daughter 's lion, and I was alone to pick up my eldest daughter' s kindergarten."If you are going alone by yourself, why do not you go by SL?"I was told to pick you up at SL according to advice(Finally get on the second ride).

I was driving while thinking "I do not get used to a bit of operation as it is a left steering wheel," the mail arrived from my husband.

"Why do not you run ash with a driveway?

As a result, I grew up with words and after my eldest daughter picked up, I ran a car to the Ashi Driveway.

It is a very pleasant drive.

Yesterday was very pleasant, it was fine weather.

When I got on SL for the first time, the drive was over in about 30 minutes on the street, so I ran properly for the first time this time but I was amazed at stepping on the accelerator on the slope leading to Ashida.

It is very similar to the running of the previous Panamera edition (゜ o °)!

While feeling the weight of the car body to some extent, the acceleration is so powerful and stretchy. Although the curve does not feel bent as if it is bendable, it never swells outward, stepping on the ground and stepping back slowly. Somehow Panamera seemed to be nostalgic.

Noi Haya SL, was it such a pleasant car ...

When arriving at the summit, because it is GW China, there are few people and cars, and I went out with my eldest daughter and took a break for a while.

I came home with a roof open as I was on my way home. After all the open car feels good.

It is a pleasure to run through.(This is BMW's catchphrase, but b w)My husband is well aware of the reasons for being open-minded.

My eldest daughter is also happy.

It is truly NA, truly a masterpiece in the history of Mercedes.

When I got home and told my husband that "SL's comfort was similar to the Panamera edition" and "It was a terrible feeling when you opened the roof"

"Well, so the previous Panamera, this SL is also from NA, etc. Unlike turbo, accelerating will accelerate as you step on the accelerator, so I like NA."

When. I see. Certainly the current Panamera Turbo is not running like this.

Also, the engine installed in this SL (R 129)V8 (M119 engine) engine called "Mercedes history, name machine".That's why it's luxury and you can realize sporty driving. At that time everyone was looking at the eyes of envy, now that such a car is not being manufactured anymore, it is just a famous car.

Recently I think that it is better to buy a famous car that will not be made anymore rather than investing in real estate strangely for the old age because asset value surely rises. Well, in any case, the preceding thing is necessary but w

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