I made a business card for blogs with a vista print of 100 yen 882 yen!

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I will go to the coverage

Actually, next week we will go to the owner of a maintenance shop specializing in Porsche.(The content of the interview will be posted as an article and will be introduced in this blog)I think recently I think that I can completely shift my main job to this car blog, but ... in reality it is not so,I think that I want to do it for a while with the feeling of parallel career.

Yes, I will make a business card.

So, I made a business card for my blog. Although I tried various examinations,"Cheap!" "Fast!" "Only free now!"I do not know well that there are too many sites like ... I heard that there was something I made a long time agoVistaprint PrintI decided to make it with.
First of all it's a trial, so cheaply, choosing a type that can be made shorter from the template and searching with "car" came out so many templates.(There are probably about 200 types)

There are many business cards in the maintenance system, but there were also obviously like BMW, Audiya, Benzu. Unfortunately there was no Porsche, so this time I chose this template in that it seems to be closest to Porsche this time.

There are also yellow, red, blue, green etc, colorful things were cute, but this time it is simple white. Then it became like this.

What is the price you care about?

Then, who is worried about the price ...

"882 yen" by 10% discount from 100 pieces 980 yen

"Oh! Super cheap!"I ordered it, it took shipping costs and eventually to 1493 yen. Although I thought that 'I would not change so much as I always use it in a company', I wonder because I used a template for a car.

We ordered on April 28th and the scheduled delivery date was May 8th(If you pay extra, it will be an express finish)Faster than scheduled today, it arrived on May 3. When I opened the thing that actually arrived, it looked like this.

If I show it to my husband"Well, it's okay, but something paper is cheap"I was forced to return it, so I forced you one sheet (-_-)

Surely ... It feels slightly chubby, but enough for blogging use.If this blog became famous more and I became well known (laugh), I would like to change it to a business card with a snake!

So I think in the future I would like to positively carry out interviews with shops and interviews with Porsche owners. I'm looking forward!

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