Simple doubts "What is different about loving Porsche, like Ferrari?"

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One day, there is a doubt

"What is Ferrari fans with Porsche fans so differently?"One day I thought. Porsche fans are pretty maniacs ... When I caught a glimpse of a post by Porsche's favorite facebook group that contains a husband "How is air cooling" "200 km running finally driving finished driving ('ー`) I was surprised that many nerdy posts such as!

Regarding Porsche driving school,

"After all Porsche fans have a lot of geeks ... there are lots of people studying saying something else when they are running, indeed, that's what they do," he said.

My husband says well. On the other hand, people of Ferrari fans seem to have many stylish people, as if they had gone out of the magazine "LEON".

Comparison of Porsche and Ferrari

So I compared Porsche and Ferrari.

Porsche Ferrari
 Establishment 1931  1947
 Company name Dr. Ing. Hc F. Porsche AG Ferrari NV
 Company name literal translation F · Porsche Honorary Engineering Doctor Co., Ltd. Ferrari Co., Ltd.
 Head office location Germany Italy
 Production car Luxury sports car / racing car Luxury sports car / super car / racing car
 Sales (2017) € 23.5 billion (about 3 trillion 610 billion yen) € 3,417 million (about 469 billion yen)
 Production volume (2017) 243,675 units 8398 units
 Profit per unit (2017) 1.94 million yen 11 million yen

* Quoted from Wikipedia "Porsche" "Ferrari" related article

Direct translation of Porsche company name"Porsche Honorary Engineering Doctor Co., Ltd."Also ... (lol) Looking at the profit per unit, Ferrari's profit further increased, now it is 12 million yen.(By the way BMW is 560,000 yen, Toyota 210,000 yen, Subaru 360,000 yen)

I sold 1 unit and make a profit of 12 million yen (; ゚ Д ゚)))) ...

Porsche's 1.94 million yen is sufficiently high from the average of car manufacturers, but it is really amazing Ferrari.

Consider it by a clock.

I am neither a management consultant nor a motor journalist so I do not know the detail in detail,Ferrari is good at marketingOn the other hand, Porsche is focusing on technology improvement and development of the car itself (good)?feel like.

And this is my selfish opinion, but when I think about it on the clock, Ferrari looks like "Hublot" ...(Hublot is Switzerland burned)

Of course, the performance as a watch is solid and the design is also cool, but the marketing is better than that.
To Ambassador, Usain Bolt(It seems to be different now), Masanori Tanaka pitcher, soccer player, Olympic athlete, etc. By selling limited models"An adult watcher watches a cool winner = Hublot"I spread like cognizance.

It is the watch manufacturer of Japan "Grand Seiko" that always compares with that.

Unlike Hublot, I think I'm sticking to "manufacturing" rather than marketing. The design is cool, but there are many things called "the clock"(Recently, the lineup which is more expensive than before was increased)"It does not go crazy for 1 second" "Function as a clock"I feel something like a craftsman soul pursuing.

Actually, people who like Ferrari are many who like Hublot, but I have never seen anyone who likes Porsche and likes Hublot.

My husband's view

And the other day my husband"What is the difference between people who like Ferrari and those who like Porsche?"When asked what kind of feeling, my husband told me after thinking for a while.

People who like Ferrari, evaluation axis is outside. But people who like Porsche have an evaluation axis inside. I think that difference.

What is "evaluation axis"?I heard it back like this.

People who like Ferrari have a strong sense of consciousness to think that they are cool from around, saying, "Ferrari riding I am cool!" People who like Porsche, of course, do not have that feeling, but more than that,I value the "feeling of satisfaction to the car itself" that I want to ride a car I think is good that embodies my own driving.

I see. If so, both Porsche and Ferrari will certainly know about their fans. Because I was a college student at the university, when I was a 4th grader"The difference between Porsche and Ferrari's companies"It is interesting to think that it would have been interesting if I looked up and write a graduation thesis or the like (- _ -) (Baku)

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